How to generate more Twitter followers, traffic, and leads with Socedo

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Socedo Generate more Twitter followers, traffic, and leads

Twitter can be a great source of leads and traffic – in fact, it’s one of my biggest drivers of both traffic and new leads, and has been so for years. Now, I want to show you how you too can start boosting your Twitter results and what’s more, also how to automate the whole process. Read on to find out how to generate more Twitter followers, more traffic to your website, and more leads for your business, with Socedo.

How to generate more Twitter followers, traffic, and leads with Socedo

Why Twitter?

I think that the main thing I love about Twitter is that it’s so all-inclusive. Compared to other major social networks (and I’m especially looking at you, Facebook), you’re not in a constant uphill battle against new algorithm changes that are designed to make you pay for ads time and time again, just so a few people will see your posts in their timeline.

Twitter, on the other hand, lets you post as much as you want, when you want – and it doesn’t hide your tweets from people’s newsfeeds.

Another thing I love about Twitter is that most accounts are public; this is great news for businesses and marketers, as it allows us to monitor conversations and discover more potential leads.

The challenges with Twitter though, are the fact that it can be quite time-consuming as you need to post a lot more than with other social networks, and the fact that you’re competing with so many other accounts for your audiences’ attention.

Now the question is, how do you find these potential leads? This is where Socedo comes in:

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What is Socedo?

Socedo is a B2B tool that allows you to automate your social media growth by helping you grow your Twitter followers and website traffic, and by helping you generate more quality leads for your business. All done pretty much automatically – and I’ll show you exactly how in a minute.

Here’s how it can help you, exactly:

  • Generate more Twitter followers, all highly targeted – the better you target your campaign, the more followers you’ll be able to get!
  • Drive more website traffic by automating targeted engagement with your new contacts and directing them to a useful resource on your website or a landing page
  • Search for and find more leads for your business, based on their professions and what they tweet about
  • Gain more insights into your audience and find out what influencers they follow, which events they go to, which hashtags they use, and more

How it works

Although Socedo can do all of the things I mentioned just a few lines above, it actually only takes minutes to set it up – and from there, you can pretty much automate the whole process if you want, which I think is pretty much amazing; social media marketing already eats up a lot of our time every day, so the more tasks you can automate, the better!

Back to the tool though, I think that the best way to explain how it works is to show you the set-up process:

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Setting up audience criteria for your campaign

In order to find the right audience for your business, Socedo uses job titles and bio keywords along with conversational keywords (i.e. the hashtags, user handles, and topics they are tweeting about).

Which brings us to the first step of building your campaign – setting the audience criteria:

How to generate more Twitter followers, traffic, and leads with Socedo

To help save you even more time – as well as help you get better results if you’re not sure how to search for your target audience! – you can actually use an ‘audience criteria’ template from the dozens provided.

There are a variety of templates available, designed mostly with B2B businesses in mind (although there are is a B2C marketing template as well); for example, there are templates for financial advisors, for small business owners, for residential brokers, for bloggers, and many, many more.

If you choose to use one of the templates, this means that the tool will automatically pull up relevant job title and bio keywords:

How to generate more Twitter followers, traffic, and leads with Socedo

As well as relevant conversational keywords:

How to generate more Twitter followers, traffic, and leads with Socedo

These templates can help get you started but you can also refine your search by customising the keywords: add more keywords to each category, add keywords to be disregarded from the search (just use a “-“ sign before the keyword), and remove any keywords you don’t want.

What’s really cool about this is that Socedo is actually the only similar tool that allows you to find relevant Twitter users by their job titles – which is very useful for B2B lead generation and sales prospecting.

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If you’re not sure what other keywords to use, scroll down to the advanced settings to input a keyword and get more ideas for both bio and conversational keywords:

How to generate more Twitter followers, traffic, and leads with Socedo

This also helps you gain more insights into your target audience: what hashtags do they use? Which social influencers do they follow and engage with on Twitter?

In addition to that, you can also refine your search by setting a location if you only operate in certain areas; simply add location keywords to your searches, such as countries, cities, or even regions.

You don’t need to worry too much about your targeting; Socedo automatically prioritizes keywords over time based on which are most likely to generate you the most followers.

Once done setting your audience criteria, it’s time to set up the engagement steps; what should the tool do as they discover potential leads?

Automating your engagement

To start building your Twitter following, you can automate your Twitter following and first engagement with the prospect:

How to generate more Twitter followers, traffic, and leads with Socedo

When your campaign is fully set up, you’ll be able to choose any prospects that sound promising to your list; and at this stage, you can make it so any chosen prospect will be followed automatically, as well as receive a direct message after he or she follows you back.

Ideally, use the DM to promote a resource or a landing page that are relevant to the leads you’re targeting; this way, you’re driving more traffic back to your website, as well as providing them with a useful link that might be of interest to them; for example, I’ve used one of my services pages:

How to generate more Twitter followers, traffic, and leads with Socedo

Once you’re done making all of these different settings, your campaign is ready to go:

Turn your leads into customers with relevant integrations

Socedo uses all of the settings you’ve made to your campaign to generate a target audience; then, you can go in every day to select any users that catch your eye as potential leads and add them to your approved list:

How to generate more Twitter followers, traffic, and leads with Socedo

Then, simply click on ‘approve’ or ‘decline’ as you go through the list; basically, once the campaign is set up, you only need to spend a few minutes every day approving users (or as often as you prefer)

Or, if you want to automate this process as well, the tool can automatically approve relevant leads – just select that option in your campaigns’ settings.

