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Blogging and use of the internet can be of high benefits for any business. Blogger is a person who writes about different things mostly related to professional industries such as tourism and hospitality, e-commerce companies or also global brands. However, bloggers are also freelance writers who write about their hobbies or passion for gaining an audience. Free search engines can be taken the support of; for blogging. These web search engines help in surfing different websites or creating your own.

Blogging became a worldwide trend in early 2002 and has increased in large numbers. A recent survey by shows that around 67 thousand searches are done in a second via google while 58% of surfing is done through mobile phones. Google is the only company to hold the largest market share of SEO blogging amounting to 74.75%. Nearly 40% of Google searches are local in the current year and expected to rise by a margin of 17% until 2023.

What are SEO tools?

  • SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is a simple process of managing traffic on different websites or various search engines in situ with its quality and quantity for easy retrieval. Users can carry out the process of surfing more efficiently with the help of SEO tools. A blogger should make the most of SEO tools for publishing the best blog.


  • Optimizing a web site could involve a piece of writing its content, adding content, modifying HTML, and associated secret writing to each increase its connection to specific keywords and to get rid of barriers to the assortment activities of search engines. Promoting a web site to extend the number of backlinks is another SEO manoeuvre.


  • As a web selling strategy, SEO considers however search engines work, the computer programmed algorithms that dictate program behaviour, what individuals rummage around for, the particular search terms or keywords written into search engines, and that keywords are mostly developed for their targeted audience. SEO is performed as a result of a web site can receive additional guests from a research engine the upper the web site ranks within the program results page. These guests will then be born-again into customers.

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  • SEO functions in such a way that it scours all of the neighbourhood for similar searches and produce a list of results for the viewers in order to rummage around for its product or services. These searches can be on a global level for different sites.


  • A blogger must have basic SEO knowledge in order to work more creatively and efficiently. Blogging has become a wider horizon and many people are moving to write and publish blogs. But not all bloggers succeed in developing a massive audience for their work and may tend to lose consistency in quality writing.


  • Blogging and SEO go hand in hand. Blogging practically helps SEO quality by making your website rank amongst the top ones so as to get in reach of the targeted audience. SEO is an important aspect for marketers. When you are web pages are optimized along with your blogs, your website is actually becoming more visible to your users.

Here are some trends ongoing in the market in 2019 as per some professionals. This will surely help to upgrade your blogging and SEO skills.

  • Understanding your audience


  • Before beginning to work upon a blog, you should think of what your audience would like to see. Are they attracted to plain text or just templates, photographs or some quick video bits? If you do a proper market survey of customer preferences in the latest years, it will get easy for you in developing suitable blogs for the people or any business. Using videos or photographs is a current SEO trend and no doubt makes a great impact on the audience.


  • It can happen that despite writing the perfect content or providing the required information, your blog will not get the expected views just because it did not reach the right group of people. If your website works as per the visitors’ knowledge, they may likely invest in you. It is the basic SEO principle when it comes to blogging – understanding your audience.


  • Structured Data


  • Everything is well-synchronised, apt for the targeted audience but does not function properly when moving through multiple portals it is of no use. For example, the user searches for a specific restaurant online and the link directs him or her to the necessary app, but the data built on the app is not as shown on the google website then it can be a problem. Thus, structuring of data is necessary when you have to do blogging on various platforms at a time; of course with SEO tools. Various blog layout designs are available to be infused into your blogs so that a customer gets the same experience on an app or a website.


  • Unique Content


  • Google which is a universally used search engine, according to a recent survey revealed that content counts a lot when it comes to SEO optimization. Writing crisp content is one of the latest Google trends in 2019. The sites with high-quality content are likely to get more views. Your efforts to upgrade your blog content should be consistent because continuing with the same trends may cause a regress affecting your business on a larger scale.


  • Your content should motivate people and establish a long-term connection with them. It is one of the best SEO blogger tips that one can get as everything revolves around the content part. The strategy of using proper content should not only be limited to answering user queries and providing further guidance. The layout should be promising and make it mandatory to get your audience engaged with your page.


  • Investments in use of technical SEOs


  • The chain of websites and online blogging is increasing extensively every year and the need for search engine optimization is somewhat becoming permanent.


  • Sites are going to need more speed with the expansion of network and thus your blogging page should make effective use of SEO tools that grant a good speed. Most of the websites are Java scripted thus, it will be utterly helpful search engine optimization.


