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Giveaway: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Editable Email Templates That Convert

What is a better sight than Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in your customer’s inbox? Perhaps, opening up to see a product they’ve always wanted to buy.

That’s why designing beautiful and effective Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails will make you win with your audience this year.

Every year, November is a month to build better relationships with your customers and make more sales. For instance, consumers spent $7.4 billion online on Black Friday 2019.

You need to get your share of this pie. Fortunately, your audience will love those discounts in 2020 too. With COVID 19 still ravaging many countries, your struggling customers will be able to afford that product that has been catching their eyes.

What better way to become your customer’s hero in 2020?

In light of the economic downturn from COVID 19, BEE has decided to make its premium Black Friday and Cyber Monday templates available for free until November 30.

Normally, these templates are only available in the BEE Pro account. But thanks to BEE, it’s not too late to craft a fantastic Black Friday or Cyber Monday email campaign.  You can get your design done in minutes thanks to these ready-to-use seasonal templates and you don’t need to take money out of your already tight marketing budget!

Before we dive into these fantastic templates, what are the components of effective Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails?

  • Use the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday email subject lines that will compel subscribers to open.
  • Use amazing email templates, of course.
  • Ensure your CTA buttons contrast with the email background to attract attention.
  • Ensure CTA text stresses the benefit for your audience.
  • Add simple and straightforward Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers.
  • Use beautiful images of discounted products.
  • Create a sense of urgency.
  • Ensure your email design fits your brand aesthetics.
  • Your emails should have a mobile-responsive design for great views on mobile devices.

Fortunately, Bee has premium templates that possess these components. And did I mention that these templates are available for different industries too?

So, all you have to do is pick a template for your industry and edit to suit your taste within minutes. Here are some top industries to explore for Black Friday and Cyber Monday email templates:

1. Computer & internet Black Friday and Cyber Monday email templates

Over the years, computer and internet products have become more popular. With the internet of things (IoT) providing more functions to our devices, there’s a growing market.

Here are some products in this category:

  • Smartwatches
  • Smart speakers
  • Smart doorbell lock
  • Smart light switch
  • Air pollution monitor
  • Smoke alarm
  • Smart thermostat

If you sell these and similar products, then you’ll find the templates useful. It’s easy to swap your logo, products, and texts into the templates to achieve your desired results.

Here’s an example:

This features smartwatches but would work for most other products in the industry. With the editing tools, you can create a unique email for your campaign. Also, you can read more about how to use the BEE editor to get your ideal email.

2. Media & entertainment Black Friday and Cyber Monday email templates

As part of everyday life, there’s a high demand for media and entertainment products. This demand is from both entertainment professionals and the average consumer.

Of course, entertainment could be in different sectors such as music, movies, gaming, sports, and more. Here are some products in the media and entertainment industry:

  • Home theater system
  • Games
  • Headset
  • Gaming consoles
  • Music players

To promote these and similar products during this season, BEE has email templates specifically created for this industry. Here’s a template featuring a headset:

You can edit this to your taste or find other templates that suit your product better.

3. Electronics Black Friday and Cyber Monday email templates

Regardless of an individual’s love for gadgets, electronics are an essential aspect of every home and workplace. Put simply, they make our lives easier both at home and at work.

Some products in this industry include:

  • TV
  • Smartphone
  • Refrigerator
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Digital camera
  • Streaming stick

These are popular products that most buyers are looking for during both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Of course, you’ll find premium BEE templates for this industry too.

Here’s a template featuring a smartphone:

You can select this or other templates in this category and edit until you get your desired email.

4. Fashion Black Friday and Cyber Monday email templates

Everyone wants to look good. And at various price points, individuals spend money on fashion items. For Black Friday campaigns, fashion is one of the most popular categories.

A business in the fashion industry sells products such as:

  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Wristwatches
  • Jewellery

For these types of products, BEE has email templates for your Black Friday campaign. For instance, here’s a template for clothes:

By browsing through the templates, you’ll find more to use for your campaign.

5. Sports Black Friday and Cyber Monday email templates

Over the years, sports have become so popular that most people have at least one sport they’re passionate about. This has also led to a boost in buying sports goods.

Apart from sports purposes, many customers now buy sports goods for daily wear. These products include:

  • Jerseys
  • Boots
  • Balls
  • Face caps
  • Helmets
  • Skateboards

If you sell sports goods and want more sales from your next Black Friday email campaign, then one of BEE’s premium templates is just what you need. Here’s a template featuring a boot and ball:

You can browse through the templates to even find more before settling on the one you feel is best for your audience and campaign.

6. Cosmetics Black Friday and Cyber Monday email templates

As people, especially women, continue to find ways to improve their looks, cosmetics will continue to grow in popularity. These products help to improve people’s outer looks and, in turn, make them feel good about themselves.

Some of the products in this industry include:

  • Creams
  • Soap
  • Lotion
  • Face powder
  • Dye
  • Mascara
  • Lipstick
  • Relaxers

Of course, you’ll find premium BEE templates for your cosmetics Black Friday campaign. All you have to do is edit these templates and insert your products, deals, CTA button text, and other details.

Here’s a cosmetics email template from BEE:

Browse through the templates and start creating your Black Friday email content.

7. Health & wellness Black Friday and Cyber Monday email templates

Most people want to live long in good health. And they’re ready to take active steps to achieve this goal. Health and wellness products help people to maintain their shape and keep good health.

Like most of the other industries mentioned above, there’s a wide range of health and wellness products. Some of them include:

  • Fitness watches
  • Gym equipment
  • Supplements

If you sell products in this industry, there are BEE templates to meet your Black Friday email marketing needs. Here’s an email template for gym equipment:

With this and more templates, you can start promoting your health and wellness products for Black Friday and Cyber Monday email campaigns.

Once you’re done editing your template, you can export it using any of the options available.

After this, you can download the HTML email and use it virtually anywhere.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday provide two significant benefits for your business that you never want to miss: more sales and a deeper relationship with your customers.

But for your audience to take advantage of these deals, they need to find them. What better way than a timely and beautifully designed email in their inbox?

To make it even better, you can take advantage of BEE’s premium Black Friday and Cyber Monday email templates for free until November 30. Whatever industry your business belongs to, check out these templates today and start creating your emails.

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