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Are you looking for an easy way to grow your contacts, conversions, sales, and revenue? Do you want a marketing method that is both efficient and increases your ROI?

Facebook Messenger is the answer you’re looking for!

With Facebook Messenger, you can increase your contacts and customers while saving money on ads and automating a lot of the marketing tasks that you do every day. 

Keep reading for 7 Facebook Messenger hacks that will help you utilize Facebook Messenger to get the most out of the Facebook Messenger platform.

Facebook Messenger Is An ROI-Driving Marketing Channel With Low Competition – For Now!

Facebook Messenger is the most-used messaging platform. In fact, there are 1.3 billion users interacting with the platform every month and 10 billion messages sent over the platform every month.

Facebook Messenger can be used for all sorts of things: lead generation, customer support, and sales. 

And customers would rather message with businesses than any other type of communication including phone and email. Check out the Facebook research to prove it.

Yet less than 1% of businesses are using a Facebook bot to automatically respond to customers on the platform (yep, there are only 300K Facebook Messenger bots today).

Let’s jump in to 7 things you can start doing immediately to add rocket-fuel to your marketing using Facebook Messenger marketing and MobileMonkey, the free Facebook Messenger marketing platform I created to give marketers a way to launch campaigns for Facebook messenger using visual, coding-free tools.

Facebook Messenger Hack #1: Turn Facebook Page Commenters into Facebook Messenger Contacts for Free with Comment Guards

Another exciting Facebook Messenger hack starts not on Facebook Messenger but in the comment threads! 

Using comment guards – or autoresponder chatbots – is a great way to acquire new leads. 

All this means is that when a user comments on a Facebook post that you set up with a comment guard, an autoresponder chatbot will send them a message on Facebook Messenger.

So when they comment on a post like this:

A Facebook bot responds in Messenger with this:

Talk about an easy Facebook Messenger hack! 

This means that you can convert your most engaged audience members – the ones that are commenting on and interacting with your posts – into a contact list! 

If a user responds to the Facebook auto reply bot, then they become a contact that you can follow up with for up to 24 hours since their latest interaction.

This turns Facebook engagement into leads and contacts and will help boost your conversions!

Here’s another Facebook Messenger hack that doesn’t necessarily begin on Facebook Messenger itself: see those posts you made that include a comment guard? Boost them! 

Use the post promoting tools on Facebook to promote posts that you build with comment guards so that they will be seen by more people and achieve even more engagement, and by also to buy Facebook likes.

This will help your contact list BOOM with new leads

Facebook Messenger Hack #2: Automate FAQs with Chatbots

Here’s a common scenario: a user has entered your website or Facebook page and they’ve got some basic questions that a lot of other people have probably had, as well. You know this because you get dozens of emails a day asking about pricing, about hours, about demos – the list goes on!

You could do what a lot of businesses do and include a “Frequently Asked Questions” page on your website.

You could also use live chat, where an employee mans the website chat, to answer these questions.

Except there’s a problem: these are not efficient methods of answering frequently asked questions.

They’re called FAQs for a reason – they get asked frequently. People don’t want to spend time navigating to pages to answer their simple questions and they don’t want to wait for live chat responses. They want fast answers. 

Instead of creating yet another landing page or spending money on live chat, how about spicing it up with my first Facebook Messenger hack: using chatbots for all of your frequently asked questions.  

All you have to do is add an FAQ chatbot through Facebook Messenger. Define some trigger words to designate the chatbot to respond with a specific dialogue; this could be a message, link, etc.

Some examples of trigger words could be “prices,” “hours,” “demo” – the list goes on! 

By using this Facebook Messenger hack and employing chatbots to answer FAQs, you’re saving money by avoiding staffing employees to simply answer questions. You’re also gaining more contacts by the number of people opting-in through contacting your Facebook Messenger chatbot! 

In this screenshot you can see how you program the bot to respond to certain keyword triggers with either a dialogue you create in the bot builder and then assign with a drop-down here, or as plain text you write within the Q+A area. 

