How to Motivate Employees and Improve Productivity in the Workplace

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How to Motivate Employees and Improve Productivity in the Workplace

How to Motivate Employees and Improve Productivity in the Workplace

 An efficient workplace is key to productivity and the majority of employees will always try to work in a timely manner, usually completing tasks and projects for when they are due. It is understandable though, that work can sometimes become repetitive and tedious leading to distraction and procrastination around the office. Although it is not always easy to vary the jobs that are required, there are ways of keeping staff motivated throughout the year and maintaining focus for longer periods of time.

Sometimes small decor changes can motivate even the most stubborn of employees. Office logo signs can help remind everyone that they are reaching for a common goal. Giving motivation to everyone around with just one mall change.

Offer flexible hours

Employees can become frustrated with work when they are restricted to the normal nine to five office hours. Trying to fit in medical appointments and parent/teacher conferences around the working day can be difficult and may lead to a distracted and wandering mind in the office.

Allowing employees flexible hours creates a window where they can schedule in personal appointments and family commitments, making them happier to be at work when they’re really needed. Whether it’s one flexible day a week or an allocated allowance a month, providing this variation in hours will show that you care for their wellbeing and they’ll no doubt show their gratitude in the way they work in the office.

Introduce ‘Employee of the Month’

Acknowledgement goes a long way when it comes to office life, your employees will want to be recognized for the hard work and effort they are putting in on a daily basis. Introduce an ‘Employee of the Month’ scheme and gather all your staff together at the end of each month to announce the winner.

Go the extra mile at the end of the year and incorporate an award ceremony during the office Christmas party. Purchase personalized acrylic awards with the company name and staff member engraved to present on the night, it provides a great opportunity for your staff members to shine.

Provide free food and drink

Keep your staff healthy and energized at work by providing free food and drink throughout the day. Healthy beverages will keep employees hydrated and light snacks will help fuel their productivity until the end of the working day.

Opt for food that combats hunger and releases energy slowly such as fruit, nuts and yoghurt. Your staff will feel well looked after and the office will become a much happier and healthier environment to work in.

Schedule team building days

Team building days allow staff members to socialize and bond while improving their working relationships and cooperation skills. Giving them time to build friendships outside of an office environment will help them grow confidence during presentations and board meetings. Scheduling this regularly gives employees something to look forward to and motivates them during the office hours leading up to the event.

There are plenty of organized team building activities on offer such as scavenger hunts, cookery courses and sports days; it would be a great idea to get staff involved in the planning process where possible as they’ll feel included and acknowledged by their managers.

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