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If you’re doing any form of blogging on your website and you’re not taking advantage of sponsored blog posts…. 

You’re missing out! 

This is a strategy I’ve personally used over the years. 

It’s been a huge part of my success, and it can be part of yours too. 

If you’ve never written one… 

What are sponsored blog posts and why should you care? 

Here’s the what and the why so you can start taking advantage of this underrated business-boosting tool! 

What Are Sponsored Blog Posts Exactly? 

A sponsored blog post is a post that someone else has paid you to write. 

If you have your own blog, that may sound confusing. 

You don’t write blogs for other people. 

You write for your own blog. 

But this is different to doing a job for someone else’s blog. 

You’re still writing for your blog… 

But referencing the other person/blog in a favourable light. 

For example: 

  • A software company may ask you to try their software and review it 
  • An ecommerce company may send you a product and ask you to write a review 
  • Someone may reach out and ask you to promote them or their service on your blog 

That’s sponsored blog posts in a nutshell. 

Why Do Bloggers Pay for Sponsored Blog Posts? 

So the question is, why would someone pay you to write nice things about them or their products/services? 

Reaching Your Audience 

When someone asks you to write a sponsored blog post, they’re basically renting your audience

If you have a big, engaged following, many bloggers or business owners will be happy to pay you to promote their stuff… 

Because (almost) everyone in your audience will see it. 

They’re using your audience in the hopes of getting business.

So naturally, most sponsored posts you get will fit into your niche somehow. 

Because your audience and theirs will overlap. 

More Cost-Effective Than Ads 

Every time someone from your audience lands on that blog post, it’s advertising for them. 

And that could continue for years on their once-off fee! 

Unlike ads, which require constant topping-up to stay in place. 


Having a sponsored blog post is like a testimonial on steroids. 

It does depend on the blog you’ve been featured on… 

But if you sponsor a post on a high-authority website, it’s like having a testimonial from a high-authority person themselves. 

As you can imagine, this is pretty invaluable for bloggers and businesses. 

There’s no substitute for social proof…

Which is why people pay big bucks for sponsored posts. 

How Do They Help You? 

So now you know how sponsored blog posts help them. 

But how do they help you? 

There are a couple of things you can get out of them. 

They Build Your Credibility 

Every blog post you write should aim to do a few things: 

  • Show your expertise 
  • Provide value to your reader 
  • Build your credibility 

The more value you provide to your reader by sharing helpful tips, tricks, and info based on your expertise… 

The more your credibility builds up. 

They Build Relationships 

Sponsored guest posts also build relationships with people. 

You won’t just become friends with everyone who asks you for a sponsored blog post… 

But this is an excellent way to gain favourable standings with companies, blog owners, business owners, and whoever else might need a sponsored post. 

If you write an excellent post, you’ve gained the approval of the person who requested it. 

If they need something else you can help with, they’re likely to come back to you. 

They Make You Money 

Yes, this is probably the biggest draw of sponsored blog posts. 

They make you money. 

If you own a blog, you know how tricky it can be to monetize your blog. 

Sponsored blog posts are a way to earn quick money for your writing. 

If you aren’t earning as a content writer specifically, this is exciting! 

It’s basically a small, once-off sale. 

You need blog posts anyway… 

Why not get paid for them? 

Does Niche Matter? 

To an extent, yes. 

Consider this scenario. 

  1. You run a successful mom blog. 
  2. Your friend runs a successful business blog. 
  3. The client wants a sponsored blog post on the stock exchange. 

Now it makes perfect sense that a mom blog wouldn’t be writing about that. 

But a business blog might. 

If you were the mom blog, you’d politely decline because you wouldn’t be providing any value to your readers if you had to write this post. 

On the other hand, the business blog owner may find it to be a valuable topic. 

How about this one: 

  1. You run a successful mom blog. 
  2. Your friend runs a successful business blog. 
  3. The client wants a sponsored post on their video editing software. 

Now this could go both ways. 

  • Businesses need advertising and video is an excellent medium. 
  • Moms take vids of their kids and might want to create fun home videos. 

In this case, the content would benefit both audiences. 

You need to be discerning about your own audience more than anything. 

Would they benefit from the content? 

Are You Ready To Start Writing Sponsored Blog Posts? 

If you’ve made it this far in the article, you’re probably excited at the idea of sponsored blog posts. 


Not everyone can find success with sponsored blog posts. 

Here’s what you need to have a great chance of being successful: 

  • A sizeable, engaged audience 
  • A consistent posting/blogging schedule 
  • Preferably, a good social media following 

Obviously, if someone reaches out to you and asks you to do one, you’re welcome to say yes if it fits with your blog. 

But you may not be in a position to go out and find sponsored blog post opportunities if you: 

  • Have just started your blog 
  • Have a small, disengaged audience 

Final Thoughts 

So, what are sponsored blog posts? Some may say they’re just writing about someone else’s stuff, but I believe they’re one of the best ways to make some money from your blog and build excellent relationships at the same time. 

Do you fit the criteria and want to find sponsored blog post opportunities? Check out this article to get started!

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What Are Sponsored Blog Posts & Why Are They Important?

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