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Facebook advertisements involve placing paid messages on Facebook. They can appear in Messenger, Facebook feeds, and non-Facebook websites and apps. These ads can be in the form of videos, slide shows, a single image, and more. Paid ads allow you to target a specific demographic and be broad or as particular as you’d like.

Facebook advertising campaigns come in various formats. You can customize your Facebook ad campaigns based on age, gender, career field, marital status, location, and interests. You can even specify how much you’re willing to spend, including your daily budget, cost per result, or the overall amount. Below are tips for running unstoppable Facebook advertising campaigns.

  1. Use several ad formats

Thanks to technology, Facebook has evolved and advanced to offer businesses more opportunities to penetrate new markets and retarget former clients. With various choices available, it may be challenging to choose a Facebook ad for each campaign. For example, if you’re a broker or a real estate agent looking to maximize your practice’s growth, you can focus on Facebook ads that really work for real estate. Some of the formats to consider are images, videos, stories, messenger, carousel, slideshow, and canvas ads.

  1. Set clear goals

To run effective, successful Facebook advertising campaigns, determine what you want to achieve. Whether you’re looking for more followers, sales, conversions, or engagement with users, Facebook will provide a marketing objective for you. Depending on your goals, choose corresponding marketing objectives to run your ads effectively.

  1. Target the right audience

Your audience determines the success of your ad campaign. This is why you should know who your audience is before creating a Facebook ad campaign strategy. You can identify your audience through gender, age, location, likes, interests, and more. With the help of Facebook’s campaign creator, fine-tune you’re your target audience to ensure that your campaign reaches the right people.

  1. Create your ads for mobile

Considering the number of people using their mobile phones for social media, designing your ads can prove quite successful. If you create content for desktops, it won’t seamlessly translate to mobile. However, designing your ads for mobile will work well on desktops. This gives the option to create square or vertical videos to help your ads attract more interaction.

  1. Consider retargeting

With retargeting, you rely on data from your tracking pixel to help you run campaigns for users who clicked onto your site but didn’t buy. You can generate more specific Facebook ads for the users who showed interest in your site but didn’t convert through retargeting. To entice them to buy a product they seemed to like, run a promotion or a special sale. Retargeting is very effective as you only target the warm audience and not any other audience.

  1. Add conversion pixels

A pixel is a code embedded on your site to allow you to track your conversions, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and remarket your leads. Facebook pixels monitor how people engage with your ads and site. It also allows you to see the clicked ads, pages, and devices used. This helps you determine the most effective ads and whether you have mobile or desktop users.


Facebook is a great advertising channel that your business can leverage. Use the above tips to run unstoppable Facebook advertising campaigns. 

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6 Tips for Running Unstoppable Facebook Advertising Campaigns

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