A Quick Language Guide: How to Translate Chinese into English

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A Quick Language Guide How to Translate Chinese into English

You have chosen a career in Chinese to English translation? Congratulations! Translation can be highly rewarding—especially to those who become experts at it. But how do you become a great translator? How do you do it right? You want to venture into this promising sphere, right? Well, here is the guide to get you started.

But first things first…

What Are The 3 Translation Types?

Translation is divided into three types—including:

  •    Translation
  •    Localization
  •    Interpretation


Essentially, translation entails rendering from one language to another. In the academic sphere, it may mean literature as well as short stories. Commonly, translation involves changing the Chinese words to English while retaining the intended meaning. In translation, manuals, websites, instructions, presentations as well as contracts are changed from Chinese to English.

It’s it Right For you?

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Well, first, it begins with hard work. Then you should know the two languages—English and Chinese. Third, it’s not all about being fluently when it comes to the spoken aspect of both languages. You need to be good with your writing and reading skills. No shortcut.


On its part, localization involves the process of adapting something in Chinese so that people can easily understand it in English or in a different cultural or local context. In other words, translation is a part of localization. Things such as video gamers, websites, as well as software are included in localization.


On the other hand, interpretation is the art of oral translation—mostly done in real time. Usually, interpretation—which can be done between two or more people—is stressful in nature and is conducted in a fast-paced environment.

Translation Essentials

In this guide, you are going to be restricted to translation since the skills needed in translation tend to overlap with those of interpretation as well as localization.

Pro tips

Here are the pro tips to help you translate even better.

Be a Perfectionist.

Perfect everything. It’s the secret toward being the best translator. It will help you meet deadlines and deliver the real thing. Don’t stop studying. Translation is a skill that requires hours of hard work. Read more. Adore mastery. Exude confidence. Know about politics. Watch the news in both languages. Read the culture. Don’t forget to brush your translation skills by knowing the technology—both in English and Chinese. Knowing history is also important.

Research, research, research

Research topics—especially those deemed insignificant to other people. That’s where the difference is. Remember, translating something can make you a super expert in it. So, develop exceptional research skills.

You should Love Reading

This is important. Don’t be driven by the money involved. It’s not all about money. It’s about a passion to read. Read more. Love the work.

Evaluate Your Skill Level

It’s important to know the level of your translation skills in the following manner

  •    Beginner – those who don’t possess any knowledge of Chinese. If you fall into this category, you need to work more. Sacrifice more.
  •    Intermediate – Translators who fall in this category possess a moderately decent knowledge when it comes to Chinese. They also need to brush their skills.
  •    Advanced – These are fluent translators who possess years of experience in this field.

The Bottom-Line

Translation is not easy. It doesn’t come that easy. Practice makes perfect. Thus, if you are looking to become a professional translator, you need passion. It’s not about the money. It’s about the passion in you. The inner you. Read more. Research extensively. Practice and push yourself into the ring. Love what you do. That’s it. This guide should help you become a better Chinese to English translator. Good luck!


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