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In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the world of work has forever been changed, with more people working remotely than ever before.

And, coupled with that movement, there is now a lot less restriction when it comes to candidate job searches, with many of the available job opportunities now accessible from much further afield.

So, as an employer, how can you use this to your advantage? How can you make your job adverts more attractive to candidates based further away? And how can you motivate and manage your remote workers to stay with you over the long run? 

Well, that’s what we’re here to discuss in this article.

Join us as we run through some of the most effective hints and tips to help you get started.

Have a strong reputation

While it may sound fairly obvious, the better your reputation is as an employer, the better the candidates will be that you are likely to attract. 

This is because, rather than you having to go to them, strong employees will come to you instead, as they will want to utilise the strong reputation that your business has attained over the years.

If, however, you are a relatively small company that is only just starting out, don’t lose hope. By having an engaging website, active social media presence and following the right consumer marketing hints and tips, you will also stand out a lot more to potential job candidates. 

What’s more, employee testimonials on websites like Google and Glassdoor can make a big difference as well, highlighting what your current staff think about working with you. If these reviews are good, they will attract more candidates to apply.

Highlight your remote working expectations

While you may describe the role you have available as ‘remote working’, ask yourself what that actually entails in your line of work? How, for example, do you imagine your dream employee working in that role? 

Once you know the answer to these two questions, add them to the job description. After all, the more information you can provide to potential candidates, the better they’ll be able to envisage working with you and, in turn, work out whether it’s worth applying or not.  

Many job candidates will want to know how flexible the role will really be when working in it, questioning whether it’ll end up being more of an ad-hoc freelance position or a full-time at-home position. So, it’s up to you to tell them that.

Otherwise, potential job candidates may feel discouraged from applying or seeing their application through to the end – especially if the role doesn’t sound as flexible as it was made out to be.

Showcase your business’ cultural values

Working relationships can only thrive when everyone is on the same page with the business’ cultural values. So, when trying to attract fresh talent, present these values to demonstrate who you are and what you stand for.

If, for example, you often work with a lot of charities, shout about that. Likewise, if you regularly encourage learning and development opportunities, or offer a great range of work-related benefits, mention them in the job advert.

When in doubt, try to put yourself in the shoes of your dream job candidate and ask yourself what it would take for you to apply. 

Make the application process straightforward

Put simply, humans have relatively short attention spans – in fact, certain avenues of research have found that it’s now less than a goldfish. Therefore, it’s important to remember this when establishing your job application process.

While you may want to know as much information about a candidate right away, having an overly long application process might end up putting them off entirely. As such, try to identify the key skills and information you are looking for from them before you post your job advert, and then ask for only that.

That way, you will be able to ascertain the key few details you need for the role in question, before finding out the extra information at the next stage.

Final thoughts…

So, there you have it – some of the best ways to attract remote workers from further afield.

In essence, when trying to entice the best talent, it all comes down to your reputation and how you come across as a business. Prioritise that, and you should see the job applications flocking in from here, there and everywhere. 

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How to attract candidates to remote working positions from further afield

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