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5 Key Things All Landing Pages Should Have

In terms of digital marketing, landing pages are great ways to advertise and market your business. It is a standalone webpage and is referred to as a landing page because it’s where a person “lands” after they click on a link. This link can come from search engine ads or a link sent in an email.

What makes landing pages special is that they have a single goal or focus (unlike a general webpage). Because of this focus, landing pages are often the best option to increase conversion rates and therefore help business owners reach their goal.

For a deeper analysis of landing pages, Marketing Envoy is a great resource to look at. In the meantime, keep reading below for the top 5 elements all effective landing pages should have.

1. Call to Action

The main goal of a landing page is to focus on conversion. This can be a sale or a visit to your website. This is presented as a call to action to the visitor to your landing page. Unlike a link or a click through page, a landing page usually has a form specifically designed for generating leads.

Try to avoid the usual language for these CTAs like “submit” or “click here.” These are used the most often and can easily be ignored. Phrases like “get 30% of your purchase” or “click here to start your free trial” are more specific and tend to be more enticing to potential customers.

2. Social Proof

Social proof refers to the influence we get from the people that surround us. For example, if a friend recommends a product, you’re more likely to try that specific product rather than one you randomly choose.

In terms of landing pages, social proof can be communicated by the following:

  • Customer reviews and comments
  • Case studies
  • Other forms of customer testimonials, including videos
  • Lists of supporting companies
  • Review scores from reputable sites or companies
  • Rewards or accreditations

Utilizing this social proof is important, but it must be genuine. You’re better off-putting no social proof at all than trying to fake comments or reviews.

3. Benefits

Obviously, your landing page won’t be effective if your benefits aren’t communicated correctly. It’s not enough to describe the features that you offer; you need to also convince your potential customers why these features are beneficial and will serve a purpose to them.

As a general rule, both benefits and features should be used together for the best outcome.

4. Image or Video

This isn’t just any image or video, but something often referred to as a “hero image” or “hero video.” This will be the first visual your potential customer will see, so it needs to pack a punch. You need to be able to convey the purpose of your offering.

For example, if you are marketing software to new tech businesses, you might choose an image of an accomplished looking businessman using your software on a sleek and updated device.

5. Unique Selling Proposition

Your unique selling proposition is probably the most important part of your landing page. This enables you to set your offering apart from your competition. You need to be able to answer why your product is so special, and why yours is the best choice a customer can make.

This needs to be communicated in a way that is effective and matter of fact to make this as easy to understand as possible. This usually takes the form of the main headline followed by a supporting headline.

For example, if you are selling an app that helps customers find popular local restaurants, your main headline could say something like “the ultimate way to find the best restaurant.” This quickly gets your point across. Your supporting headline can go into further detail, describing how your app focuses on local mom-and-pop places for authentic foods.


Including these 5 things in your landing page will increase conversions and advertise your company in the best light possible!

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