Intriguing facts you must know about e-commerce

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Intriguing facts you must know about e-commerce

E-commerce has evolved rapidly in last few decades because of the innovation in the technology. E- commerce is a broad concept including the concept of exchanging electronic business data with other organizations through buying and selling of the goods and services online. Due to the advancement of internet, companies are now hunting and creating new opportunities for their businesses to grow. Another term we can use is E-Business. The roots of EC can be found back in 1960’s when businesses started using EDI (electronic data interchange) for transfer of documents, this practice grew in 1980’s later due to rise of companies, like Amazon and eBay, the electronic commerce was revolutionized. Here are some interesting facts you must know about e-commerce.

Intriguing facts you must know about e-commerce

General types of EC

Business to consumer (B2C): it transacts between company and the end user who is retailing. In this type the company directly deals with the consumer and sells its product to them.

Business to Business (B2B):a model in which all the transactions of goods and services occur between companies. A company makes its product or service available to the other company, this might later could be used in making finished goods available for the end users.

Consumer to business (C2B): a type of EC in which the consumer deals only with the companies and act as a supplier. In this, the transaction is carried out by third party that provides the platform for trade.

Consumer to consumer (C2C): these transactions takes place between two consumers online, using different portals or websites to trade products, service or information with each other, generally using third party platforms.


  • Nowadays, you can buy any type of good or service online which is as easy as a click away.
  • The stores using E-commerce model are online 24/7 for 365 days of the year, they can grab a sale anytime. it is also very pragmatic to draw the attention of the customer on larger scale around the globe, maximizing the opportunities.
  • Electronic Business companies can showcase their products to the unlimited audience present anywhere in the whole world. They can view the products and buy them, if you are offering right products under the specific category and fulfilling their needs.
  • A customer can compare the products from different stores present online just sitting in front of a screen.


  • The negative impact of e-business could be the eagerness of customers to get that product right after the purchase is done. For this, company needs to ship the products from one place to another, which is usually a time consuming, depending upon distance, product type or mode of delivery.
  • E-business do not allow experience of testing or demonstrating the products before purchasing. People might not find it comfortable to just reply on picture or video ads.
  • There is a threat of online frauds or theft of payments during transactions. Usually youngsters are more addicted to online shopping and that could be a threat to their parent’s account, many spying apps are developed to monitor the activities of your brat. Not only activities, you can also locate their position through mobile location tracker app.

One things for sure though, to have a successful online store you need to use ecommerce SEO to attract qualified traffic.

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