Data Analytics Tools To Help Make Your Life Easier

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Data Analytics Tools To Help Make Your Life Easier

Managing your company’s social media presence is a job easier said than done. As a social media marketeer, you should be able to lure your target audiences. Today, a company’s social media presence ends up deciding the ROI. Converting customers requires data. Now, possessing data won’t help. In order to convert your prospects into customers, you need to have reliable data. As a marketeer, you have 10,000 questions to answer. .

For instance: Which social network needs to be used in order to target a specific set of users/TA. Which of the content pieces are performing well on social media? How is the brand’s social media presence supplementing business growth?  Social media analytics has all of the answers for you. Data analytics helps you stay on top of the game.

Customer analytics solutions help you understand the social media habits of your customers. 

A guy managing social media analytics has a host of tools at his/her disposal for keeping track of the company’s social media presence. Here are a few widely-used software:

  1. Sprout Social

If you need a cross-channel social media analytics tool, then Sprout Social is tailor-made for you. The software lets you ascertain your performance across a particular social media platform in a comprehensive way. Also, if you wish to compare results across a couple of social media platforms, Sprout Social is here to make life easier for you. With Sprout Social, you can track the impressions you happen to be getting on your Facebook pages.  Sprout Social is here to put to rest all of your woes related to data interpretation. Right from Facebook to Twitter and every other social media platform in between, Social Sprout will help you take your social media presence across platforms a notch higher. 

  1. Awario

Brands need to keep track of their customers’ needs, requirements, and online habits. Staying on top of your target audience’s social media habits provides you with an opportunity to dive deeper into their world. In this way, you get to understand their likes, dislikes, etc. The likes of Awario allow you to track instances wherein your brand gets mentioned. Be it shout-outs or social mentions, Awario keeps track of the brand mentions being done within the entire social media sphere. That’s not all. Awario also provides you with real-time insights regarding your social media campaigns.

  1. TapInfluence

TapInfluence is a heavy-duty analytics tool that keeps all of the ‘what-ifs’  pertaining to influencer marketing at bay. This covers a wide range of metrics such as engagement rate, reach, price tags behind influencers, etc. In simple words, this tool helps you keep track of all the metrics that ensure efficient influencer marketing

  1. BuzzSumo

It’s not a hardcore social media tool, but lets users analyse the social media engagement of any given content piece. It also helps you keep track of the relevant industry keywords which are being used by your competitors. This helps you plan your campaigns comprehensively. 

  1. Snaplytics

The emergence of ephemeral content on various social media platforms has taken the world of internet by storm. Snaplytics focuses specifically on analytics for Instagram and Snapchat. The platform keeps track of things such as open and completion rate. As a brand, it will help you ascertain as to where the story engagement peaks and/or drops. 


As stated earlier, social media presence has become an important factor while calculating the ROI. In order to make your presence felt, you need to find out the things that stoke the flames of desire within a consumer’s heart. An efficient data analytics tool will help you do just that.

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