What to Expect in Business School: A Short Overview of Common Assignments

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Having enrolled in a business school, you should be ready to work on different types of writing assignments. It allows you to recall and analyze the material you are dealing with and adopt active learning. Completing writing assignments, you foster essential business skills and build a strong foundation for your future career. Here is the list of the most common tasks you are likely to come across as a business student.

10 Most Common Business School Assignments

1.   Article Review

This type of assignment requires you to provide a short summary of the article content complemented by detailed critical evaluation and your own original insights. You should focus on the discussed issue and the main findings of the author. Next, you can analyze the credibility of the source, evidence, and methods used in the article. By writing article reviews, you advance your knowledge and improve your synthesis skills.

2.   Business Letter

Effective written communication is critical for the success of any enterprise. Business schools pay special attention to the correct preparation and organization of correspondence. Business letters are aimed to express relevant professional information. You should use a formal style of writing. Include your address, date, receiver’s address, greeting, body of the letter, signature, and closure. Topics for business letters vary. They may include summaries, recommendations, and explanations of business issues.

3.   Literature Review

To create a winning literature review, you need to demonstrate your understanding of the discussed topic and review the differences in scholars’ interpretations. Expert essay writers do not only summarise the key messages from the assigned literature but also present a deep analysis of relevant sources, showing connections between them. A literature review can be an individual assignment or a part of your research paper where you explain current knowledge gaps and justify the relevance of your research.

4.   Business Proposal

This type of assignment implies writing a document for a potential client. It should present your product or service and explain the benefits it can bring to a client. Students need to synthesize their knowledge in different fields to create a convincing proposal. They should concentrate on a product, service, or organization, identify specific objectives, and present a strategy. Do not forget to provide analysis and evaluation of the business situation from different perspectives.

5.   Business Report

The purpose of this task is to provide an account of a business situation. Make sure that your report is not limited to writing a summary. An A-level business report will also include your authentic analysis of the discussed information. You should be able to evaluate the situation critically and demonstrate your problem-solving skills. Your report will also benefit from recommendations and projections regarding the future of the issue.

6.   Case Study

Writing a case study assignment, you need to focus on a certain situation, event, or company. First, you will outline the problem and identify what has caused it, applying evidence from scholarly sources. Then, you need to make recommendations on how to improve business practices and avoid similar issues. Case studies allow students to use research to solve real-world problems.

7.   Business Presentation

Giving a business presentation is a creative task. You need to make a good first impression and show your company, product, or service in the best light possible. Prepare slides that will visualize your ideas. To impress your teacher, use some attention-grabbing techniques, such as a personal story or video aids. Make sure your presentation addresses clear objectives and communicates your vision of the issue to the audience.

8.   Discussion Board Post

A discussion board post should precisely focus on the questions asked. Usually, it is a one-page piece examining a particular business-related issue. Your arguments in the discussion board post must be well-justified and substantiated with evidence from reliable sources. The piece should have logically organized ideas. It is a straight-to-the-point discussion that does not require introductory and concluding paragraphs unless your teacher tells you otherwise.

9.   Reflection Paper

Teachers often assign reflection papers to see how students react to an issue or topic. Although they allow expressing your thoughts and ideas freely, you should still make a connection between them and the material learned in class. The piece should present the main takeaways and conclusions made about business situations or concepts. The outline of a reflection paper is similar to that of an essay.

10.                 Research Paper

In a research paper, you gather and structure evidence on a certain topic. This is an empirical task that is focused on analyzing primary and secondary sources, formulating research questions, choosing a methodology, and presenting results. The purpose of a research paper varies depending on the topic. You might be asked to discuss a particular case, report findings, compare and contrast business phenomena, explain connections among concepts, etc.


To Sum Up

Effective writing and research skills are key to becoming an expert in any sphere. Undergraduate and graduate business programs offer a diversity of assignments to train students for their future roles. Most of these tasks are focused on analysis, decision-making, and problem-solving. Writing enables deep learning as it allows students to evaluate and reflect on the information they dis

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