12 Tips for Writing Killer Email-Marketing Copy That Converts

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12 Tips for Writing Killer Email-Marketing Copy That Converts

Email marketing has grown immensely in recent times since it was discovered. Even with the functionalities being used by brands, some of them are not getting everything right. A plain-text written on email can yield good results just the same as a well-designed one with well-crafted information obtained from professional thesis helpers. So, what is the secret? It is not enough to have a fancy-looking email especially if it doesn’t have well-written content. Your subscribers will lose interest in your emails should they notice the disorganized nature of your email content. Writing a killer email-marketing copy that can guarantee a conversion to sales would require the application of the best practices in copywriting. It starts from the subject line and the content in the body with a killer call-to-action among other things. Here are 12 tips that you can use to write killer email-marketing copy that converts:

12 Tips for Writing Killer Email Marketing Copy That Converts

  1. Write a Succinct and Captivating Subject Line

Your email will require a subject line. Doing it right is the first thing if everything else will turn out to be successful. It must be perfected in order to pave way for the targeted audience to open the email. It should be sensible enough for the recipients not to mark it as spam or delete it. The recipient will only open the email if they think that it will be useful to them. Do whatever you can to make sure that your recipients are missing out on something that they need to know about. Well, it may seem that there is a high expectation from a subject line but the truth is that it is the key to getting going with your email marketing.

  1. Stay Relevant All the Way

The mistake many people make is by providing general information that is not specific in any way. Make it easy for customers to relate with what you are offering through the email. There is a wide range of segments that you can focus on when doing copywriting as would also be needed when writing your email content. Therefore, try to be as specific as possible. Most importantly, remember that there should be a difference between the emails sent to repeat customers and those sent to new subscribers. Click-through rates and the chance of opening emails are enhanced through relevant information hence the need for segmentation.

  1. Make it Simple and Compelling

Focus on capturing the attention of your subscribers. Once they open the email, they should come across, a short, precise and strong message that you are passing across. It is pointless to use complex words that will give them difficulties in understanding. Keep off that technical jargon and make it simple for them to understand. Write as though you are talking to them one on one. That doesn’t mean your content is weak. The objective here is to win the attention of the reader. This is one of the defining aspects of effective content.

  1. Make the Correct Word-Choice

The correct choice of words for an email copy is what stands out in winning conversions from your subscribers. Owing to the brief nature of emails, each word counts towards your success with the email copy. To stir the imagination of the subscribers, make sure that you appeal to their emotions and cause them to take action. For instance, you can use an analogy and sensory words that help them to form a picture of what you are communicating to them. Use power words right from the subject line, the main content and in the call-to-action. However, don’t make false promises.

  1. Don’t Shout in the Email

Stop creating unnecessary attention by using Exclamation marks and ALL CAPS in writing your email copy at any stage. This makes a shouting gesture that can make your email spammy instead of getting you what you need. Such techniques will most likely affect the open rate negatively. Should a number of subscribers raise an alarm on the same, it will most likely harm your efforts of doing email marketing.

  1. Keep off Telling About Yourself

Engage your recipients by stating the solutions you got for them. The focus on your copywriting efforts made on the email copy should be on what is in for the subscribers and not about yourself. Desist from speaking about your company as well. Those subscribed to your emails have interests in the way their needs will be met by the products being offered by the company. Therefore, centre your efforts on the help and solutions you are offering other yourself, the product and the company at large.

  1. Understand Your Goal Well

Before you can even sit down to write the email copy, get to know your end goal. What is it that you want to achieve in your email marketing efforts? This will be a lot helpful in focussing on your marketing copy in a way that is organized and effective. You can have several goals that you want to achieve in an email copy. It has to be one at a time. Let your focus be on a single action that you want your subscribers to take and let the email you are sending to them revolve around that goal. All emails don’t have to be about selling something. Some could be about initiating relationships that will lead to business in future.

  1. Understand Your Audience

Make sure you understand the kind of people you are writing to. This way, you will be in a better position to understand their needs and increase your chances of making conversions. Make use of what you know from social analytics and the web and from your engagements with the customers to build the persona of your buyers. Writing an email marketing copy from a clear understanding of their needs will make them click and open it.

  1. Focus on Solutions Rather than Features

Your recipients’ interest is not in the product specifications and its superior nature. All they are looking for are benefits of using what you have to offer. Therefore, it is important to make use of writing techniques that inform your prospects about what they will get from what you are offering. Talk about the solutions provided through your services and/or products rather than listing down the specifications for them.

  1. Apply the Psychology of Marketing

The human brain reacts in ways that are predictable based on the kind of input they receive. For that reason, psychology is of great help when seeking to create high-converting email marketing copies. A simple mastery of psychology in your email-marketing efforts can yield enormous results. Use the aspects of the fear of missing out, pictures of faces, a good colour choice, and social proof among other aspects.

Humans don’t want to lose anything and that is why limited discounts tend to be very effective. Urgency and scarcity use in emails will cause many people to click through. It also creates curiosity to the recipients. Different colours on the other part ignite different reactions. This is especially on the call-to-action button. Emotions elicited by pictures of faces are will also trigger action from the recipients. With social proof, readers get to know that that other people believe that you are offering great solutions that increase the chance of them opening your emails.

  1. Make Several Calls-To-Action

Don’t wait to provide a call-to-action at the end of your writing. As you write the email copy for landing pages, newsletters, websites and so on, use such words and phrases as “sign up” today and “buy now”. Make them prominent all through the email copy to increase the chances of your readers clicking on them. At any point where your readers feel that they are ready to take action, they can do so. Some will not even wait to get to the end of the email.

  1. Proofread and Edit your Email Copy

Once you have carefully written your email copy following all the guideline provided, don’t be quick to send it. In the course of the writing process, there is a high chance that you will have made some mistakes that go without notice. Therefore, take time to read through and edit the content for any mistakes that may have been included. Get rid of any inaccuracies and typos in your content that can create a bad impression to your subscribers. Test the links in the content to ensure that they are leading the readers to the right landing pages on your website.

Final Thoughts

Writing a killer email-marketing copy requires a lot of effort and planning. It is better to hire a professional from myessaywriting.com than to send irrelevant and inaccurate content that will not be beneficial to your subscribers. Follow these tips for a successful email marketing campaign that will lead to conversions among your target audience.

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