How Any Business Can Benefit From CRM

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How Any Business Can Benefit From CRM

Running or owning a business you’ve no doubt come across the term CRM or Customer Relationship Management. Yet, many managers and business owners alike still question what exactly this application can do for their business.

The answer is simple: the right CRM system can take any organization to levels you never thought possible. Let’s take a look at a few ways CRM programs can be used in various industries to help streamline processes and add to business growth.

How Any Business Can Benefit From CRM


Any financial service organization—whether it’s a traditional bank, advisement firm, tax, accounting or insurance related—all have one goal in common: creating, building, and maintaining good customer relations.

But in all practicality, trying to stay on top of all the day-to-day tasks required in running these operations can make it seem next to impossible to cultivate a true client/adviser connection.

That’s where specific CRM applications can help. For example, one of the many Infor CRM benefits is the built-in automation capabilities. No more repetitive administrative tasks since these can be programmed into CRM and a specialized workflow created. Client outreach, account analysis, and meeting coordination can all be tasked within the CRM. For those in the financial sector, automating key business processes right away saves time, which can now be spent building their business and keeping client retention rates high.

Sales and Marketing

Gone are the days of broad message marketing. Companies large and small now depend on their sales and marketing teams to discover their ideal customer using specific insight and to develop the right messaging to generate leads, improve brand awareness, and of course close deals.

However, sifting through customer data is cumbersome work, taking away from more pressing matters like creating the perfect, personalized message or evaluating campaign success rates.

But with CRM, businesses can streamline sales tasks while gaining valuable insights from their customers’ information—essentially tracking prospects leading up to a sale and after. Implementing CRM can improve customer targeting by segmenting data in an organized manner. In other words, no more sifting through random, catch-all lists.

And with better visibility into sales, teams can ensure they don’t miss important client relationship opportunities such as product replacement, contract signings, or service calls.

CRM can help teams keep better track of their sales pipeline, which results in greater output and reaching goals faster.

Health Care

Patients today are looking to their healthcare providers to create a place of community and a more holistic approach in the care they receive.

To generate this more personalized approach, healthcare organizations have to go beyond things such as EHR data and strive to make engagement an important part of the patient care process.

Implementing the right CRM can significantly add to this effort. With capabilities like pinpointing specific recipients for a particular health service campaign, or gathering data in a way that healthcare facilities can offer personalized preventive care, CRM deployment often results in these institutions advancing further on the care continuum and retaining patients for much longer.

In the end, CRM plays a vital role in helping to institute the value-based care patients are seeking.

Where To Go From Here

When businesses decide to upgrade to CRM software, they should make sure the solution they choose is fully scalable and offered in a cloud-based service. Additionally, they should be certain to have professionals on hand to help guide the development and deployment of the CRM system.

Nearly any business in any industry can use their CRM as a tool to delight customers, level-up company productivity, and increase profits.

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