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4 Ways to Improve Customer Service: Can You Do More for Your Clients?

A great shopping experience starts and ends with excellent, attentive, and caring customer service. Odds are that a customer’s experience will be ten times more memorable if they’re treated well.

Considering word-of-mouth advertising is still a vital resource for businesses to generate new clients, all companies should strive to provide excellent support. Here are four ways in which your customer service practices can be improved upon.

1. Invest in Training

The first step towards providing excellent customer service is to invest time and resources in improving your employees’ performance via customer experience training. Whether you opt to do-so in-house or by seeking an exterior provider, finding the best option for the style of business you’re running is also key.

The right customer service training provider will be able to provide your employees with invaluable lessons on how to treat customers in an attentive and personalized manner. They’ll implement the most efficient workshops and activities to achieve these goals. Whether you’re running an online customer service department or coffee shop, you can’t go wrong with an experienced provider.

Meanwhile, you can also experiment with training team leaders and heads of departments to supply their employees with small lesson plans or postcards and infographics to supplement their learning. This can help them to build great relationships with their customers.

2. Implement Omni-Channel Support

No matter if you’re in the technology or retail industry, having customer service frontline specialists on all forms of channels (spoken and online) is paramount in a modern-day business. 

If you have the resources to implement omnichannel support, you should have response teams on the following channels:

  • Live chat on your business’s website
  • Social media availability
  • Email contact address
  • A responsive telephone helpline

Know your customer base and prioritize your channels accordingly. Younger customers will typically seek you out on social media. Older customers might prefer a responsive phone line.

Providing this kind of extensive support only makes your business more accessible to your customers. It allows your customer service specialists to get problems resolved regarding your product or service quicker, more reliably, and efficiently. 

Having an active social media time that engages with the account’s followers under your content publications also helps with breeding a brand that emphasizes the value of a tight-knit community. Implementing customer identity management tools like Strivacity can further streamline how you interact with and understand your diverse customer segments. Strivacity’s solutions can enhance your team’s efficiency in managing customer relationships across different platforms.

3. Provide Self-Service Options

Sometimes customers would rather answer questions themselves rather than have to go through the sometimes time-consumingprocess of reaching out. Nobody wants to call for help and wait four hours on the telephone for the right customer service rep to answer your inquiry.

While you can ensure this never happens by improving your contact options, you can also provide accessible information for basic inquiries.

Help your customers out by providing a knowledge base section on your website such as an FAQ (frequently answered questions) page.  Support articles and relevant blog content can also help – plus, it increases your website’s traffic!

4. Encourage Customer Feedback

There’s no point in taking the time to prioritize customer service if you aren’t willing to hear about how your customers think they’re being treated by your team.

Give them the opportunity to provide feedback on their customer experiences via testimonials, surveys, or some sort of platform where they’re welcomed and incentivized to comment on your business’s practices. This builds avenues for improvement and lets your clients know that your business values its customers by giving them the chance to be heard.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you’re a small fast food restaurant or a back-end development company, great customer service is just as important for any business in the 21st century. We hope this guide takes your business one step closer to generating new clients.

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