The 2019 Tech Toolkit for Business Growth

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The 2019 Tech Toolkit for Business Growth

Technology continues to play an important role in businesses of every size and sector. The way that you develop and grow your business and its processes will now be increasingly reliant on the latest tech. Building the right toolkit so that your technology use is both productive and valuable is now essential, and the right tech toolkit can help your business to close the gap on your competition and improve your customer journey. Every business is different, so finding the right technologies will depend on the areas that you need to improve and where you need to begin. If you want your business to have a more sustainable growth strategy, then the following are going to be an essential part of your 2019 tech toolkit.

The 2019 Tech Toolkit for Business Growth:

Social Media Management

Businesses of all sizes should already be using social media to interact and engage with their customers. If there’s one tech development that every business has been affected by, it’s social media. The modernization of the customer-to-business relationship has resulted in the need for consistent immediacy at all times. It’s essential that you use the right tools to schedule, monitor, and respond to every relevant conversation on social media. The most popular is Hootsuite, but there are other options like CoSchedule and Buffer that are also proving to be very useful. Using these tools is going to be very important if you want a more effective social media strategy, with everything from customer feedback to consumer engagement benefitting you in both the short and long-term.

Automation and Workflow

You’d be hard pressed to have missed out on the growing reliance for businesses when it comes to automation. As a way of cutting down on unproductive time mismanagement, automation is incredibly valuable, and it’s not all about manufacturing or the factory floor either. From software that can help you more quickly finish those mundane, time-consuming tasks, to the latest voice automation tools that can help improve the customer experience at every touchpoint, automation is fast becoming the single must-have for the businesses that are looking for organic growth.

Inbox Marketing

Emails continue to be one of the most popular marketing tools for businesses in 2019. While this method of reaching out to your existing customers sometimes dips in popularity, the last two years have seen much more impact. The key to this rise in popularity is the recognition of the importance of personalization. This means avoiding sending out mass emails to everyone on your newsletter lists. MailChimp can be very invaluable when it comes to segmenting your audience into set demographics, and that’s the key to more effective personalization and a more hard-hitting email marketing strategy.

Improving Internal Communications

When your team could be working from anywhere in the world, communicating in-house could be a potential problem. However, there are some reliable collaboration tools available that are much more efficient ways to chat internally without resorting to emails. Slack is by far the option that the majority of tech-savvy business owners are opting for, although there are a growing number of alternatives available. Slack has become the market leader simply because it allows for group chats, attachments, and even connects to your Skype account.

Businesses that hope to thrive and survive in the digital age need to ensure that they are making use of the best available tools. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that these tools are only available for big brands. They are more accessible than ever before, and no matter the size or ambition of your business, you can use these tools to build a stronger foundation, and organically grow your business so that it is much more secure and profitable.

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