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Moving to a new city can be a challenging experience especially if you are leaving your family and friends behind. One of the main reasons for relocation is usually a new job or getting a transfer to go to a different branch in your current job. Due to deadlines, you might not have time to move your whole family with you at once. 

Most people suffer from serious homesickness and some even succumb to it and go back home. However, there are ways in which you can get accustomed to a new place and even grow to love it. Knowing where some of the following joints are located can help you get familiar with your new locality.

Your Workplace

This seems like an obvious point but it is still worth mentioning. Knowing where your office is located beforehand will guide you while you are house hunting. You might want to live near your place of work especially if you are planning on driving to work every morning. A long commute is not the best idea if you are new to a place. Find a place where you can even walk to work on some days to get some much needed exercise.

Shopping Outlets

Before your move, make sure that you check out some of the main shopping outlets on google maps. You will need to buy household items such as furniture and lighting if you are leaving yours behind. This will guide you in determining where you are going to live in your new city. It is always advisable to look for apartments that are in close proximity to malls and other social amenities. 

Having to commute to the grocery store can be hectic especially if you are new to a place. Figure out where you can get your essential items such as food, clothes, cosmetics, household equipment and many other necessities. If you are a makeup fanatic, ensure that you know the best classic eyelash extension vendor in town. 

Entertainment Joints

Fun can be a good distraction if you are trying to not think about home so much. Find out where some of the major entertainment joints are and visit on weekends to have some fun. Major entertainment places include bars and clubs, cinemas, theatres, restaurants and coffee shops. Avoid staying in the house by yourself on weekends when you don’t have work. 

Instead go to the cinemas and catch the latest film. With time you will make friends who you can go to the club with for some drinks and to unwind after a busy week. When your weekends are busy, you will notice how much time flies. 

Health Care Centres

Sickness is undesirable but inevitable at the same time. You will fall sick at least once during your stay and need medical care. You are likely to suffer from climate change immediately you land, it happens when you move to a place with different climatic conditions than you are used to. You should live close to at least one hospital in case you need emergency care, especially if you have existing medical conditions such as blood pressure

It is better to be safe than sorry. Locate a few pharmacies where you can buy over-the-counter medication when you need to. It is also good to know some specialized doctors like ophthalmologists and dentists. 

Major Institutions

Just like you have your bank back at home, you will need one in your new town too. If you need to review your credit cards and bank records then do so in your new bank. Find out where the closest police station is located for safety reasons, you might need them at least once during your stay. 

Visit the post office and register your news address so you can get your mail and also send postcards back home. Get to know the whereabouts of various service providers, you will need gas, electricity and water from the first day. If you are a religious person, find a place of worship where you can get the comfort and reassurance that you need.

City Landmarks

Set aside a day to look for the major landmarks in your new city including museums, cultural halls and various tourist attractions. You can visit these places when you just need to relax and enjoy the scenery. You will also meet new people who will become your new friends and acquaintances. Once you are familiar with your surroundings, you will start to fall in love with your new town. 


Lucky for you, you can access all these locations using your phone with google maps. You just set the destination and it takes you there. If you plan on having your family join you later on, you probably need to live in a good school district so your kids can get to attend the best schools. Whenever you are trying something new, keep an open mind and give yourself a chance to get accustomed to the new experience. Home is always best, but you can create a new perfect home for yourself and your family.

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