Are you one of those who loves doing things themselves? If yes, most probably you will like website builders too! Indeed, a website builder is an amazing tool that lets you build a professional website without dealing with all the complexities and technical stuff of building a site. Doesn’t it sound interesting? The good thing about working with a website builder is you don’t need to be a web developer or graphic designer to create an eye-pleasing website.

Website builders are designed to be very user-friendly. Most of the website builders support an advanced drag-and-drop editor that allows users to build a site simply by dropping the content and hitting the ‘publish’ button. That’s it!

Wix, Weebly, Squarespace,, and Bookmark are some of the best website builders available in the market used by millions of people.  

Though a lot of bloggers, artists, musicians and small businesses are using website builders to show off their work to the world yet website builders have a stigma attached to it. People doubt their abilities and performance capability. Over the past few years things have improved though but still, there are a lot of misconceptions and myths surrounding website builders. The aim of this post is to clear those misapprehensions so that you can know the truth.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

7 Myths About Website Builders Debunked

#1 A Website Built With a Website Builder is Usually Cheap & Unprofessional

It is the biggest misconception about a website builder that with it you can’t create a professional site. It is true that any website builder will take a good amount of work if you want to make a fully-functional professional site having all the advanced features, but it does not mean you can’t create a site that is great in both look and feel.

Nowadays, there are plenty of website builders available that lets you create a feature-rich and stunning website with a minimal effort.

Wix platform is the best example. Wix is a modern website builder that supports advanced features. If you can spend time over it, you can play with different settings and menus to make your site look professional.

They offer a huge selection of designer-made templates, your site will never come out lacklustre. You will be surprised to know that Wix also offers ADI – Artificial design intelligence that is designed to collect information about your business and your favoured designs and uses this data to create a custom-fit site.

#2 A Site Created With a Website Builder Will Never Get a Good Ranking in Google

This is not true at all. As we mentioned above website builder is just a website building platform, your website will not get poor ranking in search engines until you’re performing unethical SEO practices. However, if you’re practising shady search engine optimization, producing poor content your site may get a penalty from the almighty Google for sure.

So, it is clear that with website builders you’re not going to face any ranking issue. On the contrary, nowadays, website builders are coming with advanced features that help in SEO optimization. Similar to content management systems like WordPress, with website builders, you can easily edit your “Metadata”, use appropriate “Alt tags” and perform other SEO tasks.

With most website builders, you don’t require to buy an external service to do your search engine optimization. They come with built-in tools that can help you improve your ranking.

For instance, Wix offers ‘Wix SEO Wiz’, a professional guide that offers personal assistance for search engine optimization. This guide is available straight on their dashboard, you can go through it to read different guides and tutorials on search engine optimization.

Weebly is another popular website builder that offers all the SEO features that you get with WordPress. Like you can easily create a sitemap, page specific meta descriptions, and image optimization. Moreover, it also features HTML formatting and advanced search engine optimization settings using which you can take your site or blog to the next level.

So, considering everything, we would say it is absolutely wrong to say a website created with a website builder will never get ranking in Google and other search engines.

#3 Your Site Will Not be Able to Handle High Traffic

This is another biggest fallacy about the website builders. Most people don’t consider website builder as a reliable platform for eCommerce or high-traffic site because they think their sites will crash once they will start receiving traffic in large amounts.

Opposed to this, we would say websites built and hosted on website builders can easily handle the large amounts of traffic because of the robust infrastructure the site builders offer. In comparison to systems such as with website builders, you can run a website that can attract a large number of the audience much more cost-effectively.

Weebly and Jimdo are good examples – their plans are designed to take large amounts of traffic.

Two of the important things that you need to run high-database and high traffic sites are good bandwidth and disk space. If you think basic plans of website builders are not sufficient to fulfil your requirements, you can go for their higher plans that come with good RAM, bandwidth, and disk space.

You will be glad to know that even the ‘Starter’ plan of Weebly comes with unlimited storage space. It means you can list as many products as you want.

Popular website builders such as Weebly, Wix, GoDaddy, SquareSpace are multi-billion dollar corporations having big data centres so they can easily handle traffic as much as you can throw on them.

#4 No Popular Websites Have Ever Been Built Using a Website Builder

It is true that a majority of people use website builders to create a personal blog or site. However, there are numerous online professional businesses and sites that have been created using website builders.

Shopify is a good example. This platform has been used by millions of people including those large-scale enterprises to create professional online stores. Shopify is an all-in-one eCommerce tool, using which you can easily run high-traffic eCommerce stores quite easily. Wix and Jimdo are two other best websites builders helping people to get good experience with the online world.

There is no dearth of successful websites designed by website builders like Shopify, Weebly, Wix, etc. Some of the inspiring and successful ones are:


Taylor Stitch

HELM Boots

Marc Wenn

Marco De Haunt

Indy plus

April Borrelli

Magnolia Visual Arts

Whipping Post

#5 Website Builder is Non-customized

If you think you will not be able to make changes on your site once it has been built then you are wrong. With most of the popular website builders, you get every right to continue modification and changes according to the growing needs of your site. Although changes to structure might be limited as you can’t write codes yourself yet you get enough liberty to make important changes to your site.

If you think website builders are non-customized you must try Weebly, Wix and similar website builders.

Platforms like Weebly support HTML/CSS editor as well that lets users make changes on theme’s design.

And if we talk about the Wix, it features a lot of advanced customization options. For instance, you can comfortably customize your gallery design without having to re-add your images. The good thing is if you’re familiar with CSS, you will be able to make changes in gallery styling as well

#6 To Create an Impressive Site, You Will Have to Learn How to Code First

Again it is absolutely wrong. With any good website builder, you can create an impressive website without using any web code. Most of the website builders come with handy features such as drag-and-drop feature, online guides, wizards, plugins, etc. you would not run into many situations where you will need to write codes.

However, if you still need a bit of code for your site, you may get professional help to do it for you. You may find coding experts on platforms like Upwork, Outsourcely, Freelancer for just a few dollars.

#7 You Can’t Move Away From A Website Builder

We would say it is half-true. Though website builders are making changes in their functionality as per the users’ demands yet, still there are few that need to work in this department. With some website builders, you may need to start designing your site from scratch, in case you want to move to CMS or other website building platform.

Squarespace is one website builder that gives you complete liberty to move around, but yes with some builders, it can be a big headache to move away.

Conclusion: Myths About Website Builders Debunked

Considering everything together, we will say if you’re on a budget and have a little time on your hands, you may go for a website builder. Hopefully, this post debunked your most of misconceptions about website builders. If you have any query let us know in the following comment section.

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