How to Create Your First Business Website

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How to Create Your First Business Website

Whether you want to create a business website for a small business you’ve set up in your spare time, or this is a serious startup venture which will run a considerable amount of commerce through a dedicated website, having a place to call your own on the web is incredibly important. This article aims to help you get to the point where you’re hosting your own site, trading with gusto and publishing content with professionalism and integrity. The tips provided below will help you go from nothing to a fully-fledged site – somewhere you can be proud to do business.

How to create a business website

Decide on Your Branding

The first step in hosting your own site is to decide on your business’ name, its branding, and what colour scheme and design ethos you’d like to represent you and your business’ brand. From this point, you’ll be able to develop your web design ideas – with a partnered designer – in order to build visual continuity through your brand. You will also at this stage decide upon your unique site address – the URL that will guide web users through to your site.

Find Hired Help

Most businesses – especially small ones – simply don’t possess the expertise to design and build websites in-house. Instead, they look to external help, outsourced to agencies or individuals with a track record for delivering top-quality websites for businesses. An alternative to outsourcing to a web designer – something that’s costly and often time-consuming – you might instead choose to partner with a web hosting partner that provides, amongst other benefits, a team that can help you build your site yourself. WordPress and other hosting platforms come with pre-made templates to help you construct your business in no time at all.

Plan the Site Map

The site map is essentially your website’s blueprint, exposing all of the pages that your site hosts, and how visitors can link between them. It’s absolutely imperative that you have a drop-down menu through which your visitors can navigate your website – that way, any visitors who’re looking to become customers can easily find your product or services pages and see what they’re looking for without trawling through useless pages on your website. The most successful business websites bear this in mind, and everything about the site map points web users through to the point of sale.

Online Market

The online marketplace is saturated with different selling platforms and different websites selling goods. You’re one of them – and you need to make your site as stand-out and friction-free as possible to encourage as much trade through it as possible. The way to do this is to partner with selling platforms, or to onboard plug-in software that manages your sales for you – for a price. The best sales software will take payments via as many channels as possible – credit and debit cards, cryptocurrency and payment systems like PayPal –to boost your customer’s option when they come to purchase a product or service from your site.

Use the tips above to construct your business’ very own website – one that’ll help drive your trade and increase your business’ visibility on the world wide web.


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