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What Is the Future of Digital Marketing?

The future of digital marketing firms is brighter than ever. While some might try to convince companies that SEO is dead and digital marketing is in trouble because of automation, the technology will only change the digital marketing landscape. 

This article describes the various changes the world of digital marketing will continue to experience during 2022. What’s clear from these trends is that digital marketing isn’t going anywhere. If anything, technology will only serve to make digital marketing a more integral component of businesses’ overall marketing approach. 

Whether you’re interested in pricing for digital marketing, trends, or what businesses must do to prepare for the coming changes, this article can assist you. Continue reading to learn more about what you can expect from digital marketing in the future. 

Increased Awareness

The largest trend for digital marketing companies is the use of digital marketing for lead generation, conversion, and brand awareness using smart tools and tactics, extensive market and customer research, and technology to reach an increasingly large audience. 

Advanced Chat Bots

AI becoming a more integral component of every part of society is no longer a secret. As AI continues to develop, chatbots will integrate into companies’ customer support infrastructure and marketing channels. 

Chatbots have had their problems. They can often be clunky and frustrating, but they aren’t going anywhere and the technology will only continue to improve. In the future, this form of AI will be critical for companies that want to redistribute their investment and limit labor costs. Instead of hiring a customer support team, companies will be able to focus more resources on marketing and sales. 

Featured Snippets 

Landing at position zero is the natural successor to landing at position one. In the past, the ultimate goal was to land the top spot on Google’s SERP. However, with featured snippets, which is SEO code for a piece of content that takes a user directly to their search engine answer, position one on page one of Google is taking a back seat. 

The featured snippet is a short segment of text that Google displays in a separate box from its organic search results. To land the coveted position zero, try the following: 

• Write a direct answer to the searcher’s question. 

• Answer the question at the beginning of your article. 

• Ask the searcher’s question in both the body text and one subheading.

• Elaborate on the answer throughout the article.

• Cite authoritative sources with high domain authorities throughout the article.

Shoppable Social Posts 

Shoppable posts are still a new thing to Instagram, but they’re quickly becoming a more important part of social media. Up to 130 million users are tapping into shoppable ads every month on Instagram. If you’re in eCommerce, you can’t afford to overlook this convincing data. They offer a nearly seamless purchasing experience. 

Optimized Voice Search

Voice search and mobile optimization is becoming a more and more important component of digital marketing. As households adopt IoT technologies such as smart speakers and automated security systems, voice search will become more and more popular. Voice-activated SEO and regular SEO don’t use the same keyword principles. Voice-activated SEO focuses on ranking for long-tail keywords, utilizing FAQ sections, and makes sure you’re using proper on-page optimization techniques. 

SEO and Earned Media Earning More Recognition Over PPC

More and more users are installing ad blockers on their web browsers and the number is expected to rise. Users are also getting wiser with how they use search engines and understanding how to avoid banner ads and PPC campaigns. Fewer and fewer internet users will be able to see these ads in the future, making investing in organic results more profitable.

Inclusive and Equitable Marketing 

This is somewhat of a different concept than the previous trends. 2020 was a year of social upheaval that will cause systemic changes for the better. Marginalized groups have called for more representation and inclusion and marketing agencies are wisening up to the importance of social identity and inclusion. Market agencies business owners will include more specifically targeted content with ads that appeal to ethnic or racial minorities, women, and LGBTQ+. 

Augmented Reality Becomes More Commonplace

Augmented reality isn’t just a fun gimmick for gamers. Companies can use it for brands to reach customers. For example, Ikea offers a virtual reality catalogue where you can place pieces of furniture in your home to see how they would fit into the environment. Fashion brands are also experimenting with augmented reality to let their customers try on virtual outfits in their homes. 

What Makes Up a Future-Proof Digital Marketing Strategy?

The underlying supposition given the changing data in the digital marketing industry is that what worked for companies until now will no longer suffice. Paradigm shifts happen often in digital marketing and businesses and entrepreneurs should be aware of these shifts so they can choose agencies that incorporate them into their infrastructure. 

The online shopping landscape continues to diversify and ethnic minorities prefer inclusive approaches. Businesses must adapt to respond to these changes. Digital marketing is no longer only about click-through rates. With the online shopping landscape continuing to diversify, digital marketing is now about how businesses contextualize emerging trends and approach their target audience for various purposes. 

Key Takeaways 

The world of digital marketing is continuously evolving and businesses in every industry must try to implement the changes to stay ahead of their competition. Much of the changes in digital marketing revolve around technological advances and internet user behavior. However, inclusion and targeting minorities with market campaigns is another important shift to be aware of. In the world of digital marketing, what works now might not work in the future, so it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends.

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