Why You Should Be Watching SEO Speakers On A Regular Basis

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Why You Should Be Watching SEO Speakers On A Regular Basis

The innovation of Google Duplex has led to the design of unique functionalities aimed at improving interactions with local businesses. Voice search is now revolutionizing the commercial industry and it’s imperative that you seriously consider incorporating this concept into your SEO strategy. Listening to an SEO speaker comes with countless benefits, including:

Why You Should Be Watching SEO Speakers On A Regular Basis

Create Unique Content for “Position

The snippets featured in Google have completely revolutionized the search engine experience, enabling Google to properly position itself between the customer and business website. And this is more important when it comes to voice search. SEO assistants usually answer questions with only the contents available at the top, also known as ‘Position Zero’ search results.

These positions are often highly competitive, but for local enterprises, they also present a great opportunity to own a niche.

If you’re looking for an effective way to make your business appear in position zero, do extensive research and discover the types of low-intent questions commonly asked by users. Then proceed and create content which fully satisfies those specific questions.

Perform normal keyword research but focus on questions that are relevant to your customer’s needs. 

Boost Your Prominence

Since research has shown that most consumers rely on voice search to get informative results for their various questions, it’s important to leverage the power of SEO speeches to improve your company’s standing in the local search engine. SEO speakers know exactly how to help your business stand out. So, listen to them regularly and watch your brand’s visibility grow.

Of course, you may not be able to do anything about proximity, you’ll definitely influence your company’s relevance and prominence. To boost your brand’s relevance, ensure that the content on your site is relevant to the search queries you need to rank for. Google’s intention is to see that you’re educating your customers and not just trying to attract traffic from random queries that have nothing to do with your brand. And this is where online reviews plus reputation management come into play.

Other prominence signals which affect your site’s appearance in voice search results are local press mentions, listings in local directories, and social media mentions.

Improved Accessibility

Research shows that 80 percent of business owners perform searches for their businesses on a weekly basis. And 54 percent claim that they perform the searches every day.

With this high frequency of voice search, it’s evident that technology has taken center stage in the business industry and is now revolutionizing the way things are done. More and more consumers are now utilizing voice search to retrieve information about various businesses. 

Get the Technology

It isn’t all about downloading an SEO voice speaker/assistant to your mobile phone; smart speakers like Amazon Echo as well as Google Home are witnessing significant growth.

 The Bottom Line

If you want your clients to enjoy better services and develop complete loyalty to your brand, consider leveraging the power of voice search. Watch SEO speakers regularly and sharpen your SEO skills.

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