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9 Effective Ad-Copy Strategies to Increase ROI of PPC Campaigns-min

9 Effective Ad-Copy Strategies to Increase ROI of PPC Campaigns

PPC campaigns sound easy to create but only true marketers can tell you the complexities involved. Experienced marketers know how one answer does not fit all when it comes to PPC campaigns hence a lot of them apply trial and testing methods to get it right.

We have listed below a few strategies that will help you in increasing the conversion rate of your PPC campaigns;

9 Effective Ad-Copy Strategies to Increase ROI of PPC Campaigns

1. Check Your Competitors Ad-Copy:

The best way to understand if your ad-copy strategy is in the right direction when you see what your competitors are doing. Keeping an eye on them will help in realizing if your campaigns are as per the latest market norms

2. Keep Testing the Ad-Copy:

Creating one ad-copy never does the trick. You need to keep changing the ad to see which strategy works best as those 25 words are going to grab the user’s attention so that they further click on the page.

3. Avoid Using Industry Jargon:

Every industry has a few jargon terms which only experts understand but your users may be unaware of it hence avoid using complex terms and use a straight-forward ad that clearly specifies what you are willing to offer.

This rule changes when you are putting up an ad for B2B marketing. Businesses would be more attracted to advertisements that use industry jargon as it reflects professionalism hence your ad-copy should change based on your target audience.

4. Address Your Audience Directly:

Identifying your target audience is one thing but you also need to address then directly in your advertisements. Active voice statements directly speak to potential customers and increase the chances of engagement. Creating strong advertisements like “Are you looking for the Right B-School?” would not only talk to the audience who are searching for higher education courses but also entice them to learn more about what you are offering.

5. Use Specific Word to Address the Target Audience:

There are specific terms that work best in every industry. For example, if you are a web developer and offering your services through the ad then using terms like UX/UI web building services would attract more customers as that is the latest trend in the world of web designing. If you are targeting small businesses, then use terms like “start-up” and if your focus is large businesses, then use the term “enterprise”. Using such industry-specific terms will improve your engagement rate and conversion rate.

6. Run Ad Campaigns at the Right Time:

Targeting the right audience is fine but what about the time when you should target them? Few ads work year-round but some ads do not do so well all the seasons. Hence run ads based on the time when your product is in demand. The conversions during the right season are always high when compared to the off-season.

7. Specify Numbers:

If you are running a campaign and want to micro-target your customers, then use numbers in your campaign. For example, if your ad is about assisted living then use terms like “55+ age group”. This makes your advertisement more specific to the target audience group hence the click to conversion rate improves.

8. Make Use of Keywords in Ad-Copy:

Using the keywords in the ad-copy is again essential as it emphasizes the search query that the users are looking for and the chances that they would wish to engage with the site is high. The keyword should be strategically placed such that it looks natural but also stands out.

9. Apply for Ad Extensions:

Extensions lets you add additional details which clarify the purpose of your ad. This not only saves your PPC budget, it also is a user-friendly way of letting people know if what you offer is what the users are looking for or not.


The challenge faced by most marketers while creating PPC campaigns is to achieve a high Return on Investment (ROI). They are not in charge of just bidding on the right keywords to design PPC campaigns but also creating an ad that entices users to click on it and then a landing age which converts the users to customers and still there is no guarantee if your campaign is going to succeed. Many businesses have seen success in running PPC campaigns only after they took the services of PPC management experts.

A true marketer understands that not all campaigns can succeed and based on success and failure, the campaigns need to be tweaked to find the right strategy.

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