Facebook Messenger Hack #3: Get Better Ad ROI with Facebook Ads that Send to Messenger 

Most brands are using Facebook ads, but how are these ads benefiting their business? 

For a brand to grow, it needs to gather more leads and convert more of those leads into customers; then it needs to sell, sell, sell to those customers. This is how a brand gains revenue and grows. 

So how do brands connect with potential customers? Through ads! And where are most of these ads located? Where customers will see them: on the social media feeds, the most popular of which is Facebook. So Facebook ads seems like the right move to make.

Which it is; there’s definitely no problem with using Facebook Newsfeed ads. It’s the way they’re used.

Most brands are using Facebook ads to drive traffic to their website. This is a costly attempt to get more conversions with a low ROI.

Facebook Newsfeed ads obtain around a 2% conversion rate. So it’s a lot of money spent for not a lot in return. 

The majority of the problem lies in the landing page. Most businesses are using their website as a landing page, so that when a user clicks on their ad, the user is brought to the business’s website.

This is great, as it shows off your site and your brand, but the user can easily exit the page and you’ve gained nothing from this click. 

That’s where Facebook chatbot ads come in. 

This is when you use a Facebook Newsfeed ad to drive traffic to your brand’s Messenger instead. So when a user clicks your ad, they are brought to the Messenger app where a chatbot greets them.

When a user clicks on your ad and sends a message, you are able to collect more contact data than any other type of ad. 

A great way to put this Facebook Messenger hack to action is by updating all of your call to actions to redirect to Facebook Messenger.

For example, thinking of hosting a contest? This is a great opportunity to update your call to action to Facebook Messenger. 

Normally, someone might click a button that says “Enter” and be brought to a webpage where they give some type of information that enters them into the contest. 

That’s great, but why not take it a step further with this Facebook Messenger hack?

When the user clicks the “Enter” button, have that call to action redirect them to Facebook Messenger, where you can set up a bot to gather their information.

This is a great change to the normal way of doing things because it creates a more personalized experience for the user and, typically, less effort on their part. 

In addition to that, you’ve now got another lead because another user opted-in on Facebook Messenger, meaning you can message them for up to 24 hours after their last interaction. 

And if you’re using chatbots, this entire process is automated. You’ll drive more conversation with potential customers and gain more from the entire experience. 

Facebook Messenger Hack #4: Enhance Website Chat with Facebook Messenger Chat + Bot First Responder

Your business might already have a chat feature on your website. Perhaps you use live chat so that users can choose to engage with a real person to answer their questions.

That’s a great move! Turns out people prefer messaging to any other form of communication and most prefer to engage with a brand or business through messaging.

Having website chat can also drive sales and help users with common problems. 

But there’s a problem; after the user leaves your website, they take all the chat history and contact information with them.

If you switch to using Facebook Messenger for your website chat, then you won’t be using a chat feature that’s exclusive to your website. That means it can go anywhere the user goes.

Another benefit to using Facebook Messenger for website chat is that it’s mobile-friendly.

If you used regular website chat and the user left the conversation and then tried to follow up later on their mobile device, they wouldn’t be able to. With Facebook Messenger, there’s a mobile app that has all of the same data and conversation history as the desktop feature. 

Having your potential customers leave conversations and then losing all of the chat history and contact data is bad for brand growth. 

That’s why you should use my third Facebook Messenger hack and switch to Facebook Messenger for your website chat needs! 

Using Facebook Messenger for your website chat allows you to build user profiles with the data provided through every interaction, since the chat history is saved. It also allows you to collect more contact info more easily. 

Additionally, this Facebook Messenger hack means you’ll be able to follow up with your potential customers later on; this will help drive more conversions and build revenue. 

Facebook Messenger Hack #5: Capture Leads Instantly with Facebook Messenger Instead of Registration Forms 

We’ve talked already about the advantage of using chatbots as the post-click experience for Facebook ads. That’s because of the beauty of instant lead capture with Facebook Messenger bots.

