10 best tools to create social media contests

10 best tools to create social media contests

Lead generation. Lead nurturing. Engagement. Traffic. Increased reach. Social media contests can help you achieve all of this and more – they’re the perfect way of both promoting your business online and reaching a larger audience, but also a great way to generate leads for your business and to nurture relationships with existing fans. In this blog post, I’m going to share the 10 best tools to help you create social media contests.

1.    Woobox

10 best tools to create social media contests

Woobox is a tool for creating marketing campaigns of all kinds – not just social media contests, but also polls and interactive games, landing pages and lead generation forms.

There are all kinds of different contests you can create with Woobox, for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr, such as:

  • Giveaways: provide a great incentive, create an entry form (which is fully customizable) to collect the entrants’ data, offer bonuses to those who get others to enter the giveaway and let the tool decide the winner. There are different types of giveaways that you can create, such as sweepstakes and instant wins.
  • Photo, video and hashtag contests: create a contest that features user generated content to get your audience more involved in the process; plus, you can also enable voting, to make it even more engaging

Marketing campaigns created with Woobox can then be shared/published on all kinds of platforms apart from social media, including on a blog or website, on mobile, in pop-ups or on landing pages.

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2.    Wishpond

10 best tools to create social media contests

Wishpond offer a selection of different marketing tools, similar to Woobox: landing pages, pop-ups and forms, marketing automation features, as well as, of course, contests and promos for engaging your fans.

Most of the contest tools from Wishpond are for Facebook, but you can also use it to create Instagram hashtag contests, as well as Pinterest contests.

On Facebook, you can create:

  • Sweepstakes
  • Photo and video contests
  • Essay contests
  • Coupons
  • Vote contests
  • Photo caption contests and
  • Referral promotions

You can then customise your contest forms, add voting buttons to collect emails from participants, referral rewards and even a Facebook Like button pop-up or a Twitter follow-gate, to gain more fans and followers.

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3.    Shortstack

10 best tools to create social media contests

Shortstack is another marketing tool for creating social contests, landing pages and forms. You can integrate Shortstack with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to create all kinds of different contests:

  • Twitter: hashtag or form submissions and link sharing to get people to your contest landing page
  • Instagram: create user generated contests and allow submissions either by form or hashtag
  • Facebook: publish your contest directly on your Facebook Page and add social sharing buttons to your contests

All contests created on Shortstack can also be published as landing pages, or they can be embedded on your website or blog.

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4.    Agorapulse

10 best tools to create social media contests

Although Agorapulse is a social media management tool primarily, they also offer a host of useful Facebook contests apps to help improve your reach, your engagement and your lead generation. There are all kinds of different contest apps, such as:

  • Facebook quizzes: add your questions and create a quiz in minutes; you can then calculate scores by correct answer, by response time and by friend referrals/invitations. Participants can get extra points by inviting friends and you can also limit the access to your Quiz (by age and country) to make sure you’re attracting a more targeted audience
  • Facebook photo contest: use one of 15 different templates to create a photo contest, add social sharing buttons and let your fans publish their best photos with titles and descriptions
  • Sweepstakes: select how often you want winner draws to take place, automatically post the winners and add a Fan Gate
  • Facebook Instant Win: with Instant Win contests, participants will know immediately whether they won or not.
  • Fan vote contests: let your fans get more involved and give their opinion on…well, whatever you want!
  • Facebook coupons: generate coupon campaigns and track who is downloading and redeeming them
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5.    Heyo

10 best tools to create social media contests

Heyo is a tool for creating contests to be published anywhere on the web: on your website/blog, on mobile, or on different social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Use their templates to easily create contests optimised for any device and add social sharing buttons to boost shares.

You can use Heyo to create all kinds of different contests, such as:

  • Photo and video contests: get users to submit their own videos and photos
  • Essay contests: if your audience really wants to get to work, have them submit their essays for a chance to win
  • Sweepstakes: publish your sweepstakes contest on different platform and start collecting leads; you can draw the winner at a random, have participants refer their friends, set up instant win contests, or set Twitter or photo sweepstakes
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6.    Rafflecopter

10 best tools to create social media contests

Rafflecopter has one main focus: to help you create the best, most engaging giveaway possible. It’s super easy to use (it takes minutes to create a campaign) and basically all you need to do is decide on what the prize will be, choose the entry methods for the giveaway so as to get as many quality leads as possible out of it and then just sit back and start collecting entries – or instead of sitting back, promote your giveaway to get as many participants as possible!

