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The Only Guide You Need for Effective Web Analytics

Getting traffic to your website is only the first step. But is that traffic actually converting into sales?

If you’re not getting the sales you want, a big reason for this could simply be bad traffic.

As a business owner or marketer, you need to know the type of traffic is coming to your website.

Think about it:

Without the ideal traffic, you’ll struggle to acquire qualified leads, and struggle more to turn them into customers. That’s why web analytics has become a necessity if you want to get the best performance out of your website.

It provides the vital information you need about your traffic and its sources. And if you engage in advertising, you’ll love analytics that can help you get the best out of your campaigns.

Having said that, you might still be wondering: what are the real benefits of web analytics to my business?

In this blog post, discover the only guide you need for effective web analytics.

Benefits of web analytics

Crunching numbers can be a difficult task. Frankly, it’s quite boring.

But it’s a necessary evil. If you need some reasons to take web analytics seriously, here are 5 of them:

Track visitors’ interests

Through people’s actions on your website, you can get an insight into what they’re looking for. Do they stay longer on a page?

Does the page have a low bounce rate? If you have a form on the page, do visitors convert on the form?

It’s possible to have many products or services on your website. Likewise, it’s possible to make a wrong prediction about what visitors will like.

In fact, visitors might mislead you by what they say. However, actions never lie. When you understand your visitors’ interests, it will help you streamline your efforts to aspects of your business where you can get better results.

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It helps you understand your customer’s demographics

With the demographic data of your visitors, you’ll have a knowledge of who your potential customers and customers are. Are they predominantly female?

What is the predominant age range? Are they concentrated in a specific location? If you have a buyer persona, these pieces of information can help improve your persona to reflect your ideal customer.

finteza screenshot

As you already know, different people react to different messages. Understanding your visitors’ demographics will determine the tone of your content and the words you use.

It will also affect the offers you send to your visitors. Since you can predict your audience’s needs due to their traits, you’ll also be able to craft offers that can meet those needs.

Track highest converting pages

It’s inevitable that some pages will convert more than others. Without the knowledge of these pages, you’ll lose many conversion opportunities.

But you can prevent this by using a web analytics tool. Of course, high conversion means different things to different businesses.

It actually depends on how you define a conversion. Is it high traffic or leads? Or sales?

Identifying these pages means you can optimize them for better conversions. Then you can also create pages similar to them for more conversions.

Cut costs through targeted advertising

Are your advertisements getting results? In most cases, you want to consider the amount you spend on advertisements and how much you realize in return.

Talking about cost, I believe every marketer wants to reduce their advertising costs. It becomes even sweeter if they can maintain or improve returns.

With events tracking, you can find details about people who visit your website through your ads. Which ads bring more traffic to your pages?

Which advertising channels bring more visitors that convert? You can also discover advertising channels that are sending quality traffic to your site.

Details like these will help you focus on the performing advertising channels and cut costs on the non-performing ones.

Optimize conversion funnels

Frankly, there’s no perfect conversion funnel. I can’t create one, neither can any other person who claims to be an “expert.”

All we can do is find leaks in our conversion funnel and block them to keep more leads in the funnel. And ultimately convert them to customers.

But what if you have no knowledge of where your conversion funnel is leaking? Then you’ll also be blind to changes you can make.

Through web analytics, you can find pages with the highest exit percentage. You can visit these pages and find the elements repelling visitors.

You can even carry out A/B tests and track improvements until you lower the exit rates in these pages.

It helps to improve ROI

The ultimate result of web analytics is that it leads to an increase in your returns on investment. You can find the low-performing aspects of your website and improve upon them.

In return, you can make the necessary changes to improve performance. Likewise, you can understand your visitors better and tailor your pieces of content and offers to their needs.

Vital metrics to track

Many businesses suck at web analytics.

And this is because they fail to focus on metrics that really matter. At the end of the day, a business wants to survive and grow.

What are the metrics to look out for? What are the metrics important to the growth of your business?

  • Number of visits
  • Source of traffic
  • Pages viewed
  • Entry pages
  • Exit pages
  • Bounce rates
  • Click-through rates
  • Conversions
  • Time spent on pages
  • Visitor demographics

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Effective web analytics with Finteza

To get the best out of web analytics, you need all the help you can get. What I mean is, you need a reliable tool that can provide the right metrics.

If you’re looking for one, look no further than Finteza. The reality is that most marketers will have more than a single tool they use for web analytics.

