A Step By Step Guide on Building a Strong Corporate Identity

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A Step By Step Guide on Building a Strong Corporate Identity

A Step By Step Guide on Building a Strong Corporate Identity


 For most startup owners, hearing the phrase corporate identity sounds quite intimidating. What exactly is it? Is corporate identity really that important? This step by step guide will help you build a strong corporate identity.

Knowing how to give your business a proper brand identity helps set you up for future success. This is especially true for entrepreneurs who are just starting out. How your business is perceived by the outside world will be a huge determining factor on whether your company will get off the ground or if it will fail. A strong corporate identity should be one of the primary goals of any business owner.

Before we proceed to showing you how to build a powerful business identity, it’s important to define what corporate identity is so we can have a clear understanding of what we’re talking about.

What is corporate identity?

When people hear the phrase corporate identity, the first things that come to mind are bright logos, striking designs, attractive fonts, and many more. The visual aspects play a huge role on a business’ overall identity, but it’s not the entirety of it. In essence, a corporate identity is about who you are as a company and what it stands for. What you bring to the table, how you execute your goals, and the quality of your work are all key factors that shape your corporate identity as a whole.

What are the benefits of a strong corporate identity?

The most successful companies reap the rewards of having a recognizable brand image. The following are one of the main benefits of building a strong corporate identity:

  • It helps your company stand out from your rivals.
  • It strengthens the credibility and trustworthiness of the company.
  • It makes your business instantly recognizable.
  • It increases customer awareness and boosts your company’s competitive edge.
  • It gives your company a unique flair that helps garner interest from consumers.

Why is corporate identity important?

The importance of your corporate identity should never be understated and it really matters a lot more than you think. Your company image dictates whether you leave a positive impression or not, and we all know that first impressions last in the eyes of the consumers. You want your target audience to know that you are the real deal. You want to paint a company image that is synonymous with reliability and trustworthiness.

A polished brand image helps set you apart from the rest of your competitors. Your business should be unique and you should be offering reasons why your target audience should choose you. That’s where your corporate identity comes in. There are a number of key elements that make up your corporate identity and here, we’ll go through each of them so you can have a better idea on how to establish your own unique brand image.

The elements of a strong corporate identity are:

  1. A clear purpose and vision.

The first step in creating a strong corporate identity is figuring out what your purpose and vision is. Why did you start the company? What are the goals you want to achieve as an entrepreneur? What is your vision moving forward with the company that you started? You have to know why you want this business to be successful and why people should care enough about it.

Once you’ve figured out where you want to take this company, your goals will be much clearer and you’ll be able to shape your corporate identity exactly how you want it. This is where things get quite tricky for many startup owners. They don’t know which direction to take their company and they just go with the flow to see what works and what doesn’t.

Knowing your company’s purpose and vision right from the start will help you make clear, concise decisions about where your company is heading and how you will take it there.

  1. A unique design theme.

There’s no denying that the visual aspects of your company are a major part of your corporate identity. After all, it’s the first thing that your consumers will come across in regards to your company. The designs, logos, fonts, and themes all have to be coherently working together to promote the correct message you want to send.

You don’t have to go too extreme when it comes to your designs, but you also don’t want it to appear too plain and boring. Think of all the big brands like Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas. They all do a good job of designing a logo that fits their brand name well without going too overboard.

There are many factors that come into play when designing a company logo. The profitability of the design and its marketability are a few key factors to consider. Knowing how to get a logo that boosts sales is very important if you want your company to be successful because there’s more to it than just slabbing huge fonts and bold designs altogether.

Paying attention to the colour scheme of your company’s design theme is another important factor worth considering. Consumers perceive a business differently depending on which colours the company uses. The most important thing is to choose a colour that best represents your company’s image as a whole.

  1. A commitment to excellence.

This is one of the most important aspects when it comes to building a strong corporate identity. The quality of your work and how far you are willing to go to deliver the best product/service available to your consumers will ultimately dictate how your business is viewed by the general public. Consumers are more likely to gravitate towards companies who they know are credible and trustworthy. How do you achieve this? By having a commitment to excellence like Bladon WA.

Let’s face it. A product’s quality will speak for itself once it lands in the hands of the consumers. If it screams high quality, they’ll be satisfied and will likely come back for more. Customer retention is an important part of any successful business and loyal consumers are likely to promote your brand if you meet their expectations.

  1. A strong social media presence

It would be foolish not to take advantage of social media platforms in an age where billions of people use social media every day. Building a strong corporate identity involves using social media to increase the visibility of your company by taking advantage of several advertising tools that these platforms offer.

Social media platforms are where the heart of a modern-day company lies. It’s the hub where you can offer your consumers bite-sized content or display full-on product information that’s easily accessible anywhere. Once you’ve nailed down the first three elements of building your corporate identity, expand it even further by utilizing social media. You’ll be surprised as to how social media increases brand engagement and sales when you start using it.


Building a company image that’s distinctive, influential, and meaningful requires a lot passion, dedication, and consistency. It’s about knowing where your company is heading and how you want to take it there. If you put in the time and effort, you’ll eventually build a strong corporate identity that’s unique to your own so make sure to follow these guidelines and start carving your own path.

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