5 signs your website needs a makeover

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5 signs your website needs a makeover

 Owning a website and keeping it updated to make an everlasting impression is a significant factor for conversion. It’s quite similar to updating your wardrobe where one discards old and unfitting clothes and replace them with new ones and still keep the good stuff that comes into use. In case of a website, it is needed that you do away with things that don’t matter anymore to the brand or for the traffic. Instead, embrace all that is new and biding and tweak your way towards incorporating the same for your growth. Here’s a look at five signs that suggests your website could use a makeover for good. 

 Mobile Optimization

Having a mobile-friendly site is not only an advantage, but it’s a must-have in today’s age. Since 2011, mobile internet has shown tremendous growth. Reportedly, by the end of this year, the total number of mobile internet users is forecasted to reach more than 4 billion, which further substantiates the need of the hour. A full-proof way to incorporate the change to your website is by embracing responsive design. A fully responsive design loads your web pages seamlessly across desktops, mobiles, and tablets for easy engaging ushering in more traffic. In turn, this maximizes the chance of conversion impacting your business positively.

Optimizing conversions

The primary purpose of having a website is converting prospects into leads. If your site isn’t’ tuned to convert visitors into customers, then it’s of no use at all. Conversion is and should be the end goal for any business, small or big. Only a fully optimized website can help generate maximum leads to win customers by tracking visitors who come to your site and chalking out a marketing strategy accordingly. Moreover, it also calls for compelling web content in place, which should include the following traits:

  • Awesome Call to Action (CTA’s)
  • Fully optimized landing pages
  • Content that’s not only informative but conversion-oriented
  • Appealing headlines
  • Precise contact forms
  • Easy to use interface

When you incorporate such features to your landing page, conversions take place seamlessly. Its time you get past the brochure feel of your website and introduce elements to boost your sales goals all the way. Despite your efforts, if you’re stuck with conversion rate optimization (CRO), seek professional help from organizations like Convertica that dedicatedly works on the same field to help brands excel.

Lack of social presence

If your website doesn’t connect people to social pages and back, one is surely missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with their customer base. Depending on your brand and clientele, one needs to decide how to go about creating their social media presence. Every single social media platform is a sure-fire way to boost your social listening efforts and ensure you connect all pages back to your landing pages to facilitate conversions. These days, social media helps customers connect and know more about what your brand is up to and offering. Hence, while it keeps them informed and aware of everything that’s happening with your brand, it also boosts chances of making a purchase decision when they are redirected to your website from multiple links.

If you haven’t had the chance to update your website since its inception, start by incorporating social buttons to leave your brand footprint for customers to follow. Additionally, one can also share exclusive deals, offers, and discounts through social media platforms, which boost the chances of purchase from your website.

Latest traits in web development

Animations and videos are a compelling way to engage your customers innovatively. Videos lead the way to pose as an interactive way to entice visitors and connect with your brand. If your website still makes use of flash, it will always require the visitors to install the latest updates, something which people won’t appreciate in the long run and can be a tad boring. HTML5 is a much more user-friendly option that allows visitors to help view content with ease without the need to install anything extra. Also, no matter what CMS type your website uses, you should resort towards upgrading it to the latest version to avoid security breach and keep hackers at bay from dropping in spyware from time to time.

Cluttered home page

First impressions count. If your website isn’t making an excellent first impression, visitors can get confused and leave your site without spending time. That ruins the chance of a conversion. Cluttering your home page with too much information is never a good idea. A webpage with too much text and links and information is an archaic and oppressive way of web designing and should be discarded at all costs. While you choose to redo your website, aim to scratch a clean design, with a homepage that has easy navigation and is inviting all the way. Take care to remove any links that are redundant to save customers from being distracted from the main goal of conversion.

 Wrap up

Now that you know the warning signs for a website makeover, it’s time to put on creative hats and get down to action. Any website that is slow or sluggish, and doesn’t attract customers, exists just for the sake of being, causes more harm to a business than good. A simple, easy to navigate, and inviting website not only offers a significant return on your investment but also boosts chances of conversions, like nothing else. 


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