What Is Attraction Marketing, and How to Master It

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What Is Attraction Marketing, and How to Master It

The term attraction marketing seems to come up more frequently in conversations nowadays. What does it even mean? In short, attraction marketing encompasses the activities undertaken to make a brand more appealing to customers. It implies pulling prospect into your orbit so they’re sold. The focus is no longer on the merchandise or the company. Close attention is now paid to the person behind the organization. Attraction marketing enables anyone to create a lucrative business by utilizing certain strategies. You get prospective clients to trust you as someone. Basically, people have a guarantee that you can help them get better results and provide worthwhile business tips.

Attraction marketing isn’t something new. It’s been done by salespeople since the dawn of time. Actually, we use attraction marketing in day-to-day life without even realizing it when communicating to bolster social success. Customer behavior has changed over the years and the outcome is that it’s necessary to try new strategies for attracting and retaining sales leads. Maybe you’d like to do attraction marketing for your own brand, but you don’t have the necessary knowledge to succeed. It’s a good thing you came to the right place. Please continue reading to find out how to use attraction marketing to get more leads.

Attraction Marketing Strategies That Bring in Customers

Apply SEO Techniques

The best place on the Internet to attract new leads and customers is Google. Make yourself visible to those living and working nearby. You have a great many tools at your disposal to earn a great spot in the SERPs. If you want buyers to find your brand on the Internet, this is what you need to do:

  1. Submit your site to Google. Give Google more information about your website and, in return, it will give you more data. Add an up-to-date sitemap to your Google account or submit an index request and Google will index your pages within a few hours. If you’re launching a site for the very first time, you might want to check the Google Search Console.
  2. Optimize for mobile. Mobile keeps on gaining traction with buyers, so make your site mobile-friendly. Make sure it can be viewed on various devices (cellphones, tablets, personal digital assistants). Additionally, make it easier for mobile users to share your content online; this will add to your investment and boost advocacy for your brand.
  3. Prove you’re a local. Help more locals find your business and visit you. Market with Google My Business. Not only will it increase your visibility on the Web but also helps reply to queries in real-time. Fill out your profile with relevant information, such as name, address, phone, and so on. People need to know “what” and “where”.

Don’t Forget About Email Marketing

Attraction marketing is critical to the success of a customer-centric business because it helps create a competitive advantage in a crowded market. If you want to win over customers, do it with effective email marketing content. Even if messaging apps like WhatsApp are growing in popularity, people still use email every single day for asynchronous communications and universal interoperability. Email marketing is the perfect way to build an ongoing, personal relationship with your customers. If done correctly, it can boost your sales. It’s important that each piece of communication connects with your audience. Don’t pitch right away. You should show value and build rapport.

Here’s an idea: Use a success story from one of your customers. This can be a case study that explains how your business provided a solution, giving readers a sort of sneak-peak into what they can expect. Better yet, share the success story of a former customer, which serves as a true indicator of your value. Prospective customers can learn all about the challenges, solutions, and outcomes others have experienced. The story will instill trust in your business and give people a reason to make a purchase on their own. No matter what you do, don’t force products or services on uninterested customers using ads.

Get on YouTube

YouTube has evolved from a repository of amateur videos into the biggest online video platform that the world has ever seen. Simplicity explains the huge popularity of the video-sharing platform. Sharing content with a large audience is child’s play. Just about any type of business can benefit from including this channel into your plans. It’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel, you know. Watch a couple of YouTube videos and see what works and what doesn’t. Analyze the videos in your market with the highest number of views, ratings, comments, or subscribers. Why are they so popular?

Create a YouTube channel by means of your Google account. One or two people should help you run the show. There’s no right or wrong format in terms of effective marketing video. Your business is unique and you must find a solution that works in your case. There are several formats to choose from, including but not limited to interviews, how-to tutorials, and product reviews. Most importantly, optimize your videos for SEO. Find some excellent keywords and write 2 or 3 of them in the text box for Channel Keywords. Consider placing keywords in the clip’s title, description, and don’t forget about the tags. 

Start A Blog and Spread Knowledge

Use your blog to attract customers. What do you have to lose? Posting regularly allows you to spread knowledge and become a thought leader. The blog is a launching point to getting published in more places and getting your business known. Writing on a regular basis sets you part from the pack, it increases visibility for your business, and, finally yet importantly, enables you to build strong relationships with loyal customers and prospective clients. Make your blog look more professional by using the following tips:

  • Choose the right theme
  • Make your website load faster
  • Polish up your posts
  • Add visuals to break up the content
  • Make the content easy to share on social media

A professional blog is something you’ll want in your attraction marketing arsenal. It doesn’t matter what kind of content you share as long as it’s qualitative and encourages readers to keep coming back. Craft attention-grabbing headlines, seducing introductions, alluring pieces of advice, and motivational closings.

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