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A business strategy is the company’s plan of action for goals and growth. As technology grows and becomes a more integral part of everyday life in business, the need for processes like digital transformation solutions grow. 

Digital transformation offers businesses a substantial advantage over their competitors. Businesses that enforce digital transformation solutions remain on track to become leaders in efficiency and effectiveness. Updating and adapting to changing technologies keeps a company as an industry innovator. 

What Is Digital Transformation?

In its simplest form, digital transformation is a system that merges technology into every facet of the organization. The goal of digital transformation is to shorten processes and provide value through efficient and more productive methods. 

Proper digital transformation can affect business processes and culture through:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction 
  • Business systems and processes 
  • Business risk 
  • Business costs

Instituting digital transformation is not only about the latest and most remarkable technologies and processes. It is also about utilizing the full range of capabilities the technologies and processes can have in and on the business. 

What Are Digital Transformation Solutions?

Digital transformation solutions fall into four realms. These realms are business process transformation, business model transformation, domain transformation, and cultural transformation.

Business Process Transformation 

Business processes are a type of digital transformation that focuses on updating and improving the business’s internal and external processes and systems. New and developing technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), software like application programming interface (APIs), and machine learning (ML) are the primary innovations being applied. 

Business Model Transformation 

Business model transformations focus on transforming the actual model of the business by incorporating digital changes. There are many business models, franchises, freemium, crowdsourcing, etc. Digitally transforming a current business model means optimizing new technologies and adapting them.

Domain Transformation 

Domain digital transformation can be explained as optimizing new technologies to move a business into new industries, markets, or domains. Multiple streams of income and domain digital transformation go hand-in-hand. 

Cultural Transformation

Cultural digital transformation takes a look at using and developing technologies to update organizational structures, mindsets, processes, etc. Human resources and development and business automation are prime examples of instituting digital transformations in the workplace.

How to Incorporate a Digital Transformation Framework Into Your Business

A digital transformation framework is the actual strategy or game plan for incorporating digital transformation into your business. The framework assists with learning the inner workings of the company and its predisposed business processes and technologies. 

Using checklists and benchmarks, digital transformation frameworks delve into:

  • Business processes
  • Internal communication 
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced performance

To successfully implement a digital transformation strategy, the business owner or consultants must consider how the system will affect the business. A digital transformation framework can include works to collaborate technologies with business models, talent and acquisition, products and services, leadership, and cultural innovations.   

Top Digital Transformation Ideas

Digital transformation solutions can take on many forms and ideas. Depending on the structure and the goals of a digital transformation framework, the digital transformation ideas form. 


Technologies involving automation are a top digital transformation idea. Processes in workflows, customer engagement, and other business practices can all be bettered through automation. 

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence, or AI for short, goes hand-in-hand with automation. AI is the use of machines or technology with the capability of thought processes. The difference between AI and standard thought processes is that human thought is natural and artificial thought is developed by machine learning (ML). 

AI is beneficial to digital transformation solutions because it can provide customer and employee-based services or integrations that improve productivity and success. 


Application programming interface (API) links computers and programs through service-based software. For this reason, API is a practical digital transformation idea. Businesses can also further their digital transformation through different areas of API, such as security. 


Cybersecurity is a crucial concept of digital transformation. As a process that works to culturally and organizationally adopt the technologies and digital performance of the business, digital transformation provides new ideas like Chief Information Security Officers, updates to security protocols, and more.

Cloud Architecture

Cloud architecture is a top digital transformation idea because it provides solutions to reduce security risks, better data management, and enhance the chosen business model.

Data Analytics 

As with everything, data is the backbone of the digital transformation process. Although generalized metrics remain the same, processes for capturing, recording, and analyzing data can be optimized. 

Digitally transformed data analytics educate businesses on:

  • Buying behavior and prediction
  • Supply chain processes
  • Sales, revenue, and profit 


Digital transformation solutions merge technology and business strategy. There are four digital transformation solutions, business process, business model, domain, and cultural and organizational transformations. 

Appropriately used, businesses or consultants can create a digital transformation framework that builds and outlines distinctive growth areas. Digital transformation can take effect in various ways, automation, data, cloud integrations, etc. 

No matter the chosen method, digital transformation solutions are well worth the investment. 

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Incorporating Digital Transformation Consulting Into Your Business Strategy

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