What is Cloud Hosting and What Are the Benefits

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What is Cloud Hosting and What Are the Benefits

Cloud service is one such entity that has managed to lure businesses, irrespective of their sizes, geographical boundaries, or industry. According to the 2019 State of the Cloud Survey by Right Scale, Public cloud adoption in this year rests at 91 percent while private cloud shows a 72 percent adoption rate. Further, Gartner also predicts how by the end of 2021, more than 75 percent of “midsize organizations” will move towards adopting a “multi-cloud” or hybrid strategy for IT. One such delightful service offering of Cloud Computing is Cloud Hosting, which in recent times is the most befitting hosting option for any small or medium-sized businesses, like start-ups, for instance. Packed with a string of impressive features like low operating cost, enhanced collaboration, high flexibility, and improved time to market ratio, cloud hosting is the choice of the future.


What is Cloud Hosting, anyway?

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Simply put, Cloud Hosting is nothing but a bunch of unique computing resources that are procured from a Cloud Computing provider, which is further put to use for hosting any kind of data or services. The delivery model itself is based on IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and functions to provide virtual services that are being deployed right on the top of Cloud Computing Infrastructure. It further uses resources like network, storage from a Cloud Vendor and is enabled by virtualization of computing power residing within a data center, thus making it accessible to multiple users, working simultaneously. Some of the most popular options of Cloud Hosting include Cloud Servers, Cloud Desktops, and Cloud Storage.

Cloud hosting plans are designed in a way that allows users to increase their resources, like RAM or CPU, to handle situations like a spike in site traffic. In case there’s a hardware failure, the server spins back in no time, thus promoting no data loss owing to its “Redundant Storage Architecture”. Hosting platforms like Cloudways are in high demand these days, offering hosting services for small and medium-sized business owners. Check out Cloudways  coupon code to receive free credit, which you can use to scale up server depending on your requirement.


Benefits of Cloud Hosting 


  • Flexible Costs–A majority of hosting platforms charge you monthly no matter what and how you choose to use its resources. However, with cloud hosting, one only needs to pay for what’s being used. For instance, if one is expecting a particular post in their site to go viral, which obviously means the oncoming of huge traffic, one doesn’t need to upgrade one’s package at once. All one needs to do is scale up the resources only when the traffic is high and then scale down once the flow is restored to normal. In other words, instead of having to shell out a high fee, the pricing structure matches the total server resources that one is currently using.
  • Redundant Servers– Most hosting services let your site reside on one particular server. In case of a mishap, chances are your site would go offline, unless it’s fixed then and there. But, in case of cloud hosting, you get to work with redundant servers, where a backup of your site takes over in a few seconds if anything was to happen. However, not all redundancy is created equally. Thus, Cloud Hosting offers a concurrent live version for your site, which can be loaded really quickly. A great option when you are working on a deadline as well.
  • High Uptime–When using a traditional hosting, the uptime of your site depends on the environment of a physical server. When it goes offline, your site goes down, too, unless one uses CDN, which does lower your site downtime considerably. With Cloud Hosting, you get high uptime where the website uses multiple server resources virtually, something that can be transferred from server to server in case one faces a technical glitch or other issues. As a bonus, you get scaling server resources on-demand, which assures your site stays up even when facing a surge in traffic.
  • Low deployment time and safety–Unless you have signed up for a basic beginner package, deploying a cloud server is super fast. It helps, especially in case where one is looking to go online with the site right away or in case of host migration where one needs to wait until the server gets ready. Additionally, when you choose cloud to host your website, you pre-dominantly isolate it from recurring episodes of hijack, system overload, or hardware failure, issues that are common with physical hardware.
  • A befitting option for Scalable Traffic–For any site owner with varying levels of traffic, it would be really difficult to find a hosting service that offers the best value for money. Cloud Hosting gives you the opportunity to scale server resources up and down according to the requirement, something not all kinds of hosting can offer.
  • Easy Server Management–Cloud Servers are a fine instance of what one could possibly refer to as technological improvement. During its inception days, cloud servers posed a challenge when it came to managing them, without the help of a qualified professional. Fast forward to today, one can easily manage them via an easy-to-handle dashboard that doesn’t require any level of technical knowledge.

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  • Environmental Impact–Anyone who cares about the environment, but still requires a hosting solution that is a notch above traditional hosting, cloud can be the answer. It utilizes not only a handful of data centres, but also minimum server resources as per the need be. Thus, streamlining data and resources put together, one definitely makes a contribution towards lessening carbon emissions.


So, you see cloud hosting is one such hosting option that has a string of benefits attached to it, which no other hosting solution can claim to offer. Although it’s not for everyone, but when looking to measure scalability, control, performance in equal measures, cloud hosting is definitely worth the choice. 

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