Rafflecopter can also be integrated with other social networks (Pinterest, Twitter) so that you easily promote your giveaway across social media, as well as with all major email marketing/marketing automation tools, to help you generate more leads for your email list.

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7.    Votigo

10 best tools to create social media contests

Votigo allows you to create beautiful interactive marketing campaigns, including giveaways, quizzes, polls, sweepstakes and contests.

In terms of contests, you can create:

  • Photo and video contests with user generated content
  • Hashtag campaigns
  • Instagram contests
  • Essay contests
  • Sweepstakes for Facebook and Twitter, as well as photo sweepstakes
  • Instant win contests

All of their contests can be run on social media, on mobile and on websites or blogs.

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8.    Pagemodo

10 best tools to create social media contests

Pagemodo is a tool for those who want to take their Facebook Pages to the next level: they offer custom tabs for Pages, social contests and you can use it to schedule and plan your Facebook content.

Contests are very easy to set up with Pagemodo and you can create all kinds of different contests – basically, all of the usual suspects:

  • Photo and video contests
  • Essay contests
  • Trivia games
  • Sweepstakes and Giveaways with random winners or manual selection
  • Coupon campaigns

Your contest will look beautifully both on desktops and on mobile devices and you can rest assured that all of the Facebook rules and regulations are respected.

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9.    Binkd

10 best tools to create social media contests

Binkd let you create engaging contests for all kinds of social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouYube – as well as on mobile and web.

There are over 20 different campaign types to choose from, all very easy to create even with no experience. Among the types of contests that you can create, there are:

  • Sweepstakes: instant wins, random draws and refer-a-friend features
  • Photo and video contests: fans can upload their creations directly, or by using a hashtag; you can then choose to moderate and decide the winners, or you can have your fans and followers vote for their favourite
  • Polls, quizzes and coupons: both photo and video polls, personality and trivia quizzes and unique coupons

So, choose one of the different themes and start customising to create the best, most engaging contest.

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10. SnapApp

10 best tools to create social media contests

Interactive content can generate a lot of engagement and attention to your website and your social profiles; SnapApp aim to help you create this type of content, easily, such as calculators, assessments and personality tests, interactive videos and knowledge tests and quizzes, among others. Apart from all the cool interactive content you can create with this tool, you can also set up contests and sweepstakes for your website or for your social media:

  • Photo and video contests with user generated content
  • Sweepstakes
  • Caption and text contests with user generated content
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With so many tools available to choose from, creating a social media contest is easy as pie – in most cases, it takes minutes to set up a contest and get it running. And while you might be the one giving away the prize, you’ll actually get so much more in return: new quality leads (especially if your prize is your own product/service), increased engagement and reach on social media and your blog/website, new fans for your social profiles and much more.

Have you created any contests on social media yet? What are your favourite types of social contests? Let me know in your comments and please share:)

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  1. Jane on 2017-05-24 at 11:54 pm

    You missed the best one by far: https://gleam.io/app/competitions

    • Lilach Bullock on 2017-05-25 at 9:21 am

      Thanks Jane. I’ve heard good things about gleam.io too.

  2. Cori Ramos on 2017-05-25 at 3:30 pm

    Hi Lilach,

    Wow, I didn’t realize there were so many tools out there. It’s been forever since I’ve done a giveaway. I used to use Rafflecopter or Giveaway Tools.

    Thanks for putting this list together. Now you have me thinking about putting a giveaway together just to play with these tools. 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great week!


    • Lilach Bullock on 2017-05-26 at 9:46 am

      Thanks Cori 🙂 Yes, there’s so many to choose from! Rafflecopter is great, I’ve used them in the past too 🙂 You too!

  3. Really great list of tools to create a social media contest, few new that need to be tried, thanks for sharing the list Lilach…

  4. Laurie Logan on 2018-02-15 at 2:40 pm

    You forgot about Rewards Fuel- much cheaper than Gleam.

    • Lilach Bullock on 2018-02-19 at 6:16 pm

      Not familiar with them Laurie. Cheaper isn’t always better…

  5. Ryan Biddulph on 2018-07-01 at 9:02 am

    Looks like some major league winners on this list Lilach. I’d had of Wishpond but not many of the others. New to me. Tools make my life easier when I pick the right ones for my campaign and when I learn how to use them properly.

  6. Sameer on 2018-08-22 at 12:01 pm

    Is there a tool for free ?

    • Lilach Bullock on 2018-09-20 at 5:06 am

      There are free tools but premium tools are so much better. If you’re in business it pays to invest in good tools

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