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Gold PR Review Making its Way into the Inc. 5000

Boutique Firms are very different as compared to The Big Agencies. These companies entertain elite clients with specific needs. They don’t implement the same working structure as traditional marketing companies. Instead, they take a more efficient approach that cuts the clutter. Gold PR is an Award-Winning Digital PR company that focuses on efficiency and client satisfaction. With only a team of 50 members, this firm competes with the top marketing agencies around the globe. Following, we are going to review this prestigious firm and see how it achieves this notion.

Gold PR Review: Making its Way into the Inc. 5000

First Impression

Gold PR is a California based Boutique PR Marketing Firm. It is named on the 2018 Inc. 5000 List as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. Gold PR is the recipient of following accolades:

  • 2018 American Business Awards – Stevie Gold Winner
  • 2018 American Business Awards- Stevie Silver Winner
  • 2018 Bulldog Award- Bronze
  • 2018 Bronze Anvil Winner
  • 2017 Ranked PR Firm O’Dwyers
  • PRNews- PR Agency Elite Finalist
  • PRNews- Platinum PR Awards Finalist
  • PRNews- Digital PR Awards 2016
  • 2017 Bulldog Award Bronze

For a company founded on the belief that “Size Does Matter,” Gold PR represents the best of both worlds. The inventive and nimble company has tackled some of the largest and most complex assignments, thanks to the most exceptional team in business made up of Award Winning Marketing, PR, Social and Digital Marketing Professionals.

The only thing that drives such results is an undying passion. There is no other way for a team of 50 people to entertain the needs of big giants.

About Company

Gold PR was founded in 2001 by Shari Gold. At first, it was an integrated data-driven communication agency that focused on Public Relations. The company took a holistic approach which translated campaigns into engagement and leads that convert.

The result driven company soon integrated brand communication across social media and combined both marketing aspects of digital and traditional media. Gold PR serves the following niches:

  • Health Care and Medical
  • Consumer Product and Services


Today, it is among of the leaders of Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, and Digital Strategy. The independently owned company has a global outreach and serves companies like Xbox, Nestle, T-Mobile, Red Bull, Nike, Mazda, and others.


Gold PR specializes in Public Relations, Digital Market, and Social Media.  It conducts both Consumer and B2B campaigns to improve consumer and business relations, promote launches, running influencer campaigns, and engages in innovative marketing.

The full-service story-telling and media specialist team focus on building relations with content and storytelling backed up by analytics and social performance marketing. The company builds trust with the product or brand education and starts with word of mouth.

It incorporates a digital marketing strategy with creative concepts but careful campaign planning. Gold PR uses top lead generation program architecture and SEO optimization. It uses the Omnichannel conversion strategy with email marketing and CRM.

This helps the client to navigate through a complex marketing environment. The brand creates a compelling narrative with excellent content and amplifies it through Social channels. It does all that while carefully measuring the market trends.


Gold PR is strictly data-driven. This marketing firm is very open about its strategy. It is rooted in Data, insights, and results. The firm has one standard practice for every client, to search the market profoundly and understand what it wants.

The company practices integrated marketing and develop rigorous content to attract client and impact the market. It utilizes all media channels including paid and shared ones to help their companies compellingly reach their audience. Gold PR uses story-telling to promote their word.

What Makes it Unique?

Gold PR doesn’t promote a product. No, it improves consumer awareness by educating them about the product through traditional marketing and social media engagement.

Recent Developments

Gold PR enjoyed revenue growth of 124% in the last three years. The top marketing agency with offices in California and New York ranks #3172 on 2018 Inch. 5000 List. This is the most prominent ranking for fastest-growing private companies, and a testament for talent, commitment, and hard work.

The company now focuses on both consumer to business and business to business companies. The full-service relations company focuses on building integrated campaigns for emerging and leading brands. Data-driven communication solutions make boutique marketing unique. These solutions are customized and executed to deliver measurable results.

What We Liked

Boutique firms like Gold PR lead a small but efficient team. It can’t afford anything less than the best. The company doesn’t suffer from too many divisions or excessive managerial lawyers; everyone contributes to everything including positioning, strategy, and execution. There is no miscommunication between anyone thanks to a flat organization structure.

These companies don’t chase impossible volumes; this means every client means a significant deal to them. It’s not the big agencies don’t care, but the math is different. Boutique firms tend to have lower volume. Therefore, they treat your organization to its individual needs. It focuses on how much it helped you.

Gold PR is very transparent with its clients. The point person knows everything about the project, and you know who handles every detail of the project. These companies even let you speak to these individuals.

Moreover, such firms are very adaptive to change. They are tangible and eager to innovate. Boutique marketing never pays importance to the way they work. Instead, they focus on what the clients want and change accordingly.

What We Didn’t Like

A Boutique Marketing Firm has speciality niches. They only entertain one or two industries. These firms don’t have the resources and breadth of knowledge to entertain businesses from all walks of life. They offer focused expertise; this means the agency does one thing and do it well. Therefore, it can be hard to find a boutique agency that specializes in your niche.

You can’t expect more options. Gold PR seems like a Boutique Digital PR Firm that eats and sleeps within its selected focus and only expands its knowledge on the speciality subject. Big Ad Agencies have multi-skilled talent which can attract and retain massive followership.

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Gold PR Review: Making its Way into the Inc. 5000

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