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Do you ever have the feeling that you could use a strong dose of personal growth and development? If so, you’re like many other adults who suspect that a bit of effort and dedication can bring on significant changes in their lives. The question for most is how to get started. Luckily, there are multiple ways to build an effective strategy that can deliver excellent results. For many, the first step is acquiring a positive attitude. Sometimes, how we think controls just about everything else we do. For others, a college degree is the centerpiece of a plan for moving forward.

The quest for learning is another piece of the puzzle for millions of people who want to grow intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s also essential to be able to admit your errors and make corrections when needed. Cultivating attitudes of empathy and inner patience are two other core components of growing as a person. Here are more details about some of the key ingredients of the process.

Positive Attitude

Maybe the underlying factor in all personal improvement is a positive attitude. Contrary to popular notions, maintaining the right attitude is not about smiling 24/7 and spouting happy aphorisms to begin and end every conversation. There’s no room for fake behavior or acting because the change is about an inward demeanor, a thought process that encompasses all the potentially good outcomes of a given situation. Learning how to achieve a positive mindset is not surface level fluff. 


Earning a college diploma is one of the most powerful ways to initiate and continue personal development. To pay for tuition and related expenses, it’s wise to apply for scholarships in order to keep costs as low as possible. The good news is that you can utilize online resources to uncover and apply for numerous scholarships all at once, which saves prospective students lots of time. The first step is to find out which scholarships you’re eligible for. From there, it’s a matter of making quick online applications and getting money for college.

Thirst for Lifelong Learning

If you don’t currently have an abiding thirst for continuous learning, it’s worth cultivating it. This is one area where you can fake it till you make it by signing up for mind expanding classes, embarking on a creative writing project, or hiring a tutor to learn the math skills you never picked up in college. Those who acquire the taste for learning receive many rewards along the way. They make new friends, discover fresh interests, and expand their intellectual horizons indefinitely.

Ability to Admit Your Mistakes

If you aren’t objective enough to see the errors you’ve made, it will be a huge challenge to grow as a person. For some, this task is the most difficult of all, especially if they were raised in an environment where acknowledging mistakes was viewed as a sign of weakness. However, it’s possible to overcome those old attitudes by making an effort to admit to small errors, omissions, and mistakes as a first step.


Some spend their whole lives learning how to be patient. As with many other components of growth, it’s helpful to use small events to practice the art. Find one or two times each day when you tend to lose your temper or become upset. An exercise that can build patience is to use those times to avoid expressing any outward negativity. Instead, focus on the breath as you inhale and exhale. After a minute or so, the negative emotion often passes. After a few weeks of working this way every day, you might notice an increase in your ability to be more patient in difficult circumstances.

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5 Ingredients of Personal Growth

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