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How to Make Your Social Media Video Go Viral – 6 Tips

Short videos have become insanely popular among social media users since they have proven to be an efficient promotion strategy and a way of increasing traffic and growing the audience on your account. Besides, they help better introduce your product if you employ social networks for business purposes. Finally, videos are a lot easier to consume than lengthy texts. So you can pack more information in them and provoke productive conversations and feedback from potential clients. 

However, with such an increase in interest in social media clips, the viewers’ demands for the quality of visual content have also grown. Therefore, you should consider several crucial things before posting your Instagram Reel, TikTok clip, or any other short social media video. Read on to explore these aspects of a successful social media video and learn some tips to make your video go viral. 

Script Your Videos 

Planning your video before shooting will help you add structure and make the clip easier to follow for your audience. Additionally, you will have a prompt you can peep at if you want to mention several points and face trouble keeping a lot of information in your head. Finally, a script will ensure your video is informative and short – with no awkward pauses and parasite words. 

Keep an Eye on Latest Trends and Topics 

While brainstorming new content, look at what is trending – rubrics, challenges, news, etc. Follow the trend by adding your personal touch in your video or reflect by giving your opinion on the topic. This way, you will be an authority for your subscribers and create an interest in your persona. 

Make the Beginning and End Remarkable 

The average attention span – the time a viewer decides whether they want to watch your video to the end – is 8 seconds. Therefore, you have to make these few seconds stand out and trigger the attention of your potential customer or subscriber. Create a remarkable intro or show some special moments the viewer should expect in the video. Consider gifting a promo code or some other exclusive stuff to your followers who watch the video to the end. 

Although you should be prepared that not every subscriber will watch the whole video, the ending must also stand out and set a positive impression on your audience. If you are running a business page, make a call to action outro to motivate your viewers to purchase your goods. If you are running an entertainment account or a blog, consider adding bloopers or giving other special insights into your life. That will help build trust and a stronger personal connection to you from your followers and make them remember your video. Therefore, you have to make these few seconds stand out and trigger the attention of your potential customer or subscriber. Create a remarkable intro utilizing a free intro maker or show some special moments the viewer should expect in the video.

Include Subtitles

Many people scroll their feed on socials with the sound off. So they will most likely skip your video if they realize it requires turning on their sound, especially if they are in a public place. That is when subtitles come in handy. With their help, the viewer will understand what’s going on in the clip even when it’s mute and will more likely turn on the sound to rewatch it. Besides, subtitles make the video inclusive for people who have trouble hearing or understanding English speech.

Post-Produce Your Video

As we have mentioned, an average social media user has become more demanding of the quality of visual content. Therefore, we recommend post-producing your video before posting it – setting the right aspect ratio, adjusting the frame, fixing the resolution, color correcting the picture, and improving its sound. Thankfully, there is no need to use heavy professional videography programs these days. You will find many lightweight and easy-to-figure-out alternatives on the market. Learn how to enhance a video using one of them for free.

Add Background Music 

Music is a powerful tool that can help you get a message across and even manipulate your audience into experiencing specific emotions. Therefore, a well-chosen soundtrack will help you to successfully sell a good, motivate your audience, provoke sympathy, etc. Something you should keep in mind, some platforms might ban your video with music due to copyright claims. So make sure you don’t use a soundtrack without its author’s permission. We recommend going with royalty-free stock music, which many video editors provide within their subscription plans. 

Lever Up Your Videography Equipment

When your videos start bearing fruit, invest in better videography equipment: a professional camera with several lenses for different video types, a more sensitive microphone with noise cancelation, LED lamps, decorations, and backgrounds. If you make a profit from your visual content or plan to do so in the nearest future, these things are definitely worth your financial contribution. 

And there you go! Use the tips we have explored above while producing and editing your video, and you will surely make it meet the industry’s high standards and attract more followers and customers.

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