Socedo will then automatically follow these leads and if they follow back, send them a direct message (if that’s how you’ve set up your campaign, of course).

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What’s more, the tool also pulls up relevant information on any lead you discover – up to 50 data points! These include social media engagement stats, demographics, and corporate email addresses – which come in very handy if you want to build these relationships and turn these leads into your actual customers.

Circling back to your campaign settings, since Socedo can help you generate leads in addition to being a Twitter growth tool, you can integrate your account with the marketing automation platform you use:

How to generate more Twitter followers, traffic, and leads with Socedo

Since the tool pulls up so much information on each of your leads, you can quickly add them to your marketing automation tool to start building your relationships with them – or, you can export these users in a .csv file and add them to your email marketing tool yourself or to reach out to them via a different channel or platform.

How can you use Socedo for your business?

There are multiple ways that you can use Socedo to your advantage; for example:

Build a bigger following of targeted followers.

There are plenty of tools that allow you to automate following Twitter users; however, few of them are this targeted, which is hugely important.

There really is no point in having loads of followers if they couldn’t care less about what you’re tweeting about or your business and what you’re selling. I’d much rather have fewer followers, but who are actually interested, engaged, and clicking on my links, rather than hundreds of thousands of followers that rarely take any action.

I could probably go and on with this subject – so I better stop while I still can.

Generate more leads for your business

The fact that Socedo takes into account job titles while searching for Twitter users is hugely important for B2B businesses and marketers because it massively increases the chances of finding actual potential prospects.

Plus, you can get relevant information on each lead and add them to your marketing automation tool to start engaging with them and building a relationship.

Quick tip: Create an email automation flow specifically for these leads to make sure you’re sending them all the right content to improve the chances of them converting into customers.

How to generate more Twitter followers, #traffic, and leads with @socedo #growthClick To Tweet

Generate more traffic to your website

Socedo helps you generate more traffic to your website in 2 ways; one direct and one indirect.

As I showed you earlier, you can set up automatic direct messages to any lead that follows you back. Ideally, use this opportunity to provide them with highly relevant content, or explain why they should visit your landing page – how do they benefit from it?

The difference between Socedo and other tools that allow you to automate DMs, is that Socedo actually finds truly relevant people – not just anybody, only so you can get as many new followers as possible. I’m not getting into all that again, but suffice it to say, this is another case where quality definitely trumps quantity.

Another thing that helps you generate more traffic, albeit indirectly, is, in fact, the fact that you’re going to have more (and targeted) followers. Having more followers doesn’t necessarily mean more traffic, nless they’re truly interested in what you’re tweeting about – and, as I mentioned earlier, this tool focuses on finding highly-targeted people only.

Learn more about your audience

As I mentioned a bit earlier, you can use the keywords suggestions as a way to learn about your audience: what hashtags they use and follow and which influencers they engage with and follow.

This can help you in a few different ways; for example:

  • To improve your reach (and potentially, engagement and traffic as well along with it) by using better targeted hashtags that your audience actually uses as well
  • To build influencer marketing campaigns: if you’re interested in working with influencers for a promotional campaign, you can use Socedo to understand which influencers they engage with – making them the perfect option for your campaign


If you’re looking to get more results out of Twitter marketing, Socedo is a great solution; not only does it help with your growth, but it also helps you generate more leads from social media.

And, after all, Twitter is absolutely filled with potential leads – but, it’s up to you to find them and get them to convert and buy from you.

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  1. Freddy G. Cabrera

    Hey Lilach!

    This is my first time learning about the Socedo tool. It seems to have powerful features for a better twitter marketing strategy.

    Twitter does have a lot of potential for more traffic, leads, and sales. I’m going to follow your tips here and see how I do.

    Thank you very much for sharing this!

    Best regards! 😀

    • Lilach Bullock

      Thanks Freddy 🙂 Yes Socedo is a very powerful Twitter tool, I highly recommend you use it 🙂

  2. Vishwajeet Kumar

    Hello Lilach,

    Thanks for writing this review post. Twitter is really a great place to drive leads and conversions. I personally find twitter performing better than any other social networks. I haven’t heard of Socedo but it seems to be a great platform for Twitter. I will definitely give it a try.

    Have a Great Day 🙂

    • Lilach Bullock

      Thans Vishwajeet 🙂 Yes, I love Twitter, it’s my favourite social media network! Best of luck and let me know how you get on!

  3. we4coding

    Hello Lilach ,
    Thanx for writing this post .Twitter is really a good place to target relevant audience .And we all know that twitter is considered as best among other social platforms. I was not aware of socedo before but I’ll definitely gonna use it now. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

    • Lilach Bullock

      Thanks 🙂 Yes Socedo is a very useful tool for Twitter

  4. Josh McLaglen

    I was using a Twitter automation tool and it was such a mess. Every-time I tried to use the tool my Twitter account gets suspended then my colleague referred me WizUgo [com]. Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect a lot from it too because of my past experiences. I was shocked after seeing the performance of WizUgo. It gifted me tons of followers in no time and I was very happy. And this tool is totally legit and safe i.e. your account won’t get banned from it. I now just love this tool. Thanks to WizUgo for making my account look good.

    • Lilach Bullock

      Thanks Josh. I don’t recommend using any tools to generate new followers, especially one like WizUgo. It can get you suspended from Twitter as it’ goes against their rules.

  5. Rife Hub

    Nice Sharing. pleased to read this article. Amazing


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