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The resources you choose to use can make or break the success of your business.

Lilach’s free resources are designed to help you learn new skills so that you can up your digital marketing game.

Podcast Sponsorship Course

Got a podcast? Want to make more money off of it? This is Lilach’s personal blueprint for raising funds through podcast sponsorship. She’s used these exact steps to raise $30k in just over a week (with a brand new podcast)… And she’s sharing her process with you for free. Guaranteed to work… If you take smart, decisive, and targeted action.

Guest Blogging Blueprint

If you’re already blogging… Adding guest blogging to your repertoire could be your secret weapon. Make money. Get quality backlinks. Reach new audiences. Build relationships. And get started easily using Lilach’s Guest Blogging Blueprint… The exact process she’s used to write and gain over 100,000 backlinks including authority websites… Leverage their audience to make sales. [Includes Lilach’s rolodex of 6000 sites)

DFY Social Media Images

This stash of over 6000 social media images—split into 13 different industries—is a treasure chest of easy-to-use pictures that are sure to catch eyes on your feeds. Save time, drive engagement, and convert lurkers to buyers. Plus, you’ll get a free social media planning calendar to lay everything out upfront and save you hours during the month.

8 Money Blocks

Want to take your relationship with money from meh to magic? Start bringing more of it in without doubling your efforts? If you aren’t earning what you want to be, then this e-book could be the biggest financial tool you use this year. Make friends with your brain and how it views money… And use it to attract more. And more. And even more.

The Mindset Mastery Course

Is your brain your own worst enemy? The first step to massive success is putting a leash on your own brain… And making it work for you. Lilach is an advocate for mindset training as a foundation for all business success. This is her own tried-and-true mindset mastery framework… That she’s used—and continues to use—on herself and clients.

LinkedIn Marketing Course

LinkedIn is the business hub of the social media world. If you aren’t using it yet to get leads, qualify them, and turn them into clients, you’re missing out. This mini course contains all you need to know about optimising your LinkedIn profile for your niche and using the platform as a springboard for massive success.

Facebook Marketing Course

Facebook remains the biggest social media platform. Although it’s not a business platform, if you get your Facebook right, you can double your reach and boost your chances of gaining red hot leads and winning the clients you want. This mini course covers every aspect of the popular platform and teaches you how to win at Facebook business.

Email Marketing Made Easy

Cold email can be intimidating. It takes time to set up. But if you know how to do it right, your ROI can be monumental. This mini course is built on Lilach’s extensive business experience and her own success with cold emailing. It’ll work for you because it’s exactly what’s worked for her… For almost 2 decades.

Winning Webinars: A Guide to Getting Bums In Seats

A webinar can be a superb way of showing your expertise, sharing immense value, and converting interested prospects into paying customers or clients. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to do them… From creating your content to presenting it to filling up those seats. As a veteran webinar host herself, Lilach has packed this mini course with her knowledge on doing it right.