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10 Top Sales Marketing Automation Tools to increase sales

Do you want to improve your businesses’ overall sales performance? After all, sales are the lifeblood of a successful business. Without making enough sales, you can’t grow and scale your business. In this blog post, I’m going to list the 10 Top Sales Marketing Automation Tools to increase sales.

Why do you need sales tools?

Sales tools are designed to make your life easier by simplifying the entire sales process. Most importantly, they help you nurture leads quicker, and more effectively; after all, leads are different and they take time and great care to turn into customers. Without tools to help, it’s easy to forget about the leads you’re nurturing, or what stage they are in the buying process and sales funnel. You could be missing opportunities that would otherwise bring in a lot of revenue – simply because you can’t keep up with all of your different tasks, nurturing leads and closing leads, all at the same time, all of the time.

Sales tools are more than just tools that help save you time, though; they’re also designed to help you get better results, faster. With features like marketing automation, you can assure you’re reaching all the right leads with the right messaging – increasing the chances that they will turn into customers, faster.

Now, let’s go through the 10 best sales tools so that you can find the perfect one for your needs:

1.    SalesTools

10 Top Sales Marketing Automation Tools to increase sales

Our first sales tool in the list is very aptly named…SalesTools. With it, you can simplify the lead generation and prospecting process easily. The tool finds public data from social networks and even government data and updates leads with their relevant information – phone numbers and emails.

You can also use it for reaching out to potential leads and for setting up marketing automation. Create sequences easily and you can then send personalized outreach emails to the right person, at the exact right time.

SalesTools also let you take a more in-depth look at your website traffic so that you can find potential leads that would otherwise leave your website and never contact you themselves.

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2.    GetResponse

10 Top Sales Marketing Automation Tools to increase sales

At its core, GetResponse is an email marketing tool, but it’s so much more than that. Their aim is to create an all-in-one marketing tool that helps businesses grow and scale.

Beyond email marketing, there are also tools to help you set up marketing automation, with list segmentation, web event tracking and lead scoring and tagging features.

You can also use GetResponse to create webinars for generating more leads, as well as landing pages, for turning leads into customers.

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3.    Hubspot Sales

10 Top Sales Marketing Automation Tools to increase sales

Hubspot offer a whole host of useful sales tools that help you “build, automate and accelerate your sales process”.

There is everything from email tracking tools that let you know as soon as a lead opened your sales email, to web tracking features that allow you to see who is visiting your website in real time – and exactly what they are doing there.

You can also create email sequences, create and test different email outreach templates, queue a list of sales calls, set meeting and much, much more.

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4.    SalesLoft

10 Top Sales Marketing Automation Tools to increase sales

SalesLoft is a tool for the modern sales team. It can help you create better, more personalized and more “human” emails that will help turn more leads into customers. You can also easily call prospects with the intelligent dialer feature and check their advanced analytics to improve your overall sales strategy and, ultimately, your results.

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5.    SalesForce

10 Top Sales Marketing Automation Tools to increase sales

The SalesForce CRM and sales tool is one of the most popular on the market – and for very good reason.

You can use it to store and track important lead and customer information and to keep all of your interactions with them in one place, for future reference.

They also offer marketing automation features to help you save time and get more results, lead management tools for tracking your leads closely for opportunities.

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6.    Sales Search

10 Top Sales Marketing Automation Tools to increase sales

Sales Search is a Google Chrome extension for sales reps that allows you to search for information much quicker than the usual copy-paste-copy in Google process.

Basically, whenever you find a name, email, phone number, etc. you can just highlight it, then right-click and choose the search engine you want to use and a new tab will then open with your results. It might not be a full-fledged sales tool, but it’s a useful little tool that will help you save time.

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7.    Pipedrive

10 Top Sales Marketing Automation Tools to increase sales

Pipedrive is a sales management and CRM tool designed for small sales teams. Use it to plan your sales process, so you never forget to call a prospect or email a hot lead, track and manage your deals and much more.

Pipedrive is not only great for organising your sales process and your leads, but also for ensuring you get better results from your leads.

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8.    LeadFuze

10 Top Sales Marketing Automation Tools to increase sales

LeadFuze can help you save time and improve your sales by allowing you to automate your lead discovery, as well as your lead outreach.

You won’t need to search everywhere for contact information, as LeadFuze will collect it all for you. Then, you can set it up so you’re automatically contacting your leads every day, which can save hours of your time.

Don’t forget to also get their free Chrome extension so that you can easily find contact information while online and add leads to your lists.

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9.    SalesSeek

10 Top Sales Marketing Automation Tools to increase sales

SalesSeek is a sales CRM tool and marketing software designed for B2B businesses and B2B sales teams.

SalesSeek believe in the power of data – so, they create visualisations that make it easier to understand the most important data about your leads and customers, so that you can take better-informed decisions.

You can also clearly track your leads through every stage of the process and sales funnel, see complete profiles for each of your leads and much more.

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10. GetBase

10 Top Sales Marketing Automation Tools to increase sales

GetBase is an all-in-one sales platform and CRM tool.

They offer tools for managing your leads, such as lead tracking and sales management, as well as customer and mobile sales management.

You can then also prioritise your best leads through a custom scoring formula so that you can email the right person, or use the native automatic dialer to give them a call.

GetBase also offer powerful, in-depth reporting and analytics, so that you can learn how to improve your strategy, and they even have a sales forecasting tool, so that you can learn what type of revenue to anticipate.

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Sales tools, as I mentioned earlier, are essential to businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you want to improve your sales, a good tool can not only help you get better results month by month, but it can also cut down on hours of unnecessary work, which can be better used to find better, more qualified leads.

Do you use any sales tools for your business? And if so, which ones? How has it helped your overall sales and business growth? Let me know in the comments section below and please share:)

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10 Top Sales Marketing Automation Tools to increase sales

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  1. Cool list of tools Lilach. They make our lives so much easier when we simply buy the ones that fit our most pressing needs. I had no idea Get Response had functions other than being an email marketing tool. That is pretty neat.


  2. Thanks for the list. GetResponse sounds interesting, especially marketing automation and building an all-in-one platform.

  3. Priya Sharma

    Excellent article, this is example of the next level technology. Now finding prospect and lead for business become very much easy. I have used few similar lead generation tool like AeroLeads, RainClutch, and Rapportive these helped me a lot in my business development campaign.

  4. Really an interesting list!!!
    All marketing tools are very useful for the sales process. But, I assume Salesmate CRM is missing. I am sure that nothing can beat its price range and features. Marketing people can also use it for marketing automation and efficient team communication. Not only it provides a wide range of intelligent features like sales forecasting, sales pipeline but also an extensive integration with third party application for delivering extra values.

  5. Make sure you add Bitrix24 (free CRM and sales automation tool) if you plan to update the article for 2020.

  6. Great list Lilach! Why didn’t you add HubSpot in the above, it’s great tool having lots of automation softwares in that Hubspot list! You can add MailChimp also!

    Thanks for the list anyway!

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