For instance, most websites will use Google Analytics. Having said that, you should definitely have Finteza as one of your web analytics tools, as Google Analytics can only do so much.

Why Finteza?

Because it provides some metrics you’ll never find on Google Analytics. It also provides an in-depth analysis of your mobile app traffic.

finteza screenshot

Without further ado, let’s dive into the tool to see the metrics you can track and how it can make your website a better conversion machine.

Audience analysis

One of your vital needs is to understand your audience. And to achieve this, you need more details about them.

First of all, Finteza can show you where your website visitors come from. You can view the countries, cities, and even the language of your visitors.

finteza screenshot

You can also see the devices and operating systems used by your audience. This is important as you can ensure your website has a great user experience for the majority of your users.

finteza screenshot

If you need to see the devices your visitors use, even specific models, you can see them.

finteza screenshot

Knowing the companies your visitors work for can help you personalize your messages and offer to them. When you click on “Organizations” below “Audience” at the sidebar, you’ll see this:

finteza screenshot

You can click on “IP” to view the IP address of those organizations.

Traffic Quality

Another vital metric you get from Finteza is the quality of traffic. The huge number you see on your traffic stats, are they real? This tool will show you the real visitors who can take actions on your website and those that might be suspicious.

finteza screenshot

The green portion accounts for clean traffic, the yellow for visits from proxies and VPNs, while the red is for spammers and hackers.

finteza screenshot

Page analytics

Come to think of it, more of your visitors land on some pages. While some pages chase your visitors away.

finteza screenshot

With this knowledge, you can optimize these pages for conversions. Likewise, you can investigate your exit pages. Why are visitors bouncing off these pages? This would lead to the necessary changes.

finteza screenshot

Ad Zones

If you’re an advertiser, you’ll love to see how your ads perform. Finteza can show you the performance details like impressions, clicks, and CTR of your ad zones.

finteza screenshot

Here, there’s a single ad zone. You can click on “+ Create ad zone” to add more ad zones on your website.

finteza screenshot


For events you want to track on your website, you can check how often these events occur. In most cases, these events represent conversions or some important activities on your website.

finteza screenshot

If you’re wondering what the small red and green percentages mean, they represent the percentage increase or decrease compared to the previous period.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”How to leverage Finteza to get more out of your web analytics #analytics #businesstips” quote=”How to leverage Finteza to get more out of your web analytics #analytics #businesstips”]


Another vital metric you want to keep an eye on is your traffic sources. Where do your visitors come from? When you understand your sources of visitors, you can focus your marketing efforts on channels that bring visitors to your website.

finteza screenshot

You can click on each of the sources to get more details about them. For instance, if you click on search, you’ll see the traffic analysis of visitors from search engines and the number of pageviews.

finteza screenshot


How well does your traffic sources convert? Do organic visitors convert more than those from social media? If you’re marketing on these channels, it’s easy to see if you’re getting results from your efforts.

finteza screenshot

Even if your advertising platform provides these metrics, this can serve as a way to confirm those figures. If you go further down this page, you’ll see the conversion figures for each traffic channel.

finteza screenshot


Your conversion funnel shows the steps from having visitors to your website, turning them into leads, and nurturing those leads until they become customers. You can check your funnels and also create new ones if you want to.

finteza screenshot


If you want to filter all these pieces of information based on a particular channel or quality, there are 4 options available to you on Finteza.

finteza screenshot

Above, you’ll observe that I’ve filtered the metrics based on suspicious traffic. Now, you can see the amount of suspicious traffic from each city. When I apply the Facebook filter, I see another table:

finteza screenshot


For your advertising campaigns, you can get more details about them when you click on “Campaigns” at the navigation bar.

finteza screenshot

If you click on a particular campaign, you’ll get even more details about that campaign.

finteza screenshot

When you go down this page, you’ll see more details about this campaign like operating systems, browsers, platforms, country, and language. You’ll also see the performance of banners in the campaign.

finteza screenshot

You might want to ask me: what if I want to keep these pieces of information for future reference? Finteza allows you to export these details in CSV format.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”How to leverage Finteza to get more out of your web analytics #analytics #businesstips” quote=”How to leverage Finteza to get more out of your web analytics #analytics #businesstips”]


If you’re paying no attention to your website analytics, you’re losing money daily. Even though it takes time and tenacity to go through all these numbers, it’s definitely worth your time.

You can get the best performance from your website pages and marketing efforts.

And with a tool like Finteza, you have a source of numbers that show you if what you’re doing is really driving the results that matter for your business (a.k.a leads, customers, and revenue).

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