10 Facebook Ad Tools that Improve your ROI

Are you using Facebook advertising to promote your business on social media? Want to find better ways of managing your Facebook ads? In this blog post, I’m going to share the 10 best Facebook Ad tools that will help improve your ROI.

Facebook advertising is getting increasingly popular, its usage growing year by year. The reason for this? Quite simply, it’s because it’s cheap, it’s easy to control your budget, it’s highly targeted and it gets results.

For example, Facebook can even have a lower CPA than Google search ads; one test found that even though it’s 72% cheaper to gain a transaction from Google Search Ads than with Faacebook ads, when you also count boosted posts, Facebook’s cost per acquisition actually turns out 24% cheaper than Google’s.

So, without further ado, here are the 10 best Facebook ad tools that will help you achieve better results from your ads and help you improve your ROI:

1.    Facebook Ads tools from Facebook10 Facebook Ad Tools that Improve your ROI

It would make sense here to start with Facebook’s own advertising tools and apps. Apart from the obvious Ads Manager, you can also use their smartphone app, the Facebook Ads Manager App to manage your ads on the go:

10 Facebook Ad Tools that Improve your ROI

The app is available for both Android users and iPhone users and it lets you manage anything from budgets to your target audience.

If you’re having to use Facebook Ads for multiple accounts, or you simply have to create a lot of ads, you also have the option of using the Facebook Ads Power Editor, which was designed to help those marketers who need to create and manage multiple ads at the same time. You can get the Facebook Ads Power Editor here.

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2.    Social Ads Tool by GotU

10 Facebook Ad Tools that Improve your ROI

Social Ads Tool is a Facebook Marketing Provider, so it’s an obvious choice when it comes to Facebook Ads management.

Among its features, it has a Page Booster option so that you can automatically boost the engagement and reach of your fan page, an automatic ad optimisation feature to help you determine your bid and delivery based on CPA, CPC and ROI, as well as scheduling features to assure your campaigns run during the best times.

If you produce a huge amount of Facebook Ads, you can use their massive ad generation feature to generate thousands of ads and to create multivariate testing.

Once your Facebook ads are live, you can use their conversion tracking to track your performance data and their deep reporting feature for in-depth ad analysis reports.

If you’re spending over $50,000 a month on Facebook Advertising, you can use their services to get full campaign management, while you have the time to focus on other tasks.

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3.    AdEspresso by Hootsuite

10 Facebook Ad Tools that Improve your ROI

AdEspresso by Hootsuite is a tool designed to help you easily optimise your Facebook Ads. First off, you can create extensive A/B Testing with thousands of different variants of your Ads, with just 3 clicks. They also provide strong Ads analytics, with customisable dashboards, so that you can focus on the metrics that matter the most.

As you start using AdEspresso for your Facebook Ads, the tool with use the results from your campaign to give you suggestions that will help reduce your PPC, so that you can improve your ads ROI by 43%.

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4.    Qwaya

10 Facebook Ad Tools that Improve your ROI

Qwaya is professional advertising tool for both Facebook and Instagram. Another Facebook Marketing partner, Qwaya has all the tools you need to get started with and manage a successful Facebook advertising campaign.

For example, you can create A/B tests for both your ads, as well as your audience. You can also schedule your campaigns for certain times and days, set automation rules for your campaigns and create an ad rotation system.

Qwaya also offer tracking and reporting features, so you can add tracking URLs to your ads, and there is a Google Analytics integration for better reporting of goals achieved and the number of e-commerce transactions.

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5.    AdStage

10 Facebook Ad Tools that Improve your ROI

AdStage is an ads tool that allows you to optimise your AdWords, as well as your ads for Twitter, Facebook, Bing and LinkedIn.

It’s an especially useful tool for those who run digital ads on multiple platforms and want to not only save time with managing and optimising, but also want to get better results from their advertising campaigns.

The tool offers powerful automation with rules, alerts, A/B testing and much more. You can also use their powerful management tools to edit in bulk and create ad variation testing across search and social.

