3 Tips for Business Owners to Motivate their Employees

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3 Tips for Business Owners to Motivate their Employees

As a business owner, you want to retain employees who have built up a knowledge of your business and are an asset to you. Whilst levels of motivation can change, cumulatively it builds loyalty when combined with the feeling an employee has that they are appreciated, positively engaged in their work, wants to spend time with their colleagues and is passionate about getting the right results. Here are three tips for business owners to motivate their employees.

Respect capabilities and reward results

Whilst you are the business owner and the responsibility for the success of your business is on your shoulders, you have employed others who you trust to do the tasks set out for them. Whilst you are paying them to do the job you want done, everyone wants to be recognised for a job well done from higher management, so credit work that has been done well.

Your employees are your partners, they work hard for your business and deserve your trust and respect. People can feel appreciated in many different ways, so ask your employee what works well for them and see if what they want is something you can agree or compromise on. This could be the flexibility to work from home, a cash bonus or a special gift.

When it comes to significant events in each of your employee’s lives, a gift to mark their birthday, anniversary or retirement is an appropriate token of your appreciation. If you find the idea of buying an anniversary gift challenging you can find help online. A gift that fits their personality will show that you have listened to them, appreciate them and want to reward them.

Clear leadership

Leaders with a positive outlook set an example for the rest of the group, not just in work ethic, but in the tone and values of the organisation. A boss who is honest and has confidence is one that motivates workers. Listen to and learn about your employees. Find out what aspects of the job they love the most and which you can support them to excel in.

Be open to criticism and be honest and work with constructive comments. Be respectful and fair with all your employees and do not favour one person over another. Encourage creativity, not just in the work your employees are doing but ask their input for ideas on the next team-building exercise or take turns to lead the weekly meeting.

Clear leadership means that you respond well to changes, can drive innovation and manage complex situations. Good managers will work in partnership with their employees to identify trends in the industry to leverage growth or manage uncertainty, respecting the skills and experience they bring to the table.

Positive workspace culture

Employees want to enjoy their work, with a fair workload and good camaraderie between employees. Invest in nurturing your team’s happiness for a worthwhile return in motivation.

Happiness comes from creating different ways for your employees to be heard, that affirms they are a valuable asset to your company. If your employees feel that their input is not appreciated, they will believe their work is not appreciated either, which could lead you to lose people with great skills for your business.

Leave out a suggestion box for tips. Have a monthly meeting to discuss business matters and decisions about the future and learning from the past. Invite questions in advance of the meeting. If getting your staff together at the same time is difficult, consider an online meeting that can be uploaded for future reference.






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