Ways the Internet Has Simplified Commerce Forever

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Ways the Internet Has Simplified Commerce Forever

The Internet is just grand, isn’t it? Most people around the world who have access to computers or smartphones spend significant amounts of time on their screen doing just about anything you can imagine. A fairly recent trend, however, has been a shift from the Internet being solely a form of entertainment and information dissemination, but also as a place for us to buy, sell, and trade to our heart’s content. This trend has many brick-and-mortar businesses shaking in their boots, but the savviest of those have already begun digitizing their inventory as consumer demand shifts.

Why has e-commerce been able to enjoy such rapid and meteoric growth? Let’s get down to it:

Store-to-Door Integration

Shipping options have expanded greatly in recent years, with it being fairly difficult to find a place in the world that you can’t have online purchases shipped to. The convenience of being able to know you need something, purchase it, and have it arrive within a week right to your door has driven people to their computers en masse with the credit cards in hand. Instead of settling for whatever happens to be sold in your place of residence, people can find extremely niche and specific items that will be delivered right to them at a fair price.

Better Payment Processors 

In the early 2000’s, many people were still extremely weary of putting their financial information online due to the perceived risks of their data becoming compromised. Now, payment methods are more secure than ever and available to almost every business out there. Previously seen as a high-risk business, people offering a payment gateway for tech support are enjoying a new way to get paid and have their customer satisfaction remain high. There are very few hoops to jump through in today’s world. Don’t be surprised if most people you know have their credit card numbers, expiration date, and security code memorized by this point, thanks to all of their online purchases.

Excellent Storefronts 

Now that we’ve had enough time as a society to properly figure out how people like to shop online, our stores are extremely streamlined to provide the kind of information customers want in a timely manner. Some shops are even going the extra mile and allowing customers the ability to see a 3D render of their product to get a better idea of its dimensions. Everything, from fully-stocked menus with all of the options, to pictures meant to help show scales are present, makes people a lot less worried they’ll receive a product that’s being misrepresented online.


The cat is out of the bag, and there’s no putting it back at this point. E-commerce is here to stay. Unless you’re something like a hobby shop or something else people go almost exclusively online for, chances are you don’t mind this development either. Never before has getting exactly what you want been this easy in the history of human experience, plus shipping and handling. Take advantage of the Internet however you can. Many of the pitfalls involved with regular stores can be avoided entirely, thanks to this modern business model.

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30 Aug, 2019


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