7 Insane Promotional Tips to Skyrocket Blog Traffic

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7 Insane Promotional Tips to Skyrocket Blog Traffic-min

Whether you’re a beginner who’s working on creating their website from the ground up, or a seasoned pro who’s constantly looking to improve your numbers, we’ve got 7 great tips to help you boost your blog traffic. Read on to discover what you can do next for your readership, and how it will help your blog in becoming more successful: 7 insane promotional tips to skyrocket blog traffic.

7 Insane Promotional Tips to Skyrocket Blog Traffic

1. Turn Readers into Subscribers

A great email campaign can go a long way in making repeat visitors out of your readers. Make it as easy as possible for your guests to join your newsletter list by putting sign-up forms in obvious places. Make use of drag and drop form builders such as WPForms if you want a user-friendly tool that will build your audience.

7 Insane Promotional Tips to Skyrocket Blog Traffic

Make these forms easy to spot and make them attractive. If you can afford to, offering something of value in exchange for an email sign up can be a great way to increase your numbers. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a tangible item- online content such as an exclusive guide, a pattern, or a printable are excellent incentives, as long as they make sense for your audience.

Make sure that your email newsletter is professional looking and that you’re sending it out on a regular basis. And don’t forget, when you enter someone’s inbox, you’re in their territory, your relationship becomes more intimate, so be polite, don’t spam them, and only send them content that they specifically signed up for and what they’d reasonably expect from your blog. Being inconsiderate with your email campaign is a fast way to create bad blood between you and your readers. Make use of email marketing guides such as this one by OptinMonster if you want to ensure your emails get opened and the recipient takes action.

2.  Have a Clear Idea of Who You Are Writing to

Many creators and curators of content both on the web and off it run into problems when they try to be too many things to too many people. While it might seem like a good idea to broaden your audience to catch as many people as possible, this isn’t usually the best policy.

People come back for blogs that are consistent, relevant to their needs and well written, so you may lose people’s interest if you’re only posting one thing every three months that actually appeals to them. In trying to be a blog for everyone, you risk being too broad to really capture the interest of anyone and grow a specific audience.

Focus your attention on just a specific area of interest that you can tackle, and use that to determine who your audience will be. Once you understand who your audience is, you can better tailor your blog to address their unique needs and questions, and build a better following from there.

3. Write Frequently


You should be filling your blog with content frequently. How frequently? Well, that depends on how much you have to say. You should be writing often enough that you can keep your guest’s interest and attention, but not so often that you are filing your blog with fluff.

4. Start a Conversation

Part of getting frequent traffic on your blog is creating a loyal following of readers who will not only keep coming back for more content but will be evangelists for your brand and blog. Fostering a relationship with these readers will be key to your continued success, and to creating a community around your blog.

A very important aspect of this is to let your readers know that you care and are listening to their feedback. Take full advantage of the comments left on your blog by starting conversations with readers who leave you comments and feedback. Don’t be afraid to spend your time having a back and forth with people in your comments section.

Make it fast and easy for guests to get in contact with you and make it convenient and simple to manage those contacts with a contact form plugin for WordPress. WordPress has a great list that compares the pros and cons of multiple free premium plugins so that you can choose the one that works best for you. Once you’ve got a great system for guests to get in touch with you, make sure it’s easy for them to find the form on your website and make it a priority to respond to them quickly and personally. This is the type of personal touch that turns readers into loyal followers.

5. Master Social Media

7 Insane Promotional Tips to Skyrocket Blog TrafficSocial media is an incredible tool for helping you reach people that you would never have had access to before. Don’t let your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages sleep. Make sure that you are utilizing them to the best of your ability by posting new blog posts whenever you upload, and by reposting old content, too.

Popular social media platforms are increasingly set up so that people only really see the content they regularly interact with, so maintaining these social media platforms is key in making sure that you stay in your follower’s feeds. Posting interesting things that are related to your blog daily and encouraging your followers to interact with those posts will help with this.

6. Use Relevant Images

You’d be surprised how much traffic you can bring in with a few great pictures. You’re already reaching your audience through social media and regular Google searches, but providing great pictures with relevant tags gets you another possible way in with people can find you, by them doing image searches. Making sure you have attractive, relevant, and unique images will help you stand out from other image search results and will tempt potential readers to find out more.

Once you’ve got some great pictures for your blog post, make sure that you’re providing good tags and alt text so that Google can find those pictures when people are doing image searches. Then, share your images on sites like Pinterest to further reach out to more people.

7. Write Guest Posts

If you’re a regular reader of other people’s blogs, you’ve probably encountered the guest post. A writer from another blog comes over to the host blog and creates a compelling post that appeals to that blog’s audience. The hope is that traffic from the host blog will come over to the guest poster’s blog out of interest for the guest poster’s writing and material. This type of exposure is especially important when you are a relatively new blogger with less than 1,000 viewers.

How do you take advantage of this great opportunity to expand your viewership? First off, you need to find a relevant blog in a similar industry to yours, with viewers that would be interested in what you’re saying. Usually, it’s better to appeal to a well-established blog so that you can take advantage of their large viewership. If your blogs are similar in size, it may be beneficial to trade guest posts. But if they’re not, you’ll need a more compelling reason to get them to allow you to post on their blog.

Before you even think about appealing to a well-established blog, get yourself some writing samples. You’ll want to be able to prove to the person you’ll be doing this exchange with that proof you really can write, and that you’re not just all talk. Once you’ve identified the blog you’d like to guest post for, do some research into their posts. What sort of format do they usually use? What sorts of posts have they been running recently? Do you have something to add to the conversation? Lastly, when you’re appealing to the blog’s owner, send over several ideas for blog posts.

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  1. Andrea Torti

    Great tips – personally speaking, I would add an eight one: repurpose.

    After all, we spend so much time and energy on each piece – just sharing it once or twice and forget about it would be a great waste, wouldn’t it?

    That’s why we should always try to make our best content available to different audiences, for example turning it into infographics, podcasts, videos… 🙂

    • Lilach Bullock

      Absolutely Andrea. I try and make sure a lot of the content I create is evergreen so it can be continually promoted 🙂

  2. Cori Ramos

    Hi Lilach,

    I agree with all your suggestions here – these tips you share are definitely traffic boosters. And I also agree with Andrea – repurposing our content is another great way to drive more traffic to our blog.

    Thanks for the tips!


    • Lilach Bullock

      Thanks Cori. Yes absolutely, I’m a huge fan of repurposing content 🙂


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