How Tech Can Make or Break Your Growing Business

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How Tech Can Make or Break Your Growing Business

When you first start your company, the systems in place to manage it are set to the parameters that you need. Your payroll software is the most effective for a modest start-up staff. As your company grows though, those systems may not be able to handle the rapidly expanding production. Your digital presence, as well as management systems and software, can quickly fall out of date.

In addition to this, the digital landscape is constantly growing and changing. It is essential to stay up to date on the newest social platforms and trends in order to stay afloat.

All companies need a digital strategy in order to most effectively achieve and maintain growth. Some companies like Icreon are able to assist businesses is taking stock of their current technology. They can then help to better prioritize development and put new tech strategies in place.

There are many ways in which your technology can impact your business. Below is how updating your tech can lead to sustainable growth and profit.


Digital Marketing


The phrase ‘digital marketing’ can feel redundant, as most marketing today is done online. The technology systems that you use to communicate your brand can have a massive impact on your reader traffic. They can also affect your conversion rate, and therefore your profits.

Much of growing a client base is how well your digital systems handle outreach and intake. Businesses with outdated mailing list info and complicated contact systems will suffer as technology advances around them. Companies that strive to stay ahead of the curve with new technology can anticipate growth. With this information, they can build a more effective marketing plan.


Internal Systems


Management software like payroll or software included on company computers can be easy to forget about. With more pressing things on your mind, these can become a second thought. Updating these systems on a regular basis can help to streamline your process and make everything run more efficiently.

To accommodate an expanding staff, client base, and production, the underlying management systems, and tech need to change. Restructuring your company as it grows is the natural next step. Doing this can make room for bigger changes, rather than keeping you stuck running as if you’re still a small company.

The restructure can begin with a technology assessment and consolidation. It can continue (in some cases) with a business process digitization.

Technology related to business growth

Contact Forms and Correspondence


The way you create and curate your web presence can influence how interactive consumers will be. Many companies hope to generate new leads by collecting information in contact forms. You can then use this information, like phone numbers or email addresses, to market directly to interested clientele.

To do this, you’ll most often use some sort of software, as doing it manually would be time-consuming. It is important to reconfigure the way in which you conduct this process regularly. Be sure to update technology and strategy. The newest programs will let you see analytics to help make more strategic choices.


The Bottom Line


No one leaves a tree in the tiny pot or planter that it started in. In the same way, as your company grows, it is important to give it the space to expand. Many companies do this by digitizing their process. They also assess their current technology strategy.

Digital marketing, internal systems, and correspondence are all essential factors of growth. Whether you’re selling products or services, your company can find efficiency and profitability. You are more able to find it through a more efficient and updated use of technology.

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