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Need help taking your business from ehhh to exceptional?

from meh to magic!

From zero to hero, or from hero to superhero?

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Ready to explode your business and bank account like a treat-filled piñata?

To get your hands dirty, your mindset cleaned up, and your biz rising like a rogue helium balloon?

I’m glad you’re here. This is exactly where you need to be.

Here’s why.

I can help you:

Here are some interesting facts for you.

I work with countless people who were making less money when they started working with me than they used to when they were working a full-time job under someone else’s thumb.

These people would rather do something they love and earn less than go to a job they’re not passionate about and cash in.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I help those 46% to swing over to the 54%.

Those who are making a consistent, higher-than-ever income so they can get out of the 79% and stop being part of the 62%. 

Now if you really think about it, putting yourself through living with less money kind of goes against our first instinct… Security. 


“So Lilach, you’re telling me that your clients would rather be wild ‘n free and hippie-like happy than earning enough money to pay their bills?” 

Well, not quite. 

My clients love what they do and would rather choose it over anything else. 

But they’re also not quite making money that makes them over-the-moon happy. 

Which is why they come to yours truly. 

My specialty? 

Helping you find the best of both worlds – making all of the moolah and loving every minute of doing so.

Picture This:

Why Me?

Not all business and mindset coaches are created equal. Like a great chocolate cake recipe, you’ve got to have the right combination of ingredients. Want to know mine? Almost 2 decades of experience as an entrepreneur, business-building and business-selling experience, I’ve written for top publications, won titles as a social media influencer, and achieved financial freedom that’s stuck around for over 20 years. And I’ll let you steal my secrets and do the same, just better.

Want to know how?

Choose your adventure! There are two ways for us to work together:

One-on-one business and mindset coaching

My Magnificent Marketing & Mindset Programme

One-on-One Business & Mindset Coaching

This is you, me, coffee (maybe cake…), weekly sessions, and business advice tailored to your exact pain points and needs. Here’s what you can expect.

High-Performance, Individualized Coaching

My coaching isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme or a one-size-fits-all template. Nope. This is extremely individualized, high-performance coaching at its best… Laser-targeted to your own specific, unique business needs. 

Mindset Transformation Coaching

Every entrepreneur’s worst enemy is their own mind. But… If you can train it and put a leash on it, it can be your biggest secret weapon. Doing absurdly successful business isn’t just about what you do… We’re also going to transform the way you think

Magnificent Marketing & Mindset Programme

From A to Z, everything you need to know to take your biz from ground level to sky high. It’s the most value-packed, actionable, easy-to-follow programme you’ll find, if I may say so myself.

But, y’know, listen to what others have to say too.

“I would recommend the Magnificent Marketing and Mindset Programme unreservedly.”

– Jai Williams

“The quality of the programme materials and training is market leading and that alone is worth the investment.”

– Sian Carter

“Having all I need to make my business flourish all in one place is very valuable to me because I don't have time to mess around searching out each problem I encounter. In the Magnificent Mindset and Marketing programme, I don't have to, Lilach has done it all for me.”

– Cynthia Phelps

“I've been able to 5x my investment in her program already! I can't even believe I'm the same person I was just two months ago - and I'm so excited to continue the program and see what else I'm capable of.”

– Sharné Rustin

Now you know some of the real people’s real results. I think they point to what you’ll be getting if you sign up:

A treasure chest filled to the brim with must-know secrets to business success.

In an easy-to-follow format that leaves nothing out, no stone unturned, and equips you with a full range of tools to go out and kick serious butt in your biz. 

And don’t think choosing the programme over 1-on-1 coaching means I’m not involved or accessible. You’ll get direct access to me 4x every week, face-to-virtual-face during group sessions, where you can bring your burning questions or worries and ask me straight out. 

No cardboard replica, no look-alike substitute… Me, my experience, and my knowledge, ready to give feedback and provide answers.

The Perfect Recipe for Success

I’m not just a business coach. I’m not just a mindset coach or a “life coach”. I’m both, mixed into an all-in-one full package. Just like a dark chocolate cake with that perfect combo of silky sweetness and strong flavor. 

I’m here to help you transform. To help you explode in a spectacular way. To help you level up your biz and your life, turn your pain into gain, and take your business from ehhh to exceptional. 

Total transformation. Top to bottom, left to right, inside out. 

Complete turnarounds. Front to back, side to side, every direction. 

Massive, miraculous change. That lasts a lifetime.

Your Role?

You’ll need to get super comfortable super quickly with the idea of being uncomfortable. And then you’ll need to ride the wave of the actual feeling. 

You’ll need to commit to getting your hands good and dirty. And then you’ll need to go out and do the hard work. 

And you’ll need to be ALL IN. 99% may as well be 0%. 

If you’re not 100% in, we’re going to butt heads. But if you’re ready to go full-steam ahead… Be prepared to shoot to the top like a rogue firecracker, complete with bright lights. 


If you aren’t…

Then we’re going to fight like cat and dog. We’re going to butt heads harrrrd. We’re going to fight our way through every session, and in the end, you’re going to waste your time and money.

I’m here to help you change.

But you’ve got to leave the old behind and transform into something new.

It may be painful. It may be difficult. But I can guarantee, if you surrender your fears, you’ll see life-changing results. Faster than you thought possible.

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