Digital Marketing Strategies for 2019

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Digital Marketing Strategies for 2019

The end of 2018 is in sight. Now it is time to look towards the New Year and what 2019 has to offer us. While this can seem daunting, especially when digital marketing is a fast-moving, fickle machine, 2019 offers many great digital marketing strategies that’ll bring your brand more exposure.

It’s time to filter through the noise, though. Here are the top digital marketing strategies to bring into 2019.

Digital Marketing Strategies for 2019

Continue with SEO and PPC advertising

SEO and PPC will continue to be prosperous next year. However, you will need to target more natural and relevant keywords. Why? Because, by doing so, you are offering a more trustworthy and transparent service. Plus, younger generations are turning to more natural keywords, rather than caveman talk. For instance, we would ask Google “What is the best Thai restaurant in London?” instead of “Best Thai food London.”

It is important to target the correct keywords then. Enlist the help of a trusted PPC agency, and speak to SEO professionals so that they can bring across an effective strategy into 2019.

Authenticity wins

People want to know who they are speaking to, the way a business works, and whether they are deserving of our hard earned money. Therefore, businesses need to prove themselves more than ever before.

86% of consumers state that authenticity is important when deciding which brand to supports. You can build an authentic and transparent brand by producing content that is completely tailored to your customers rather than for profit, have a genuine personality, offer brilliant customer service, and being honest.

User Generated Content (UGC) should have the customers in mind. It should be to engage and entertain. Take GoPro, for example. They post hundreds of videos of people using their product. By doing so, the content is completely catered to their customers, while fuelling their passion for adventure. While competitors will simply explain the lenses they use and the best features of their product, GoPro excel by showing rather than telling.

Add voice search to your campaign

Siri, Alexa, and Google Home changed the game in internet searching. Rather than Google on their phones, people will speak to their home hubs in order to gather the information they need. Human speech is incredibly important, but so is ensuring your local business is registered with a Google My Business (GMB) account.

GMB is a great tool for business, as it allows you to fill in your business’s most vital information, while also improving your business’s search engine ranking. Businesses can also benefit from messaging, photos and much more.

Social media

The reign of social media isn’t over. In fact, it seems to be growing in popularity each day. More time will need to be spent on your social media marketing campaigns, ensuring your content is reaching the right people, you are being engaging and have the correct details available. You will also want to have a strong customer service team on social media so that they can diffuse of any fires before they spread.

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