Calling for Backup: Glaring Signs that Your Current Digital Marketing Strategy is Failing

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Calling for Backup Glaring Signs that Your Current Digital Marketing Strategy is Failing

When you consider how many digital marketing agencies out there, it’s hard to find one that can design an online marketing campaign that delivers long-term results.

For a while, it might have worked. You might have noticed that there were significant positive effects on your business, such as increased traffic, higher sales, and constant engagement on your social media channels. However, the problem with social media strategies is that they are not a one-time thing; even the best campaigns will become stale and outdated over time, and you will need to either update it, revamp it, or change your digital marketing strategy completely.

How will you know if it’s time to re-evaluate your current strategy? Here are some warning signs that you should look out for:

Calling for Backup: Glaring Signs that Your Current Digital Marketing Strategy is Failing

1.      Your End Goal is No Longer Clear or Has Already Been Achieved

When you first created your current digital marketing strategy, there was a main end goal that you wanted to reach. It might have been a certain amount in sales or a certain number of followers across your social media platforms. If your strategy had any merit, your goals would have been met within a reasonable period of time.

However, you should not rest easy once your goals have been met. If anything, this should be the first sign for you that you need to create a new digital marketing strategy and set new goals. This should also be the case if external factors may have prevented you from hitting your goals.

One of the hallmarks of a great digital marketing strategy is that the end goals are clear, measurable, and fulfillable within a reasonable amount of time and resources. If you are unable to clearly state the goals of your current online campaign, it’s a clear sign that you need to re-evaluate it as soon as possible.

2.      Engagement has Slowed Down Noticeably

In the beginning, your client engagement might have been so active that you practically spent hours just managing all the activity on your social media accounts. While engagement naturally slows down over time, it’s distinctly different when the engagement grinds to a complete halt.

If you notice that your posts have not gotten any engagement from people who were once strong and active followers, this is a strong indicator that you’re doing something wrong with your digital marketing strategy, especially if there is little to no engagement even with new posts.

Keep in mind that the size of your audience alone doesn’t really mean anything. If you don’t have a strong brand with a message that resonates with your followers, even a million followers won’t translate to anything positive for your business.

3.      You are Going out of Your way to Chase Down Likes and Followers

This is related to the second warning sign. If you’re spending a lot of time and effort getting just a single follower, like, comment on your posts, it’s a sign that you’re doing something wrong. A great digital marketing strategy doesn’t necessarily have to be viral, but it should lead to social media channels that grow naturally and organically.

Think of your current campaign like a snowball rolling down a snowy hillside: it might start small and slow, but over time, it should naturally gain traction and size on its own.

4.      You are using MAINLY Social Media to Promote Your Services/Products

One of the most common mistakes that people make when advertising their business is doing all their marketing and advertising on social media. It’s an easy mistake to make; what easier avenue do you have to get your message across to your customers? However, social media accounts that do nothing else but sell a product without proper customer engagement will inevitably end up being boring and unappealing.

The main goal of a strong social media account is to engage with your customers and build a relationship with them. The possibility of selling your services to them should only be a great benefit. If you are able to forge a strong bond with your customers due to an engaging social media presence, it will encourage your customers to visit your website.

5.      You’ve blended in with your competitors

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so if you have a strong digital marketing strategy, you can bet that many of your competitors have copied you. While there is something still to be said about being first to market, being complacent about it will ultimately lead to negative effects on your business.

This might sound obvious but always look for a unique selling point that you, AND ONLY YOU, can offer to your customers. The Internet is a vast and noisy place, and if you don’t take the time and effort to make your business visible, your business will eventually be forgotten no matter how big of a splash you initially made. 


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