A business automatically gets the first and last name, location, language and gender of anyone that messages a Facebook bot using MobileMonkey.

This awesome instant lead capture advantage applies for any lead capture objective, including registration for events or downloads.

If you’re using a static website form for signing up or registering your visitors for anything from webinars to downloadable guides, you’re risking that visitors can simply click out of the window and no information is saved. 

When a user is redirected to Facebook Messenger, not only is all of the conversation history saved so that it can be used for more personalized experiences and offers moving forward, but the user opting-in allows you to obtain contact information from their Facebook page, as well.

Using this Facebook Messenger hack and changing your web forms to Facebook Messenger chatbot forms helps you gain more contacts and increase conversions, from events and downloads.

Facebook Messenger Hack #6: Automate Sharing Data from Messenger Contacts to Other Business Systems

Marketing is all about attracting the right leads who will become new customers, right? You want to draw people into your product or brand and have them stick around.

Obviously, this works best when it’s a seamless experience for the user. If a user has to be redirected to a ton of different pages and platforms, they’re going to get frustrated and you’re more likely to lose a conversion. 

Integrating all of your content through Facebook Messenger is a Facebook Messenger hack that will help you convert more potential customers and have longer customer lifelines. 

You can use click-to-Messenger ads to bring users to Facebook Messenger and then use chatbots to keep them there or make transitions to different channels seamless. But the most important thing is that it can all be done right in the chat.

This keeps users and potential customers engaged and offers them a fast and convenient experience in getting the product that they opted-in for. 

You can even use other chatbot integrations to make the data you collect from your lead easily accessible through your other marketing or business applications! 

Keeping users engaged means they’re far more likely to convert and then stay customers for longer! 

Facebook Messenger Hack #7: Hot Lead Alerts + Live Operator Takeover

Here’s my last Facebook Messenger hack: utilize live operator takeover tools when a hot lead or customers is talking to your bot. 

This means using chatbots as the first line of defense for interacting with users and potential customers, and jumping into the conversation at any point when a user or potential customer needs to talk to a real person to get their questions answered or close a sale.

This is a Facebook Messenger hack with an air of personality! 

Perhaps you designate a trigger word that sends the chat history to your inbox via Facebook Messenger email notification lead alert so you can take over.

Perhaps you monitor the chats to see when someone is having a particular bit of trouble so you can jump in and help them out with your non-robotic expertise.

The options are endless!

Chatbot automation has so many perks and benefits. It’s cheap, it’s efficient, it’s easy-to-use and it saves you, your business, and your customers a ton of time.

But sometimes, certain questions or interactions require a personal touch. That’s where you can jump in with this Facebook Messenger hack. 

Live operator takeover from a chatbot doesn’t have to cost you tons of dough, either. Most questions can be answered through chatbot automation and most of the time people don’t require any further assistance.

But the combination of messaging automation and live chat takeover allows your customer service to be unbeatable.

Which Facebook Messenger Hack Will You Start With?

We’ve gone over 7 different Facebook Messenger hacks to help you utilize Facebook Messenger to the best of your ability, increasing ROI and revenue for your business.

Now the question is, which Facebook Messenger hack will you start with?

These Facebook Messenger hacks are too good to pass up. So go ahead; build a chatbot, install a comment guard, fix your Facebook Newsfeed ads to be click-to-Messenger ads and watch your contact lists, conversions, and sales skyrocket. 

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Larry Kim is the CEO of MobileMonkey, the World’s Best Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform and free chatbot builder. He’s also founder of WordStream, Inc., the leading provider of Google Ads, Facebook Ads and keyword tools used by over a million marketers worldwide. The company employs over three hundred people and manages billions of dollars of ad spend on behalf of tens of thousands of customers. WordStream was acquired by Gannett for $150 million. Larry is ranked the #8 most popular author on Medium. He’s a contributor to CNBC and Inc. Magazine. Key interests include: Chatbot Marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, entrepreneurship and startups. He received Marketer of the Year awards from Search Engine Land, US Search Awards, and PPC Hero.

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