SEO Service Europe: staying relevant on a dynamic continent

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SEO Service Europe staying relevant on a dynamic continent

For centuries, Europe has consisted of many nation states, cultures and languages. Despite our differences, the continent is increasingly growing together with the European Union as an example. When it comes to online marketing, however, Europe still is a scattered market. To perform according to expectations, websites and content need to be aligned.

Don’t fall for the ‘same-language trap’

Yes, there are countries that speak the same language. Take the German language as an example. This language is spoken in Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland and even parts of Italy. This does not mean that the dialect is similar, nor that the style of writing is the same. Even within Germany, the differences can be very notable.

‘Local first’ should be a pillar of your SEO services Europe strategy. Make sure that you align with the local demands and provide users with local content. This would mean that you need to invest in content writers from the area to be successful.

Moving forward with English

The English language is on the rise in Europe, with higher educated people being able to speak the language. However, when it comes to online shopping and browsing, a majority of the people is still using the local language. This also becomes evident when looking at behaviour of websites such as Amazon. Moving forward with English as a SEO service Europe strategy would not always be the right decision.

Important is to take your end goal into account. Do you want to inform people? Do you want to sell physical products? E-books? For each of these markets, there is a different target audience and behaviour. Often, it requires trial-and-error to figure out what works best for your audience. English could be the perfect outcome for your strategy, but this is definitely not a given.

The end user is the ultimate decision maker

You can spend vasts amounts of money and time in SEO Service Europe. In the end, it is only the end user that counts. What do the end users want? What are their preferences? Being able to emerge into the view of the end user will be key to your strategy. There are lots of good models out there that you can use. A good example is the Value Proposition Canvas from Strategyzer. You can use this model to understand the users pains, gains and tasks. Accordingly, you can map your products/serviced pain reliever and gain creators to them.

Before you go there

Make sure that you properly understand your target audience. Read about them, download data about behaviour in the market and create a clear picture of the user’s pains and gains. Only in this way you can execute a successful SEO service Europe strategy.


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