  • On-page optimization


  • On-page optimization or on-page SEO is basically the steps taken within the website framework directly to upgrade the page’s position in the ranking online. For a greater audience, the network of links is of prime importance and this method will enable you to develop multiple links for your blogs without jumping from one platform to another. You should have the basic knowledge of developing the right link and its location for efficient traffic across your blog.


Some key on-page optimizations that you can apply


  • Customer support automatically responds to enquiries asked by the customers.
  • The physical locations are easily used by the customers without any obstruction.
  • Using chatbots on every link for the optimized process.
  • Customers can easily find previously purchased items or view blog history as per their preference.
  • The short and speedy conversion process.
  • Provision of relevant results without having to jump various locations through a link or hyperlink.


  • Voice Search


  • Audio-visual technology is the best part of today’s communication industries. Text to text speech and its implications in blogging are not very unique but using voice search technique, will solve most of the problems.


  • With simple microphone feature on your blog will make this technique one of the best SEO techniques in 2019. And the cherry on the cake is the amount of audience is increased manifold due to voice search technology.


  • Learning the competitors’ strategies


  • Competition is high with a great number of bloggers and web search engines they use. Type any keyword on google and you will get ten to fifteen search results of different company blogs containing that keyword.


What is organic blogging?

You must be thinking of organic farming promoted on some blogs but that’s not the case. Organic blogging is nothing but a blogging technique used without any paid tips or links through your blog posts or the search engine. Customers can get attracted to such blogs randomly and not necessary your blog is in the rank list to be easily viewed by the user. Organic blogging takes time to increase audience but it has low investments and greater marketing strategies involved. Now, how to improve your audience using Organic blogging? Here a few tips for the same.

  • Optimise properly, not just for your content.


  • First and foremost, write your client demands, thus you recognize to whom you’re addressing your content. By making quality academic content that resonates with your ideal consumers, you’ll naturally improve your SEO. this implies proper results into most of the problems with your personas and therefore the keywords they use in search queries become easy to locate. Optimising for search engines alone is useless; all you will have is confusion.


  • Blog sensibly
  • It helps you to enter a lot of depth than your web site permits and creates an oversized catalogue of useful and quality content centred on your market strategy. However, poorly-written, spammy or too-cheap content will do a lot of damage so avoiding it is the best possible way.


  • Respond with similar bloggers
  • There are many bloggers in the world marketing about their services every day and each of them has unique SEO tools Read, comment and link to alternative people’s sites and blogs, significantly to those with whom you share similar market and they’ll hopefully scan, comment and link to yours, attracting a lot of audience through mutual users.


  • Use long keywords
  • Use keywords that area unit a lot of specific to your product or service. In time, Google and alternative search engines can determine your web site or journal as a destination for that individual subject, which is able to boost your content and make your blog rank at the top on search engines. Long keywords help in finding things in a better and faster way.


  • Consistently produce quality content
  • Attempt to write quality and enjoyable content as it is one of the top trends today. Your viewers will only increase with not too long and perfect information provided through your blog.


  • Use internal links
  • Once you’ve designed up an honest back catalogue of content, you will need internal linking in order to make your customer scroll through the content on different pages in an easy manner. This helps in keeping your viewers busy for a longer time on the blog resulting in higher search rankings. However, don’t use too many internal links as your area of scope will be restricted due to the same search results over and over again.


  • Encourage incoming links
  • Google has sites that have heaps of incoming links, particularly from alternative trustworthy sites. Encourage purchasers, friends, members of the family, partners, suppliers, trade experts and friendly fellow bloggers to link to your web site. The more incoming links your blog gets you will have a more trending blog. However, some links will really harm your SEO with malware if you don’t have a security wall over your incoming links.


  • Use social media
  • Build a presence on social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ etc. All of those activities facilitate to urge your name out and website address out on the net. On a general scale, our social media audience increases greatly once in a week. Add share buttons to your web site to create it simple for individuals to share your content. You can look at your various social media accounts to your blog making it easy for your users from all accounts to scour your blog. This helps in redirecting them to your blog site easily.

These SEO optimization tips will surely make your blog a successful one.


Blogging does help SEO in a number of ways – from increasing speed to improving audience. And in upcoming years new SEO trends will be launched for a better future for bloggers. Your creativity is surely going to boost up by making use of these latest SEO trends.



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