Key Ways To Help Improve Your Sports Marketing Efforts

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Sports marketing allows companies to leverage fan emotion and interest in different sports. Applying the correct marketing strategies and tactics help organizations build brand exposure to targeted audiences. 

Nonetheless, sports marketing might not be easy as positive results won’t appear overnight. Still, you can implement the following three techniques to help improve your promotion efforts:

Create And Share Engaging Content

One technique many sports marketers use to attract more customers and fans is creating and sharing engaging online content. Note that you have different options on how you can go about this method.

For instance, you may want to collaborate with famous figures in the industry. Perhaps, a friend or a relative is a known sports celebrity. You can reach out to these popular people through communication channels, like email or social media. 

Seeking help from a famous sports figure can help boost brand awareness. Several sports fans won’t hesitate to share the content you create if you mention a celebrity in the post. 

Another effective strategy you can implement to help boost your sports marketing efforts is using live content. Will a football match play in your city soon?  If so, consider filming the event live. 

As per a blog post from Greenfly, live content correspondence allows fans on social media platforms to watch games and engage with other like-minded individuals. Additionally, live content and social media engagement might now be the forefront of marketing various sports leagues. 

Engage with target markets in both online and offline marketing through created and curated content. In turn, follower count will increase over time, which means more interactions to build. 

Take Advantage Of Sports Contests

It’s safe to say that no one would pass up a chance to win freebies, especially sports enthusiasts. Winning a team jersey or signed sports peripheral could be a dream come true for any sports fan.

Use contests to help enhance your sports promotion efforts. A challenge or game allows you to tap into the burning excitement fans feel toward their favorite sports players and teams. 

Here are a few quick tips to help you get started on sports contests:

  • Set expectations by outlining the terms and conditions of the promotion.
  • Create clear communication channels to allow participants to know if they won.
  • Always observe transparency to ensure that everyone knows each person’s defined responsibilities and roles. 
  • Only make data-driven decisions to deliver promotional efficiency. 
  • Clearly outline contest requirements and deadlines. 

Also, you have different contest styles to choose from as opposed to the conventional ‘Like & Share’ technique found on social media. Some other examples include:

  • ‘Before & After’ challenges
  • ‘The Best Sports Improvement’ challenge
  • Video contests
  • Sports restaurant menu ideas
  • Sports goals for couples

Basically, our mind is the only limitation in the creation of these contests. Don’t be afraid to add unique flairs to these games. Your fans and followers will find the activity fun and exciting, especially when a prized sports item is at stake. 

Time Your Social Media Posts

It can be tempting to click on the ‘Post’ or ‘Share Now’ button as soon as new content pops up on your social media timeline. But, if you’re posting relevant content for sports marketing, consider holding back on that itch to press those buttons. Time your social media posts right, and you can gain the most fan engagements from the posted or shared content.  

Begin by creating a social media calendar. This tool allows you to identify and highlight key periods in your social media sports marketing campaign. Place events in detail in the calendar, such as which post goes live and the time and date it appears on your page. 

Also, consider the social media platform you’re using. For instance, if you’re using Facebook to generate sports fan interest, consider posting on a Wednesday at around 11 am to 2 pm. This date and that period may help you generate more follower reactions since it’s the moment when people tend to go on breaks to check their social media feeds. 

On the other hand, if you’re posting on a Sunday at around 1 am, expect that you’re not going to get a significant amount of engagement for your posts.


Remember, digital marketing strategies for sports brands need careful planning for them to be effective and generate the best results. Don’t forget to create and share engaging and relevant content on your social media pages. Time your posts correctly, and you may also take advantage of sports contests to help pique the interest of sports enthusiasts. Follow these guidelines, and you may see a significant boost in your marketing efforts soon.

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