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6.    Pagemodo

10 Facebook Ad Tools that Improve your ROI

Pagemodo is a Facebook tool with all kinds of features, but here, we’ll only focus on their Facebook ads capabilities.

You can use Pagemodo to design your ads, using their professional design tools, as well as their royalty-free images and selection of fonts and you can also use them for targeting your audience by different metrics. You also get detailed reporting and analysis so that you can see how your future Facebook Ads can be improved and optimised.

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7.    AdSpringr

10 Facebook Ad Tools that Improve your ROI

AdSpringr is another Facebook Ads tool to help you manage the process from inception, with ad creation, to the end, with analysis and reporting. What’s great about AdSpringr, though, is that you can also use it to automate a lot of your tasks and helps you save time with your ads set-up.

For example, you can automate the creation of your Facebook Ad Campaigns and create ad clones, and, when it comes to optimisation, you can also use their intelligent auto-bidding features.

With AdSpringr, you get all the features you need, from ad creation, to optimisation and target, as well as analysis and reporting.

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8.    DriftRock

10 Facebook Ad Tools that Improve your ROI

DriftRock is a Facebook Ads tool with an interesting approach. The tool has 4 main features: create, flow, trigger and lead response.

Create, as you can probably guess, is all about the Facebook ads creation – you can create an ad in less than 60 seconds, and you can also use DriftRock to create multi-product ads.

With Flow, you can start automating your Facebook custom audiences; basically, it uses your CRM tool or your database to sync your lists with Facebook, so that you can target the right people.

DriftRock can also be used to set triggers for your ads; namely, you can use signals like the weather, time or TV schedules to trigger your Facebook ads:

10 Facebook Ad Tools that Improve your ROI

And finally, their lead response feature let you generate, manage and convert leads from both Twitter and Facebook. So, if you’re using Facebook or Twitter lead cards, you can push your leads directly to your CRM system so that you can immediately get started on converting them.

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9.    AdRoll

10 Facebook Ad Tools that Improve your ROI

AdRoll is an advertising tool for Facebook, Instagram, Google, mobile apps and more.

The way it works is, AdRoll starts by analysing your website visitor behaviour to gain better insight into your target audience.

The tool will be better equipped then to target the right people and potential customers and with full-funnel advertising, you will be able to make more sales and conversions.

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10. Perfect Audience

10 Facebook Ad Tools that Improve your ROI

Last, but not least, we have a different approach to a Facebook Ads tool – Perfect Audience.

With this tool, you’re basically targeting your Facebook Ads to those who left your website with converting or buying from you.

This way, you can bring back potentially lost customers and actually turn them into customers.

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Bonus Tool: Agorapulse

facebook ad tools

So, you’ve posted a new ad on Facebook. How do you manage the comments you receive?

That’s where Agorapulse comes in – a social media management tool – to save the day with a bunch of very handy comment management features.

First of all, you can use it to make sure you never miss a comment and always respond in a timely manner.

Secondly, it’s great at handling negative comments. Negative comments – snarky, troll comments, and so on – are, unfortunately, quite common on Facebook and pretty much any social network. Not only that, but you also might get some legitimate concerns from people. One of the really cool things that you can do with Agorapulse is that you can automatically hide (temporarily) comments that you’re not ready to reply to, by setting up automation rules:

facebook ad tools

These comments will be hidden from your ad until you have the time to compose a reply.

Other useful features include team collaboration (you can easily add different members and assign comments to the right people on your team), a handy mobile app for iPhone and Android so you can manage your comments on the go, and if you use Instagram ads as well, you’ll be happy to know you can use Agorapulse to manage those comments as well.


So, there we go – the 10 best Facebook Ad tools that will help improve your return on investment. In such a saturated market, we can use any help we can get; whether it’s with optimising your ads for better results, or for helping you save time with bulk ad creation and edition, there’s a tool for any and all needs.

Are you using Facebook advertising to promote your business? What are your favourite Facebook Ads tools? Let me know in your comments and please share:)

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    Here’s the link to check it out: https://enginescout.com.au/facebook-interest-targeting-tool/


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