How to automate your email marketing with Sendpulse

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How to automate your email marketing with Sendpulse

When I just took up email marketing, I asked everybody I could about the best email marketing service ever that could be ideal both for beginners and for professional users. You know these typical questions like: Is the interface user-friendly? Is there a free tariff? How much do the pricing plans cost? What beneficial features are available on the paid pricing plan? Of course, the answers varied a lot, ’cause they depend on the type and growth of business you have. Thus, I realized that it’s better to try for myself than waste time on researching, reflection and hesitation. During the time when I was testing several services, my business grew significantly and I definitely needed more advanced features and options that would not only bring much conversions and ROI but make my work easier. I gave up all the searches and chose the service which was optimal for me at that time. Now I realize that it is useful not only for professional users with medium and big businesses but for the beginners with several hundreds of subscribers as well. So, I use SendPulse.

For this review to be relevant for every business, I’ll try to answer the questions that the beginners are concerned by and tell about the PRO feature of the service – Automation 360.

What about interface and main features?

This is the homepage of the service. All their services are visible: Email, SMS, Web Push, SMTP. You can look through the products, check out prices, contact tech support, and try the service for free. I find this interface user-friendly.

Is there a free tariff for Sendpulse?

Yes, they offer not even a free trial but a full-fledged free tariff. Certainly, it’s relevance and usefulness depend on the growth of your business, but it’s more generous than other email services offer.

Regarding paid pricing plans, they are the following:

Monthly subscription:

2500 subscribers – $9.85/month

3000 subscribers – $29/month

4000 subscribers – $32/month

5000 subscribers – $35/month

10000 subscribers – $53/month

25000 subscribers – $108/month

You can pay only for emails sent with “Pay as you go” tariff:

10000 messages – $32/month

25000 messages – $70/month

25000 messages – $70/month

500000 messages – $812/month

What beneficial features are available on the paid pricing plan?

Of course, the free tariff has some limitations. For example, you can create an automation flow in Automation 360, but sending is available only in paid pricing plans; within free tariff only 3 sender’s addresses are available, using free tariff you can’t create SPF and DKIM signatures.

To discover more restrictions, contact the support team or look for the information in the Knowledge Base of the service.

So, let’s discuss more advanced features.

I looked for a service that could help me save time while preparing and sending personalized and segmented email campaigns; better organize my business and automate email marketing, that’s why I chose SendPulse. Besides, I enjoy their new feature Automation 360.

What is Automation 360?

This feature allows to send automation flows, based on the events created by you. It makes possible to send different emails to all your subscribers depending on their activities on your website. You need just to set them once and monitor conversions.

Why should you try Automation 360?

Try it to discover the most profitable benefits of email marketing. Using Automation 360, you can send messages triggered by events – segmented and individual, manage your work for many steps forward and see clear results.

What are the advantages?

  • Combination of several communication channels

This is a special peculiarity of Sendpulse. They allow to combine different channels within one email campaign. In Automation 360 you can send email, if it remained unread – send SMS, or send web push notification to inform on the status of an order, for example.

  • Filtering and segmenting of the data

Blocks “Filter” and “Condition” are responsible for data segmentation. Using “Filter”, you can send different content to men and women, people who live in different cities. “Condition” block determines the future of your automation flow for every single subscriber, depending on their actions like opening an email, following the link.

  • Tracking conversions

Conversion is achieving of the goal stated by you, goal is the event. If the goal is a purchase, it means that after your subscriber buys – you’ll get a conversion. Here, you may stop your autoresponder.

How to create an automation flow in Sendpulse?

  1. Choose or create an event

Choose Automation 360. There are 4 predefined events in the system: registration, purchase, abandoned cart, custom event.

  1. Create the autoresponder

Choose the needed event, select a mailing list. There are 7 elements to drag to the working field.  For “Email” add the time, subject line, select a template. For “Filter” choose variable, set condition and value of variable. For “Condition” choose the metrics to track. With the “Action” block you can move, copy, delete subscribers from the mailing list. “Goal” is your event, you can stop series if it is triggered.

With the help of Automation 360, you can start effective communication with your new clients, creating an event – Add new subscriber. Send them a welcome email, allow to set preferences regarding the content of the emails, send relevant for THEM emails. With the help of abandoned cart email, you can sell the item left in the shopping cart. Sending a reengagement campaign, you can engage passive subscribers by offering them a discount or another incentive.

Besides, using this feature you will track the lifecycle of every your client.

Try Automation 360 to discover the advantages of individual approach in email marketing!

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