The Importance Of Having An SEO Audit Done On Your Website

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Reviewing your SEO activities regularly can help you check that your website is optimized for all search engines. However, if you’re too busy and don’t check your SEO analytics often, running an SEO audit may come in handy.

Having an SEO audit done on your website is necessary for your website’s well-being. It’s also a great way to ensure that your website loads quickly, optimized for mobile devices, and enable your users to browse your site with ease and convenience. In addition to that, a technical SEO audit can help you improve your strategies in the long run for better results.

Here are some reasons why an SEO audit is important for your website:

Improves Your Website’s Organic Search Visibility

To improve your search engine ranking, you must have a better understanding of what you like to rank for. A good organic search ranking begins with a good keyword strategy. Once you know your competition and market better, you’ll be able to create an on-page SEO strategy for your website.

Search engines, like Google, will determine your site’s rank based on the content and on-page optimization of your website. By having an SEO audit on your site, it can help you discover the best possible keywords ideal for your SEO content.

Reveals Your Website’s Technical Issues

One of the reasons why an SEO audit is important is that it helps determine your website’s technical SEO problems.

Some of the elements that your SEO audit can identify are:

  • Site URL Structure – To establish good website architecture, your site must make use of subfolders. URLs on your site must also be descriptive and brief.
  • 301 and 302 Redirects and 404 Errors – If possible, such redirects must always be minimal. Also, 404 errors shouldn’t exist on your website.

Moreover, redirects may contribute to a low-quality experience for your visitors and 404 errors can be a roadblock for them. An SEO audit can help you resolve these issues so that you’ll be able to provide a remarkable experience for your website visitors.

  • Website Speed – This refers to the time it takes for your website to load pages. Take note that Google considers your website’s loading time. The reason behind it is that Google puts user experience as its main priority over other things. Oftentimes, faster-loading websites imply a good user experience. If your site takes a long time to load, your users will likely bounce.

Your site may contain great content, but it’s useless if your visitors will just close your page because of your long loading time.

Monitors Your Competition

SEO audits may give you insights about your competitor’s websites. Along with your competitor’s weaknesses to strengths, you may also gain insights on their current rankings.

SEO audits can also help you determine the keywords that they’re using and which of the keywords you can implement on your SEO strategy. With this knowledge about your competition, staying ahead in the market is now made possible.

Gives You Site Traffic Insights

By using tools like Google Analytics, you can easily find out more about your URLs clicks, search volume, and impressions that your website is generating. Increasing impressions and clicks is always a great sign that your SEO strategy works. Hence, it’s important to regularly monitor this data.

An SEO audit can be a powerful way to benchmark and diagnose your website for problems, successes, and can help determine the areas that require improvements. With a detailed analysis that you can get from an SEO audit, it can provide you insights about the things you have to include in your SEO strategy as well as the fixes that need to be done, allowing you to maximize the performance of your website and generate an ROI.

Determines Your Visitor Count

If the number of your visitors continues to decrease, take note that search engines make updates constantly to their algorithms to look for effective and new ways to list sites. Hence, if you don’t update your website as soon as the algorithms change or you’re still using old SEO methods, it may result in lower website rankings.

This is where SEO audits may come in handy for you. With SEO audits done on your website regularly, it can help you determine the possible errors that cause lower visitor count, enabling you to improve or correct them.

Improves Your Website’s Information Structure

Having readable and strong content on your website isn’t helpful if your content isn’t accessible to your readers. You have to use analytics data that are relevant and pertinent to make sure that your content is easy to read and can be easily found by search engines.

By using an SEO audit on your website, you can easily know your website’s areas that require adjustments to drive more traffic and improve your website rankings. It may also help you present your information in a way that makes sense to your audience and attracts the right audience to your business.

Ensures Better Backlinks

Backlinks are considered as an important part of Google’s algorithm and it won’t change anytime soon. Usually, SEO trends may always include the importance of having more notable links on your content, which can make a huge difference in your website ranking. By conducting an SEO audit, it’s easy to determine if you have quality and effective backlinks.

An SEO audit can identify the number of backlinks on your website, backlinks that your competitors use as well, and the spammy backlinks you have. However, there’s one thing you should remember when building backlinks. Instead of purchasing some, focus on writing good content that’s resourceful and shareable, then your backlinks will come naturally.


It’s always a great idea to do routine SEO audits on your website–at least 3 times a year. By being proactive, you’ll be able to create your website traffic organically, gain momentum, and increase visibility through consistency rather than neglecting the algorithm updates, such as the presence of new or existing competitors or the shifting trends in the industry.

With an SEO audit carried out by the best professionals in the industry, you’ll enjoy more benefits, such as increased sales, more traffic, and improved organic search rankings.

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