How is Social Media taking over traditional media in 2018?

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How is Social Media taking over traditional media in 2018

In the not too distant past ‘the media’ was a  phrase used to refer in general to the world of newspapers, TV, and radio, but could also include films, books, music and pretty much anything printed, like a newsletter. The key thing traditional media sources share is that they all communicate with their audience via a one-way system.

In contrast, what is generally known as ‘modern’ or ‘social’ media is a wider term which also includes blogs, magazines, video games, networking or social platforms like Facebook and Twitter and the Internet in general. These media forms are more likely to be based on two-way interaction, either being created by, heavily involving, or inviting feedback and contributions from the audience.

While some people feel that social media is simply a newish section of traditional media, many people believe it is in fact taking over the whole show, and could even perhaps be the main source of media communication in the near future.

How is social media taking over traditional media?

It’s relevant

The sense of immediacy that instant Tweets or status updates offers suits the pace of twenty-first century young people, although they are not the only consumers of modern or social media by any means.

More and more people want immediate access to information, to see things as they choose to, learn when it is convenient, or watch a TV show on their own schedule.

It’s instant

On social media news and opinions are available pretty much immediately, no need to wait for a set TV news bulletin, or until the following day for print information.

Films are reviewed within minutes of release; photos can be taken, uploaded and shared in minutes, as can on the spot videos taken by ordinary people who have never been more invested in helping to report on social affairs than they are now.

It’s more fun

That may not be 100% true all of the time but social media definitely feels more lighthearted to younger people than stuffy TV chat shows and broadsheet newspapers. Reality TV with its public voting power and the glamour of Instagram are just two examples of audience- media interaction unheard of until quite recently.

It’s often by the people, for the people

Social media allows everyone to have the chance to be involved. Whether that’s sharing a opinion on a social media platform like Facebook, filming a live newsworthy event as it happens, or voting for someone to win a TV talent show. It’s interactive, encouraging input from ordinary people.

Reality TV contestants get a shot at media stardom, people running video blogs get huge sponsorship deal when recognized as ‘an influencer’. The underlying attitude is that anyone can make this happen, even without formal and relevant qualifications or training – if you want to improve the chances of this happening with your business then Social Media Daily can be a great tool.

Once traditional media sources dominated the world, now they have competition, as more people turn to online resources for everything from books, newspapers and magazines to news reports.

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  1. Sabina

    Good article. Yes, social media is so powerful and pervasive it gets the job done in terms of spreading news and allowing people to interact that traditional media does not. As long as people are posting what they want to post – and not posting things just to make money – it’s good.

    • Lilach Bullock

      Thanks Sabina 🙂 I think a mix of value plus promotion works well. AFter all, even charities have a goal of making money 😀


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