Online vs Offline: Where are You Better off Buying Stamps?

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Online vs Offline Where are You Better off Buying Stamps

If you are looking for postal solutions, whether you are a business or an individual, you can choose to purchase stamps in one of two ways. Either you purchase online or you purchase offline. So, is it better to buy stamps online vs. offline? 

Is it better to buy stamps online vs. offline? 

At one time, before we had computers, you had no choice, you went to your postal outlet along with everyone else. You stood in line, and often the queues could be long, you waited your turn and then you were served usually by an exhausted member of staff who would then take all of your details, weigh your parcel and decide upon the appropriate postage, you would then pay the appropriate amount of money and then be on your way. If you had multiple parcels to post, you could be at the counter for a considerable amount of time.

This was not only irritating and wearing for the person standing in the queue, often daily and often having to leave their place of work in sometimes inclement weather, sporting a large bag of mail, which could be heavy and cumbersome but it also provided a significant nuscience for the employer. The employer was often faced with a considerable period of ‘down time’ as one or more members of staff headed off to the postal outlet.

They would have to be there by a fixed time of the day and savvy employers were always on the lookout for the quiet times at the outlet to maximise the efficiency of their staff. Then there was the added problem for those businesses who were not near a postal outlet. Petrol costs had to be factored in as did parking charges. All in all, it did not afford any form of flexibility for the employer and it could be a very frustrating process for the staff involved.

We have now moved on from that and we now have a choice. Yes, you can still visit the postal outlet which, to be honest may still be a reasonable solution if you only have the odd parcel or letter to post.

If you are posting infrequent items, you can purchase books of stamps online from this can be easy as going to your local post office. Stamps are available for a letter of a certain size or for a package within certain dimensions. Purchasing stamps in this way means that they are delivered to your doorstep quickly and easily and within one working day if preferred, you do not have to move from the comfort of your home.

They can be purchased in books containing varying amounts of stamps according to your requirements. You do however have to make sure that your letter or parcel is within the size guidelines or the weight restrictions specified as if it were to be the parameters, it could result in your parcel being delayed in transit. This method will not allow you to add insurance requirements to your postage which is obviously an essential consideration if your parcel contains anything of value. It is useful to purchase in this way for your domestic requirements or small business requirements.

If however, you are sending multiple items, you may not want to buy books of stamps. It would be inconvenient particularly if your parcels are an odd type of size or weight. A solution would be to purchase online stamps but in a format that will allow you more flexibility. Large and regular users of the postal service require to be able to state the size and weight of their parcel and obtain a postage cost accordingly, in much the same way as you would if you were to visit your local postal service outlet. These requirements be accessed online too.

A Google search will allow you to come up with solutions in your area. You would access usually a very easy to use website which would take you through a step by step process to allow you to make your purchase. You will be asked for the dimensions of your parcel, the weight and your requirements as to the timing of your shipment, you have the flexibility to choose overnight shipping or a longer shipping time and the cost will vary according to your selection. You will then be asked for details of the recipient. The recipient can be emailed with a tracking number for their delivery which is clearly helpful for you. You are able to print your stamp using a normal printer as there is no need to purchase or rent specialist equipment. The business also has the option to customise their stamp.

As advertising and marketing are essential for most businesses, many take advantage of this option and will add their logo or trademark to the postage label. It then means that when the parcel arrives, it is the first thing that the recipient will notice and it also means that when the parcel is in transit, others are able to see the logo. A parcel in transit can pass through many facilities before arrival, hence exposing the exterior to many views! Online postage options can include discounts and that is also very attractive especially for those with large deliveries. An online postal option also allows the user to select an insurance option which is also essential for parcels which have a worth as without that option, losses can be sustained. There is the choice of an easy drop off at the designated point or a collection option.

It is clearly an attractive option to consider an online postal option as it can cut costs not only with the savings on the stamps but with the saving in staffing costs too as staff no longer will have to be away from their desks. It affords the company a flexibility as the postal service can be accessed to suit 24/7.

It is for every business or individual to weigh up their own requirements, to cost the processes and remember when doing that to factor in staff ‘down time’ when not at their desks.

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