5 Verified Ways To Provide Value To Your Blog Readers
5 Verified Ways To Provide Value To Your Blog Readers-min

Many people use blogs as a way to advertise products and services, but if you are into this blogging business only for money, you might have the wrong approach. Have you ever wondered why some blogs are successful while others fail? It all has to do with the ability of blog owners to provide value to their readers. Here are some verified ways you can do that.

5 Ways To Provide Value To Your Blog Readers:

  1.      Be a problem solver

People surf the Internet and read blogs nowadays for various reasons, but one that is more common than you think is to find solutions to their everyday problems. Here is where you and the content of your blog can meet your readers half-way.

Become a problem solver, by offering your readers answers to their questions. Do not dismiss their voices and demands; they are, after all, your audience, and without providing them with something in return for their time and attention, they will move on to the next blog.

Depending on the central theme of your blog, you can offer multiple solutions. Some people might look for the best ways to advertise their e-books, while others may want to find the top aspects to consider when getting a telescopic fishing rod. As long as you have a great solution on hand for them to apply, they will consider your blog one of their go-to digital destinations.

  1.      Make your blog easy to navigate

The moment readers start browsing through the pages of your blog, the clock starts ticking. Most people leave a website where they can’t easily find they are looking for only after half a minute while others are a bit more persistent.

Either way, you need to make sure that your blog is easy to navigate. Have comprehensive menus and simple navigation so that the readers can always return to the homepage, for instance. Also, you should have a working search feature, allowing them to find quickly what they are looking for.

  1.      Create sharable content

That is something that will benefit your blog greatly. Think about relevant graphics and informative short articles that can be easily shared on social media. The more people see your content, the larger the audience will be, and that’s something you definitely want for your blog.

Sharable content must be valuable. As long as readers find that the information you provide is easy to understand, actionable, and useful, that’s all they care about.

  1.      Value interaction with your readers

The comments box is not there only to look pretty on the page. Check your blog daily or even multiple times a day to see what your readers have to say. Reply to their comments, and answer their questions. Follow through with blog posts oriented toward offering solutions to the issues raised by people in the comment section.

  1.      Don’t forget to be honest and transparent

You will win over your readers while providing great value for them if you are correct and open about your own experience with various products and services. Don’t let yourself caught up in some marketing spiel that you know nothing about. Be straightforward, and your readers will appreciate your effort.

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Lilach Bullock


22 Mar, 2019

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